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RUSH: You know, we’ve been talking about Selma quite a bit lately, and, amazingly, audio sound bites, the first one, two, three, four — yeah, the first four sound bites are all about what happened on CBS This Morning or Extra last night about Oprah going to Selma and how Dr. King, looking down from above would judge it, what he would think of it. And it’s all made me think, you know, yesterday I said that there aren’t enough people actually pronouncing the name “Selma” with enough soul. You have to say it with a lot of soul, a lot of sympathy, a lot of sadness. “Seeelma.”

You could be talking as normally as anyone, the word Selma comes up, you could be talking just like this and you have to say the word and it comes out “Seeelma.” That’s the way the Reverend Sharpton says it and John Lewis and all that. I’ve got a different idea for Oprah. She needs to say it an entirely different way. The more I thought about it, it probably would make more sense for Oprah to pronounce it “Sell More,” as in we gotta sell more tickets. Because “Selma” is still the worst box office performer of all the Best Picture nominees despite it having been Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. Even on CBS This Morning they all ganged up on Harvey Weinstein as the most powerful man in Hollywood for influencing Oscar votes and not caring enough to get behind the movie.

It all adds up. It’s not a great day for the left. I mean, they really thought this was gonna smoke everything. You add that to the fact American Sniper is cleaning up, and they are livid. You see, they think in a straight, heads-up comparison, Selma should be obliterating American Sniper, and of course it’s the other way around. I’ve even got a story in the Stack here. Get this. You know why American Sniper is doing well? You know why? Because there’s a legion of conservatives who have finally decided to leave home and go to the movies. That’s why. Yes. Conservatives are making American Sniper what it is, as though that delegitimizes it.

Yeah, if it weren’t for conservatives seeing a political message and something patriotic and flaggish about it, why, it wouldn’t be doing any more near as well as it’s doing. It’s almost as though conservatives are not really a natural part of the American political scene, just like man to the global warming people is not really a part of nature. It’s fascinating to watch these people on the left try to explain away the success of American Sniper while they snipe at it at the same time.

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