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RUSH: There’s a piece at TheFederalist.com today, which is one of these new, relatively new conservative websites inspired by the EIB Network, as most modern-day conservatives have been inspired by this program. And it’s a really great site. There’s a bunch of them.

Campus Reform.

There’s all kinds of young conservatives popping up, and it’s changing, once again, the entire composition and makeup of standard, ordinary everyday what used to be journalism. And I think the Drive-Bys are the last to figure out what’s happening. They’re stuck in the fact that they lost their monopoly back in the late eighties and early nineties when this program came along and talk radio blew up and Fox News starts in 1996, but they’re losing it again.

The blogosphere, the Internet, there’s a whole new outburst of New Media there. The Internet is where the Drive-Bys went to find sanctuary when the alternative media, such as this, talk radio and Fox News, sprang up, started burying traditional cable news networks of the left, like CNN, MSNBC, you name it. But it’s happening to them all again, and I don’t think they noticed this. They think all these little offshoots on the Internet are little minority, very small, not-impactful-at-all little sites, and they’re ignoring them, if they even know who they are.

One of these sites is The Federalist. There’s a bunch of them, as I say. But this one, this piece: “How President Obama Sold Out Charlie Hebdo — Two years ago, a crude video against Islam was used as pretext by Islamists in various countries for riots and violence. Though that same video had nothing to do with the coordinated attack on US outposts in Benghazi, resulting in the assassination of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others, the administration claimed it did. The administration even rewrote talking points to blame an imaginary protest against the video as leading to those deaths.” And the imaginary protest was in Cairo.

Remember when the State Department, when the US embassy in Cairo issued an apology on the anniversary of 9/11, and nothing had happened. We issued an apology in advance should there be any riots celebrating 9/11. Celebrating. This is Egypt, don’t forget. The stated purpose was so get out in front of any protests and silence them, stop them. If we just — here we go again — admit our culpability, if we just admit, if we just apologize — we were the ones that were attacked — but if we just apologize, maybe they won’t protest. Well, not only did they protest, then it blew up over in Benghazi and Libya. And you know the rest of the story.

Obama and Hillary ran out all over the world blaming this video. Nobody had ever seen it. They rewrote the talking points and sent Susan Rice on five Sunday morning talk shows to make the point. And not long off that Obama spoke to the United Nations, and among the things he said, he had this to say about people who mock Islam.

OBAMA: The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

RUSH: That’s our president, at the United Nations, September 25th, 2012. And in that same speech he blamed this video that nobody had ever seen. He blamed an American who made a video, that justified all the riots that were taking place. Hence their belief in this grievance notion. But that was not all. Do you remember the United States paid for ads in Pakistan starring Hillary and Barack Obama repeating all of the untruths spoken by the president and Hillary claiming this video was responsible.

And the ad, that we paid for that Obama and Hillary starred in, that ran in Pakistan, said in part, “We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.” Hillary Clinton said of the US government, “We absolutely reject content and message” of a video nobody had ever seen. I have to take a break, but stick around. I’ll tell you where this is all going. You probably can figure it out.


RUSH: Hey, has anybody heard from Reverend Wright on what happened in France? Well, now, has Reverend Wright stood up and said, “France’s chickenssssss have come home to roost”? Well, he said that after 9/11/2001 in this country, did he not? Obama’s pastor. Has he said that about France today? I kind of doubt it.

Now, I checked an e-mail. It’s typical, you know? These libs send me these e-mails. They’re funny, folks. They don’t matter. Don’t get mad. I enjoy reading them. “So what’s the point, Mr. Limbaugh? Huh? Huh? So what do you…?” Okay, let me cut to the chase. You know what the point of all this is? By going to the UN and saying that a video was responsible for the death of a US ambassador and three other Americans — when it wasn’t!

By sending Susan Rice on five Sunday morning talk shows to spread that lie, to run ads in Afghanistan or Pakistan starring Obama and Hillary continuing this lie that a video caused that… These actions have consequences, ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States going to the UN in 2012 and saying, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” By the way, in Obama’s official statement today, there’s not one mention of Islam or Muslims.

I didn’t expect there to be.

But we have a “false narrative” here, as it’s now called in the Drive-By Media. We have a false template, a false narrative. We’ve had a false narrative ever since Benghazi happened. My point is this country’s leadership has fed the beast. This country’s leadership has fed the rage. Not just this country’s. All of Western civilization, which is cowering in fear. All the civilized world is afraid to deal with this for what it is. All the western world who think of closing Gitmo will solve it, or getting out of Afghanistan will solve it.

All we’re doing is trumpeting our weakness. But when Obama shows up and says, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” then you have the president of the United States rationalizing barbaric behavior and punishing some poor oaf who just made a video that nobody ever saw. So these actions have consequences. But our leadership uses words to cast and shape images, PR and buzz. But the real world hears those words, acts on them, believes them.

