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RUSH: Where are we here today, folks, as we take stock in the United States of America and our circumstance? If we had to give you a short version of what is happening now, this is what it would be. North Korea, or perhaps a hacker group with ties to North Korea, is dictating movie show times in American theaters. North Korea or a hacker group associated with them has shut down showings of a movie, proving that, in 2014, terrorism works.

Cyber terrorism in this case, against Sony, has succeeded. The two actors in the movie, James Franco and Seth Rogen, they have shut down all interviews to promote the movie. The hacker group is promising terrorist acts at theaters who show the movie. At the same time, Iran is doing apparently what it damn well pleases with its nuclear program, and Israel is shamed for not defending itself properly, according to anti-Semitic detractors.

Central American countries are shipping hundreds of thousands of their citizens, children, across our borders, no questions asked, and they’re being welcomed and dispatched all over the United States. Brutal regimes such as the Taliban and now Cuba seem to be on pretty good footing with the president, Barack Hussein O. American police are being smeared as racists, and the White House just put together a task force to discuss and study whether or not police officers should be denied — their cases be denied a hearing before a grand jury if there is a shooting involved. Therefore, the White House is engaging in a task force to deny American policemen equal protection under the law.

While this is going on, the president is gutting the US military while claiming he’s just making it leaner. And while he’s gutting the US military, the president is also gutting the US Constitution. And now we’ve learned he’s not even doing it with executive orders. He’s doing it with memoranda. You see, memos are far less threatening than something called an executive order, an executive action.

And so if the low-information crowd happens to hear that the president wrote a memo about amnesty for illegals, well, big whoop. Hell, everybody does memos. I hate memos. Screw memos. It doesn’t mean anything, everybody does memos. But we’re told that presidential memos carry the same weight and force of action that an executive action does or an executive order. But the president’s writing memos left and right, usurping the Constitution, abandoning the Constitution, ignoring the Constitution, and there’s still two years of this kind of stuff to go.

At the same time all of this is going on, we’re now today, we’re supposed to feel sorry for Obama and his wife because they are victims of the lamest of lame perceived slights they call racism. Yes! While all of this is happening, the president wants us to feel sorry because ten years ago somebody mistook him for a valet. What’s wrong with being a valet? I thought every job had dignity, in Obama’s world.

And while that’s going on, Mrs. Obama is lamenting that the last time she was — where was it, Target? What is she doing in Target anyway? She says she was in Target and somebody came along and asked her to get something off a top shelf. No, it’s not ’cause she’s tall. It’s because she’s black, and therefore assumed to be a sub-employee. So you have the president of the United States and the first lady going full on victim 101 six years into their presidency, nevertheless playing the victim card with events that supposedly happened six, seven, eight years ago.

What is the point? This is key. Why can’t Obama, when talking about them, say (imitating Obama), “You know, it used to be that, uh, people thought of me as a valet, and now look, I’m president. What a great country.” Why couldn’t he do that? Why does he have to continue to diminish, with pointed efforts to do so, this country? The president playing the victim card, racial victim card? Nobody called him a valet yesterday. Nobody called him a valet last week. He’s been called much worse, if you ask me, in political terms.

But anything in the service of diminishing the United States, anything that serves to illustrate this country as less than perfect and less than what it should be, they will not miss those opportunities. We’re supposed to feel sorry because somebody at Target asked Mrs. Obama to get something off a high shelf. I don’t think that happened when they were at Martha’s Vineyard. I don’t know if there’s a Target in Martha’s Vineyard, but I get your point.

How can somebody so victimized by evil racism possibly be accepted as a vacation visitor in the elite place of Martha’s Vineyard? If this country sucks so bad, why are the people at Martha’s Vineyard even letting them go there? It’s a great question, because what we really know is this country thinks of the Obamas as valets and aisle workers. That’s what they want us to know at Christmastime 2014. And the thing is, folks, we are only on the front end of this suicidal governing. Anybody with an ounce of self-preservation has every right to be appalled and terrified and disgusted.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are working with the president, organizing these things, and, meanwhile, people like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and anybody else sympathetic with the taxed-enough-already crowd are the public enemies. Ted Cruz is public enemy number one. Sarah Palin number two, Mike Lee number three, you name it. This list of things that I just went through to describe where the country is, and the bad guy is Ted Cruz. Oh. And the CIA.

Did Obama ever complain about Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy saying (imitating Clinton), “Hey, Ted, he-he, you know, it wasn’t that long ago this guy Obama, he’d be getting us our coffee?” Why doesn’t Obama cite that example, if he wants to talk about being a victim of racism in the United States? And Obama as a valet? I don’t know about you, I don’t know if I’d trust him to park my car. It’s a joke, media. It’s a joke.

The point is, in any honest chronicle of the decline of this country, which, by the way, the decline we are supposed to understand and support, and we are supposed to join together to elect candidates who will manage the decline of this country, because we must pay the price for our prominence and prosperity in the past. It was not genuine, you see. It was illegitimate and we must now pay the price.

Yeah, so we’re supposed to be happy, we’re supposed to manage the decline, elect people to manage the decline, understand the management of the decline and understand the decline. And anybody who pipes up who doesn’t want to be in a country in decline is labeled public enemy number one.


RUSH: So the American people mistook President Obama as a president, not a valet. People thought he was a president. We should have been so lucky if people thought of him as a valet. But what really happened here back in 2008, the American people mistook Obama, not as a valet, but as a president, and what’d the American people think Obama was gonna do? He was gonna be a leader. He was gonna unite the country. He was filled with hope and change. He was gonna bring about the end of all the anger and the animosity. He was gonna lower the sea levels and end global warming and all of this magical wonderful stuff.

There was gonna be nothing but love in the air and there’d be no more acrimony and there would be people crossing the aisle and there would be mass cooperation. Everybody would be working to help everybody else. The economy was gonna skyrocket and the income gap, why, it was gonna disappear. The rich were gonna become middle class or poor because all the money was gonna be taken away and given to the rightful owners who had it in the first place before the rich stole it. All of that was gonna happen.

You see, Obama was masquerading as a trustworthy steward of the Constitution. Look at what this man got away with, folks. All we have to do is go back six years. Look at what he got away with. The American people mistook him for a man with presidential qualifications and characteristics. They bought into the notion that he was going to be a steward of the Constitution. Way back in 2008, the last thing in the world the American people assumed of Barack Obama was that he would be lawless and revel in it.

He was elected president, then reelected, and today there’s regret all over the country for that. And it’s not due to racism. It’s due to his performance. He’s not a victim of anything except his own behavior. He’s not a victim of racism. What a cheap play anyway. Here he is president after six years and still runs around and wants sympathy because somebody once mistook him for a valet. The truth is, we’re not racists. What happened here, he’s just not a very good president. And he’s a really unworthy victim, if you ask me. I think that is so beneath him and his wife.

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