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RUSH: Grab sound bite 21. This afternoon on CNN’s Legal View, they played a clip from an upcoming interview on this afternoon’s Christiane Amanpour program on CNN International, where the host, Christiane Amanpour, interviews Paris, France, Mayor Anne Hidalgo. And during the interview Hidalgo and Christiane Amanpour have this exchange.

INTERPRETER: I think they’ll have to sue. I think they’ll have to go to court in order to have these words removed. The image of Paris has been prejudiced, and the honor of Paris has been prejudiced. And I think in the great discussion of truth, everyone is to play its role, and we’re going to have to be realistic and put things as they are.

AMANPOUR: Can you clarify which exact network you’re going to take to court and sue?

INTERPRETER: Fox News. That’s the name.

RUSH: It’s Fox News, Fox News, that is Fox News. Going to sue Fox News. Do you know what the “no-go zones” are? The no-go zones are one of two things and may be a combination of both. It’s where the cops don’t go, where they refuse to go, and also where the cops can’t go. Fox News reported about the no-go zones, and so the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, thinks that they have been impugned and that they have been prejudiced and that the honor of Paris has been prejudiced or impugned.

And she said, “In the great discussion of truth, everyone is to play it’s role, and we’re going to have to be realistic and put things as they are.” Gonna have to ban this talk about no-go zones. I’ve heard of ’em long before Fox ever reported on the existence of the no-go zones. Of course, CNN couldn’t wait to report this. And what they don’t understand, it’s just gonna make Fox even bigger.

There was a tweet, and maybe I’ve still got it here. I kept a Stack of Stuff regarding all of the assaults on freedom of speech that are taken. Yep. From the French News Agency. This is on January 17th. “Deadly Anti-Charlie Hebdo Riots as France Defends Free Speech.” And a number of other stories about the nature of free speech in regard to the cartoons and the drawings in Charlie Hebdo insulting the prophet and is free speech gonna be defended or are we gonna capitulate to those who don’t want to be offended or have their feelings hurt by something that might be published, drawn, written, or said.

And Brit Hume of Fox News tweeted on January 18th, which is two days ago, that would be Sunday. At 12:17 in the afternoon Brit Hume is surprised. He tweeted: “I never imagined that in 2015 free speech would be such a controversial idea, not just around the world, but in the US left and on college campuses.” Brit says he’s surprised that free speech is such a controversial idea. It’s been controversial ever since whoever it was invented political correctness. But I guess he’s surprised at seeing so many people capitulate to it. Polling data after polling data showing that people think, “Yeah, these magazines, they ought not be allowed to do those cartoons.”

Yeah, and Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, pretty much said the same thing. Here’s Fox News, First Amendment, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and CNN is ecstatic and happy that Fox News is going to sued for referring to the no-go zones in Paris. They’re very happy about it. You know the old saw, you believe in something, you watch somebody else lose it and you do nothing to defend it, you’ve got no excuse when they come for you. That’s the way all of this stuff works out.

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