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RUSH: Here’s Ray in Livermore, California, as we head back to the phones. Great to have you, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah dittos to you and your family and the staff there, EIB, really appreciate what you’re doing. I know you’re pressed for time, but if there’s time to make a second comment on your book following my original call-in comment, I’d love to. In your opening remarks, you know, talking about Jeb Bush, and overall, the way the media reacts to you, an old bomber pilot had an axiom that fits perfect. He said, “If you’re taking flak, it means you’re directly over the target. Open the bomb bay doors.”

RUSH: You know, I got a note from — and actually a Republican — you know this person, but I can’t mention him. Republican strategist, campaign organizer, said, “Hey, don’t buy into this. They’re scared to death of you. That’s their problem.” I can’t remember. It’s just a one-line thing but it’s basically the same point that you’re making. I mean, if they’re ripping you to shreds like this, you must be over the target, must be hitting too close to home. I, of course, am aware of this, yes.

CALLER: Yeah, and especially if you’re making both sides upset, it’s clear that you’re on target, Rush, and we want to encourage you to keep up the good work.

RUSH: Thank you. Here it is. She says, “They don’t hate you. They are terrified of you. Keep it up.” You say keep the bomb bay doors open. Right on, dude. Right on. What was the second comment that you wanted to make?

CALLER: I’ve got an 11-year-old daughter, and she rarely likes any of my book choices that I get for her. But I picked up the Rush Revere series, I actually got the second book first and she immediately corrected me and said, “I can’t start the series in the second book, Dad.” So I got her the first book and she has consumed them, Rush, as if they were cake and ice cream. She’s on the third book. She absolutely loves your work and the way that you present history for children, and I just want to say thank you very much for what you’re doing.

RUSH: Well, thank you. Folks, look, something’s happened out there with this Revere series, the way everybody’s reacting to it. We’re getting adults telling us that they’re learning things about history in these children’s books. But the way these kids — his story here, you ought to seeing the things that we’re getting. We put a lot of it up on the Revere Facebook page, but it’s just over the top. And it’s wonderful. It is absolutely terrific, but the passion that these young people have for these books, I mean, it is over the top.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ll indulge me here for just a second, I want to just continue in a very short vein here on the comment we had from Ray in Livermore about his daughter and how she’s just voraciously consuming the Rush Revere books. Oh, and by the way, for you youngsters, if you go to our Rush Revere Facebook page, we have posted a new Liberty video that you will just love. Liberty is a lot of people’s favorite and endearing character, smart aleck talking horse, time-traveling horse. Kids love Liberty, and Liberty has a new video up at the Facebook page and at RushRevere.com.

Kathryn and I personally read the e-mails and the comments, and we see all the photos that are pouring in from people that are reading the Adventures of Rush Revere series, and I’ll tell you, folks, it’s heart melting. I don’t know how to explain this. It’s almost like a second success track.

Now, I’ve mentioned to you way, way back when this program started back in 1988, I’d been in radio since I was 16 and I’d never had any real success at it. I was a number of things. I was either the guy with a lot of potential but just didn’t quite get there, or I was a guy that didn’t have any talent, was never gonna work, but man, does the guy really work hard and all that. It ran the gamut. And all the way through my first stint at radio for me, 16 to 29, I never really had any success. I didn’t know what success was ’til Sacramento.

Sacramento, I finally found out what a success track is. That happened to coincide when I was finally, after whatever number of years, and it was a quirk of fate that made it possible, but I was given a chance to do a radio show the way he wanted to do it, without a bunch of restrictions and guidance and this kind of stuff. And it clicked, and it’s what led to this show. So that was my first experience with having a real success track, knowing that a connection is being made to the audience. I don’t want to get too inside baseball here, but I’m setting this up because it’s starting to happen with this kid demographic and these books and their parents.

You know, once you have experienced success — and those of you that have in your own businesses, if you branch out and do something else, you know that moment when it’s starting to click, and you know when it isn’t. So therefore you know what you have to do to change what you’re doing to make it click. Well, this book series, the Rush Revere series, it really is starting to click with its own different success track.

We respond to these e-mails these kids send, and they can’t believe that they’re getting responses, and we send ’em little gift packages now and then of Ted-Tea Bear, or, you hear it, autographed book or an audio version or what have you. And they can’t believe their posts on our Facebook page or wherever are actually being read and responded to. And it just melts your heart to see this.

What we’re trying to do here is make American history fun and engaging and something that the younger generation wants to know, wants to be part of. We don’t want, for example, the book to be given as a Christmas present and the kid to open it, “Oh, gee, a book. Thanks, Dad.” We want ’em to be thrilled to get a Rush Revere series book. And they are. That’s the thing. That’s what we’re hearing. Liberty is one of the favorite characters. He’s always getting up to some fun things, and he created a patriotic dance that he wants all the kids to see, join in and learn, and that’s the video that we’ve posted. You can see it by going to Rush Revere’s Facebook page. It’s www.Facebook.com/RushRevere.

And, ah, Liberty’s cute. You can tell him I told you, too, if you want to. But don’t forget to “like” the Facebook page, too, when you are there. The more “likes” the merrier so we can spread the word far and wide. But I just had to share this with you because we’re all one giant family here, and we’re all invested in this country rebounding and becoming, once again, what it was founded to be. And everybody knows the key to that is reaching future adult generations.

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