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RUSH: Scott Walker who, by the way, has hired a consultant for a potential presidential run. And I heartily approve of that. Scott Walker — this is great, by the way, he’s the governor of Wisconsin. That’s where the game is gonna be played, the Cowboys and Packers at high noon central, one p.m. Eastern. Scott Walker said, “Hey, I’m gonna be sitting with the owner on Sunday, too.” And he had a picture with a guy in a cheese head hat sitting in the stands. The Packers are publicly held. He’s gonna be sitting in the stands with regular fans that own the Packers. I thought it was a great rejoinder. There’s a little friction between Christie and Walker involving the National Governors Association.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a story out of Madison. “Gov. Scott Walker has hired a national Republican consultant with Wisconsin ties to manage his increasingly likely campaign for president. CNN first reported Wednesday on the hiring of Rick Wiley, and sources confirmed it for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. It is the latest sign that Walker is gearing up for a run for president in what is expected to be a crowded Republican field. He gave another sign of that Tuesday in an interview,” with Hugh Hewitt out there.

And do you know that Scott Walker does not have a college degree? I did not know that. But he doesn’t have a college degree. He was asked about that. And he said he didn’t finish college ’cause he took a job and started a family. He said, “I’ve got a master’s degree in taking on the big-government special interests. I think that is worth more than anything else that anybody can point to.”

Now, I don’t say this because I didn’t finish college, either. But it’s intriguing, there’s a lot of people who didn’t. College isn’t for everybody. And if you look at the successful people who’ve dropped out of college, you’ll find that there is something they all have in common, and it is a passion. They already knew what they wanted to do, and they just were eager to get started. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg. But their numbers are legion. There are all kinds of people who dropped out or didn’t finish college because they already knew what they wanted to do.

I love people like that. I really do. Passion, identifying their love and their passion, and going for it. I’m telling you, folks, something else, and I mean this. I really, really mean this. It’s always been thought that a college education meant that you were educated, and it still might, but what have you been taught to learn in college now? We’re getting to the point that there’s something to be said for successful people who’ve not been corrupted by the common curriculum at major institutions of higher learning.

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