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RUSH: I’ve always wanted to be older. And even when I hit my sixties, it was still true. I never had a problem getting older. It didn’t panic me, it didn’t worry me, but all of a sudden, driving in today, for some reason, I had the first-ever negative twinge about getting older. Plus I got a birthday coming up next week. In fact, it’s a week from today. Not a hint. Don’t do anything. And I said, “What is this?” This is totally new ground for me, totally unfamiliar territory. Why am I getting — and I thought about it, and you know what it is?

All my fantasies, they’ve got hardly any chance of coming true. It finally just hit me. All of my life, when I was young, my fantasies, every one of ’em, I had a reasonable belief, could come true. And for some reason I’m driving in today, I said, “Well, I guess most of them there’s no chance now.” And half of ’em, if they did come true, I wouldn’t be interested anymore because the people involved are no longer attractive. So I guess I’m able to relate to most people now who have a problem getting older. But mine is not about my actual life. I haven’t any problem with that.

But the sudden realization that the likelihood my fantasies are gonna remain fantasies, now that’s a shocker. I’m such an optimist that I’ve always believed my fantasies were gonna happen at some point and I was not gonna have to force ’em, and I was not gonna have to set ’em up and actively make them happen. I’ve always believed they were just gonna happen. And I’m not talking about weird pervo things, folks. Don’t start dreaming here. Well, when you say fantasies, you know what most people start thinking of. They start thinking of — I’m not talking about those. I have always been realistic to know those were never gonna happen. (laughing)

But the others that all of my life I thought would, well, now there is not enough time. And it’s not just that. It’s that even if they did, I wouldn’t care now. Now, that’s depressing, isn’t it? That was a bit sobering. So I had to gut it up. I had to purge all those negative thoughts as I was driving in today, get in the proper frame of mind to do the program today. And I did. I pulled it off, so we’re ready to go. Fear not.

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