There are consequences.


RUSH: I got an e-mail from a guy during the break. Get this. “Dear Rush.” I’m serious. I got this e-mail. “You always blame the people responsible when these events happen. You always say we should blame the shooter in a school shooting and not some movie or not some TV show. So, why are you blaming Obama? Why are you blaming fear and cowardice in the western world and not that French magazine for offending people.”

Do you understand what this guy is saying? If he were to be consistent, what his e-mail would say, “You always blame the shooter or the perp in these school shootings; you say don’t blame movies or TV shows. Why are you blaming cowardice and fear in western civilization instead of blaming the French magazine?” The guy should have said, “Instead of blaming ISIS.”

We got a guy here who thinks the French magazine is responsible for what happened. This is exactly my point, folks. And I wonder how many people out there today — and I think you would be shocked in certain sectors of this country at the number of people who think the French magazine is responsible, that there had been enough evidence what happens to you if you publish cartoons or stories that mocks or makes fun of Islam, that this gonna happen to you. They had it coming to them or at least we should have understood this is what happens when you do this.

This is exactly my point. It would never occur to me, I’m sorry, maybe I’m so out of touch, it would never occur to me to blame Charles Hebdo. It would never occur to me to blame the 12 people that got killed. They didn’t commit suicide. So this is actually one of my points. But, don’t misunderstand. I’m not blaming Obama here. I’m saying these actions have consequences. The American left is who it is. It’s who they are.

Liberalism is what it is. The grievance industry is what it is. The grievance industry believes the US is responsible for a lot of things bad that have happened in the world and therefore there’s a price to pay and we have to understand why people don’t like us. We’re not the solution to the problems in the world; we are the problem, particularly our military. That’s a widely held view in academia, probably in Hollywood and in much of the dark corners of the Democrat Party.

Now, they’re also very arrogant and narcissistic, and they think that their view of things is shared by everybody, and so they probably are using transference or projection. These ISIS guys probably they see the problems the way Democrats do. Yeah, the US has done this, done that. It would never occur to them to blame ISIS. And that’s why you have Mrs. Clinton — you gotta play the sound bite again, number 26.

Look, folks, it’s not me saying this. It’s not me making up what they’re saying. This is actually Hillary Clinton back on December 3rd talking about how the Democrat Party is gonna save the world now by utilizing what she calls smart power.

HILLARY: This is what we call smart power, using every possible tool and partner to advance peace and security. Leaving no one on the sidelines. Showing respect even for one’s enemies. Trying to understand and insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view, helping to define the problems, determine the solutions. That is what we believe in the twenty-first century will change, change the prospects for peace.

RUSH: I’m sorry, folks, but if you believe any of that, then it just follows that we must share in some of the blame and accept some of the responsibility for what these people do and what they think. If the onus is on us to try to understand them and to empathize with their perspective and their point of view and therefore to properly define the problem — that means, what is it about us they don’t like, and how can we change that? Well, we’re doing it. We’re closing Gitmo. We’re getting out of Afghanistan.

We’re claiming defeat everywhere we can on the basis that it’s none of our business anymore, and part and parcel of that is we have no business there in the first place, and if you have a grievance against us being in Afghanistan, okay, you’re right. But we’re getting out so don’t hate us anymore. It’s not seen that way by these guys, because the grievance is not that we were in Afghanistan. The grievance is not that we were in Iraq. The grievance is not that we elected Bush like it is for Obama and the Democrats.

The grievance is that we exist and that we’re nonbelievers. A simple single grievance, and I think these events are seldom one-offs. I’ve got a sound bite coming up, let me see if I can find it right quick. It may be near the top here. Yeah, grab sound bite number eight. This is a former Navy SEAL on Fox & Friends today, Jonathan Gilliam. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, talking to the former SEAL, says, “What do you think about the machinery that was used, the weaponry that was used? What does that say to you?”

GILLIAM: I see training. The way they’re moving with them back to the car, they have some muzzle discipline. But what we need to start looking at right here, that’s the third thing we need to look at real quick, is that this just happened over here, coordinated attacks do happen in multiple countries, and we need to start looking, instead of just raising our awareness of the NYPD, we need to start doing things like shutting Times Square down to traffic.

KILMEADE: Right now? You would prefer that Times Square be shut down right now in response to what’s happening in Paris?

GILLIAM: I just drove through there in a cab.

KILMEADE: And it bothers you it’s not?

GILLIAM: It terrifies me.

RUSH: This is a guy who’s been there. This is a former Navy SEAL, Jonathan Gilliam, and he makes the point. Look, he’s exactly right. In New York City there’s an ongoing effort to discredit the cops because this idiotic mayor grew up thinking the cops are the problem. And 20 years ago nobody ever thought somebody like this would ever be elected mayor, but here we are.

