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RUSH: Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Paul. Great to have you, sir. Thank you for waiting and hello.

CALLER: Yeah, great to speak with you, too, Rush. Most Republicans agree that Boehner has to go. He not only voted for the cromnibus that funded Obama’s illegal activities until next October, he also negotiated behind closed doors and then threw it on the clerk’s desk 48 hours before the vote so nobody else had a chance to see what was in it. So he’s disgraced himself. He’s got to go.

The question is who should replace him. And two men have stepped forward to contend for the job, Louie Gohmert of Texas and Ted Yoho, from my state of Florida. And I’d like to say that based on their voting records, Louie Gohmert is the best choice. And the reason I say that is if you look at how the vote went in the last Speakership election, when there was an attempt to oust Boehner at that time, you’ll recall, and there were 21 members who signed on as being willing to vote for someone other than Boehner and then a lot of insider pressure caused a lot of them to drop out.

But finally the vote took place and there were nine people out of the 21 who stood up for their principles, Louie Gohmert was one of them, and he voted for Allen West, which was certainly a brave thing to do because Boehner had done a number on West, you’ll recall, by gerrymandering his district and not funding his reelection campaign. More illuminating was who Ted Yoho voted for. He didn’t vote for Boehner. He was one of the nine that didn’t vote for Boehner. But he voted for Eric Cantor! Eric Cantor who voted for TARP, who supported amnesty, who was minority whip under Boehner for two or three years, then became majority member. He was an insider RINO —

RUSH: Okay, I’m down to 30 seconds. Do you think it’s gonna happen?

CALLER: It’s an historic opportunity. I’ll tell you, one other thing, yes, I think it’s gonna happen, in short, and another reason it’s gonna happen is because Boehner lied to the entire House on H.R. 5759 when he rewrote it and in the middle of the night —

RUSH: Yeah, but it depends on how afraid of him they remain. I mean, the old saw about if you’re gonna take the king out you better succeed, ’cause if you don’t, and he’s still around, you’re gone.

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