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RUSH: Now, New York Post Page Six today. Headline: “Hillary ‘furious’ Over BillÂ’s ‘Part’ in Latest Sex Scandal.” Here we go again. Hillary Clinton once again supposedly shocked, supposedly surprised, supposedly outraged that her horn dog sex addict husband is still a horn dog sex addict, always was, and news of it has surfaced again. And we are to believe that Mrs. Clinton is the average, ordinary aggrieved wife who has given this big lug chance after chance after chance, and he’s promised her 15, 20 times, it won’t happen again. And here it is again, and Mrs. Clinton’s beside herself.

I am warning you, do not fall for this portrayal of this couple on this story or anything to do with Clinton’s womanizing because there’s not an aspect of it that Hillary does not know. She was in charge of the bimbo eruptions unit. She was in charge of destroying the women who came forward, or tried to, to derail her husband’s electoral campaign back in Arkansas when he was governor and then on to the White House. But I’ll read the story anyway, or a portion of it, because it’s funny.

(interruption) Okay, “The average deductible for an individual enrolled in a bronze plan in 2015 will be $5,181.” And after that, after that deductible, Obamacare only pays 60% of the medical costs, and Harvard here is ticked off, the faculty, at a deductible of $250. The 12,000 to 16, that’s the number of new IRS agents hired to deal with this. This is why they are the collection agency.

Now, the pull quote from this story. See, folks, there is no such thing as coincidence with the Clintons. Everything the Clintons do in public is staged, including Hillary’s reaction to supposedly shocking news that Clinton was flying all over the world with a pedophile. That’s not news. Everybody already has known that Clinton was flying around with Jeffrey Epstein, on Epstein’s 727. Clinton Foundation, whatever it is, the Clinton Global Initiative, Epstein flying him all over the world to raise money in a 727 to Africa, whole bunch of Hollywood people, Kevin Spacey. Epstein was everywhere with these people.

This is not a surprise to her. She’s acting like it. The pull quote: “Talk in Washington is that Hillary is furious with Bill about all this new information on Jeffrey Epstein.” It’s not new information! Now, a lot of it was sealed in court documents and somebody’s unsealed some of it, but Epstein was running a little — he copped to it. He was running a little operation in his homes, underage girls were supposedly giving massages to Epstein’s friends. It turns out Epstein was charging them.

Epstein had an executive assistant named Ghislaine Maxwell. This woman’s been named by one of the girls, 17 years old at the time, now 30. The woman is responsible for making all this public this go round is calling Ghislaine Maxwell Jeffrey Epstein’s pimp or madame. I don’t know what. But when this did hit a number of years ago, that’s when Clinton stopped flying around with Epstein. He did. Made a total break. And Ron Burkle made a total break with Clinton at about the same time, when the Epstein story hit. But prior to that, Epstein was who he was and doing what he was doing at the time Clinton was hanging around with him. Now, nobody has suggested — but that doesn’t mean. All you need is the news that here’s Epstein and what he was doing, and at the same time he was buddy-buddy with Bill Clinton, who we know Monica Lewinsky, and so people are putting two and two together and getting 69.

And supposedly Mrs. Clinton is shocked and outraged, just like she was with Monica Lewinsky. She was so shocked and outraged that she went on TV and blamed the vast right-wing conspiracy for that, not her own husband. We are led to believe that when Clinton walked into one of the rooms of the White House and wagged that crooked finger at us and said, “I never had sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky, not a single time. I never asked anybody to lie, not a single time,” we’re led to believe that Hillary believed that. We’re led to believe that when the blue dress was found with the semen stain, that Hillary was livid and outraged and felt betrayed.

And after 18 or 20 hours of privacy in the White House the next time we saw them was Hillary and Bill and Chelsea walking arm in arm, White House lawn, helicopter, to board it to fly to Martha’s Vineyard for the traditional family vacation, as though everything was fine. In those hours the Reverend Jackson was summoned to the White House, where he and Bill Clinton prayed over Bill’s lapses.

So now the same thing, and we’re supposed to believe that Hillary is just this poor woman, my God, look what she’s had to put up with it. My God, this woman gave up everything for this lutz. She gave up her law firm. She gave up living in New York. She moved to Arkansas. She had to give up all that to put up with Gennifer Flowers, and damn it if Clinton’s still doing it, the poor woman. It’s all part of building up Hillary as this aggrieved victim, and, oh, my God, how tough is she, create sympathy. And I’m telling you, folks, this is another staged barn of Clinton crap that we’re being treated to here.


RUSH: By the way, the Clinton Foundation “CEO Eric Braverman is stepping down from his post, the foundation said.” This right on the heels of Mrs. Clinton being ticked off at the latest news about Bill and Epstein. So now the foundation’s head honcho has stepped down. They’re gonna put one of Hillary’s people in there, is what this means. Hillary’s gonna exact a price for this.

She’s gonna get one of her people in there, probably a woman, to control what happens to the slush fund… Uh! (coughing)

The foundation money.

That’s probably what that means.

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