So what we all used to laugh at and consider parlor jokes or extremism is now running the country, or at least running some cities. What’s happening to the cops in New York is a great microcosm of where we are. We’re the problem. What do the cops do? The cops ferret out the bad guys, by design. Look, I hate having to qualify everything I say by acknowledging that it’s never perfect, but nothing ever is. But the point, the cops are not out there to injure people. The cops are not out there to kill wantonly. It’s the other guys that do that. But who are we heading on now? This is silly.

I much prefer the perspective of this former SEAL. Just shut down Times Square. These are coordinated attacks. By the way, he makes another great point. This is a military attack, had military training to it. This is not a bunch of guys in the deserts of Iraq who’ve commandeered an SUV or a Humvee, grabbed hold of some guns and rode into town lighting everything up. This was a planned, rehearsed, staged attack. And if there’s one, there are others.

I don’t know about closing Times Square. I just like his perspective on this is not just an incident about France. Just as 9/11 in this country was not solely about the US. It’s about Western civilization. One other thing here from TheFederalist.com website that I mentioned earlier. Let me read something again just to put it back in context.

Worse, the US paid for ads in Pakistan that starred Hillary and Barack Obama that repeated untruths spoken by the president and Hillary claiming that the US, we reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. Hillary Clinton said of the US government, “We absolutely reject content and message.” This is a video that they’re talking about. And Obama, by the way, when he was at the UN and made that speech that we played in a sound bite a couple times now that the world will not belong to people that defame the prophet of Islam or whatever. In that same speech, Obama, in his own words, blamed a video made by an American.

And then, do you remember what else he said, folks? Now, who is his audience at the UN? It’s the Star Wars bar scene, okay? It’s a bunch of thugs, dictators, totalitarians, authoritarians, so what does Obama say? He knows his audience. So he just blamed this poor sap, who’s an Egyptian, by the way, he’s not an American. His name is Nakoula Nakoula. His mom was lazy when he was named. His first name is the same as his last name. He’s an Egyptian. But Obama called him an American, an American made this video.

And then do you remember what Obama said? (imitating Obama) “Why didn’t we just shut the guy down? Well, because we have laws, and because of our laws, which allow free speech,” and blah, blah, blah, blah. He thought that he had to take time and explain to these other dictators why he hadn’t already killed the guy. The guy already was in prison, but he had to explain to this audience at the UN, okay, this guy’s responsible for all this crap, why didn’t you deal with it? (imitating Obama) “Well, we have laws. I can’t deal with it the way you would.”

It’s unbelievable. Except the point is that our country does not reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. In fact, we state quite clearly that we believe everybody has the right to denigrate the religious beliefs of anyone they care to, from Mormon to Methodist to Muslim to Christian, you name it, and the US government has no business weighing in on videos made by Americans, and the US government had no right to try to get Google to pull it down when people objected to it. People had never even seen it, by the way. Obama fed this. He stands up, blames a video for five or six weeks that nobody ever saw.

It’s like you remember in the days just before we all learned about Monica Lewinsky there was a picture that ran in one American newspaper. It was Bill and Hillary Clinton in their swimsuits. It was an ugly picture. And they were dancing on the beach in the Virgin Islands. One newspaper ran that picture, the Los Angeles Times. At the daily press briefing Mike McCurry got a question to the effect, “Do you reject that picture that was posted of the president and the first lady?” And nobody else had seen it. This was pre-Internet days. Well, it’s not pre-Internet, but it’s nowhere near widespread as it is today.

And all these reporters, “What picture? What picture? What are you talking about?” And here came McCurry with a giant cutout of the picture, “This one.” The whole thing was staged. There wasn’t even any music it was learned. It was dancing silent on the beach out there. And of course it was done on purpose to create this image of love and devotion on part of the first family in days before they knew the Lewinsky story was likely to break. Well, here comes Obama feeding this already existing rage by telling the world of a video that nobody saw that denigrated the prophet, did all this stuff. He fed this stuff that happened is the point, and that’s why these words have consequences.

This administration uses words to shape images and public relations and to create good vibes and feelings of compassion. But people around the world hear the words of the leader of the free world. And if the leader of the free world is gonna dump on his own country for a video nobody’s ever seen and spend six weeks blaming it for the death of one of his ambassadors, well, what the hell do you expect is gonna? This is, I think, tied, all of this is tied. Getting out of Afghanistan proudly; making a deal with another dictatorship in Cuba; proudly getting out of Iraq, claiming defeat as a moral victory proudly.

And all of this ostensibly to tell these bad guys, “You don’t have to hate us anymore, see? We are getting rid of all the things Bush did that made you hate America, but we’re not Bush, and it’s a new day in America.” This stuff happens and these are guys scratching their heads.

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