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RUSH: Francois Hollande, the socialist commie SOB that runs France, will speak to the French people at two p.m. our time, so a little less than an hour from now, and I have breaking news here from the Jerusalem Post. “A move by France’s ruling socialists to ban the far-right National Front from a peace march for Charlie Hebdo shooting victims may backfire, forcing undecided voters to choose between Marine Le Pen and her rivals amid fear of Islamist attacks.”

Can I translate this for you? In the first place, the far-right National Front is just French conservatives. And Francois Hollande is contemplating not allowing them to march in the nationwide peace march for the victims of the magazine.

“President Francois Hollande’s Socialists called this week for a show of national unity on Sunday in support of Charlie Hebdo and media freedom days after gunmen stormed into the satirical weekly’s office in an attack that killed 12 people. But the mood of unity lasted just hours, as the march’s organizer said there would be ‘no room’ for the National Front,” the French conservatives. They’re anti-European Union. They’re anti-socialists. Even the Jerusalem Post is calling them the far right. Anyway, French socialists are denying French conservatives the right to march in a national show of unity this coming Sunday.

I want to take you back to Wednesday on this program to set up what follows, just to remind you I said, among this things, this.

RUSH ARCHIVE: This grievance industry, which has at its root the United States has misbehaved since its founding, the United States has had a much bigger footprint all over the world than we ever deserved to have. We’ve run over the world trampling everybody and everything. We’ve stolen, we have appropriated, and that’s why we’re a superpower, and it’s illegitimate, and it’s unjustified. So this stuff, plus our relationship with Israel, all of that has combined to create at the highest levels of our leadership this idea that there is some evidence that the United States is responsible for this, to an extent. I don’t know to what extent, but we certainly have some guilt about this. That’s what the whole grievance industry is about. And clearly ISIS has a grievance with us. Clearly Al-Qaeda does. Clearly militant Islam does.

RUSH: Okay, this was this past Wednesday, and I was describing the grievance industry, grievance politics being one of the explanations for Islam’s hatred, militant Islam’s hatred of the West. Okay, Fareed Zakaria GPS was on CNN last night with Don Lemon, and Don Lemon said, “Hey, Fareed, it sums up the horror of what’s happening around the world, all over the world. We are seeing it now in Paris, even, Fareed.”

ZAKARIA: There is within the world of Islam many, many pockets, many groups, that really have a great deal of difficulty with the modern world, and particularly with the open Western freedom of speech loving, freedom of expression loving world. The grievance, the grievance is that they feel they live in a world not of their making, a world of the west’s making.

RUSH: Bingo. Bingo. I’m telling you, I know these people like every square inch of my glorious naked body. I know them better than they do. He just confirmed everything I said. And of course his intellectual-sounding way speaking (imitating Fareed), “Fareed Zakaria GPS, I always know where I am because of my GPS, it’s in my phone. They particularly have a grievance with the open Western freedom of speech loving, freedom of expression loving world, the grievance, the grievance is they feel they live in a world not of their making.”

See, we’ve forced all of this on them. The West, that’s us, we’ve made the world and we’ve left them out, and we’ve made a world using our power, and we haven’t given them a place in it. And that’s what he’s saying. Fareed Zakaria GPS confirming. I mean, he’s an indicator, he’s a barometer of leftist intellectual elitist thought, although not his. He’s a plagiarist, which is why I’m not surprised he’s copying me in his own way. Now here’s Christiane Amanpour. She was on Anderson Cooper 19 last night, and Cooper said, “Hey, it’ll be interesting to see what happens later today here in France.”

AMANPOUR: One of the things that we’re living right now is a very ugly and unseemly rise yet again of Islamophobia, and this is very worrying. All these governments now are gonna be watching to see how the far right, which made huge gains in the last local elections in Europe a few months ago, National Frontier, UKIP in England, you know, the groups in Belgium and Germany and elsewhere, which are mobilizing big anti-Islamic demonstrations, how this is gonna play into this very ugly political situation.

RUSH: Yes. What political situation? We just had an act of terrorism. What’s political about that? So we just had this massive act of terrorism, Christiane Amanpour coming along and confirming that which I found in the New York Times yesterday and shared with you. Their real concern is that this means the rise to power of extremist right-wing factions and movements, potentially governments. Oh, yeah. One of the things we’re living right now, very ugly, unseemly, not act of terrorism, oh, no, that’s not ugly and unseemly. No. What’s ugly and unseemly is the rise yet again of Islamophobia.

Where the hell has there been any? There hasn’t been any Islamophobia. Nobody’s got the guts to talk about ’em at all. Where has it been, Snerdley? Where is this Islamophobia? Where is this backlash? I mean from a standpoint of official — where is it? Are the people of France marching around on the streets talking about it? Where is it? It’s in these people’s minds. So she can’t even bring herself to discuss the very ugly and unseemly terrorist act at Charlie Hebdo. No, no, no, no. We’re living through very ugly, unseemly rise of Islamophobia, very worrying, and governments are now going to be watching to see how the far right takes advantage of this.

And wait a second. She’s talking about the far right? These are people that contest for elections. They’re not dictators. All she’s talking about is a fear of election returns. The French conservative movement runs for election. If they lose, they lose. If they win, they win. Islamophobia’s got nothing to do with it. See, this is how they do, folks. All you have to do is oppose the characterization of what happened at that magazine as terrorism, and you are an Islamophobe. Just like if you utter one word of criticism of Barack Hussein O, you are a racist. And if you do not approve of gay marriage, you are a homophobe.


RUSH: By the way, folks, the New York Times and the Associated Press, and by now the rest of the Drive-By Media, I kid you not on this. I know this is gonna sound unbelievable unless you’ve seen it yourself. The Drive-By Media, the New York Times leading the pack on this, trying to establish the narrative that speaking out against the Islamization of Europe is the functional equivalent to what the Nazis did to the Jews. There are people — you just talked about ’em to me in the break, Snerdley. There are people worried about immigration and open borders.

The New York Times is characterizing them as Islamophobes. And, further, the New York Times is trying to establish the narrative — and the AP, too. I’ve seen it both places — that if you speak out against Islamists migrating to European nations, which is the Islamization of Europe, if you speak out against that, you are the functional equivalent of what the Nazis did to the Jews. That comparison is being test marketed, so to speak, in the Drive-By Media. They’re floating it as a trial balloon to see how it plays.

This is all rooted in politics. This is infuriating to me because the truth of it matter is it’s ironic because Muslim extremists have long said they want to finish what Hitler started. Adolf Hitler met with famous imams from the Middle East. Militant Islam and Nazi Germany have one thing profoundly in common: hatred of Jews. And yet it’s not the Islamists all of a sudden who hate Jews; it’s people who want to control the borders of European nations are now being compared to the Nazis. Thank you, New York Times, thank you, AP. This is serious stuff, folks. And it’s just the latest in a never-ending effort to destroy conservatism and conservatives.

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