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RUSH: The primary criticism of American Sniper ran in the New Republic, and it’s what’s feeding all the other criticism. The criticism in the New Republic is written by a guy named… What’s his name? Dennis Jett. He admits he’s not even seen it. He hasn’t even seen it. The criticism of American Sniper is that Clint Eastwood has written and directed a movie that’s celebrating a murderer — a racist, bigoted murderer — Chris Kyle who murders innocent Iraqi brown people.

We in America, by going to see this movie, are celebrating barbarism. We are celebrating murder. We are celebrating a sociopath. How dare Eastwood do this and how dare we fall for it! That chorus is being joined by more and more people, particularly in Hollywood and on the left. After all, folks, it’s about a redneck from Texas who is better using a gun than anybody ever has been. What is there for Hollywood to like about that?

It’s everything Hollywood hates: Rednecks, Texas, guns. Add to it war, Iraq? “Wrong, immoral, because of Bush. What’s the guy doing? Killing innocent Iraqis, a murderer! No wonder America is hated in the world. This movie demonstrates why.” That’s what they’re doing to American Sniper, and they’re just getting started.


RUSH: Here’s Scott in Visalia, California. I’m glad you called. Welcome to the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, dittos from a 1990 listener.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I want to comment on American Sniper. I took my son to see the movie last night ’cause his grandfather, my dad, was the top Marine Corps sniper during the Korean War. He started off a private and he ended up a captain, which is Mustang. He ended up on the Marine Corps Shooting Team. But as to the part about being a coward, my father’s first mission was to hunt down an enemy sniper in the field that was waiting on him. That takes a special type of individual to do that. He hunted ’em down, he made the man make a mistake, and then he eliminated him in the field.

RUSH: Snipers… This is absurd. I feel very bad for you, sir, that you have to say this, and I understand —

CALLER: Don’t, Rush. Don’t.

RUSH: No, you feel the need to call here and defend snipers, and that’s outrageous.

CALLER: It may be, but it’s the character of Michael Moore. It’s the character of those other people. Death… You know, my father and Chris Kyle had an amazingly similar path, after seeing the movie. He was not bothered by the triple-digit missions he was sent on, meaning he was over 200 missions. It was the men that died at his side.

RUSH: Exactly. Snipers are defensive positions. Snipers take out the freaking enemy, for crying out loud, to enable success of operations! They take out other snipers on the other side. It’s war. To call this murder, and to accuse Eastwood and everybody in this movie of celebrating a cold-blooded murderer is simply outrageous. I’m sorry you have to defend it, sir.

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