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RUSH: Here’s another example, another in the mind of a consumer how the truth doesn’t matter. It’s an AP story about the UVA rape story that was in Rolling Stone magazine, who, by the way, have not retracted the story. All they’ve done is apologized for some things. They have not retracted it. You can still read it. It’s still on the website. They’ve not retracted that. And it didn’t happen. But look, from an AP story about the fake UVA accuser, Jessica’s friends, one of whom is — Jessica’s the so-called victim. One of her friends is quoted as saying, “But if anything, the takeaway from all of this is I still don’t care if what’s presented in the article is true or not, because I think it’s far more important that people focus on the issue of sexual assault as a whole.”

So if Rolling Stone runs a totally made up story about campus rape by a fraternity, it’s good even if it’s all lies, even if none of it’s true, because it still focused attention on campus rape, even though there wasn’t one. It still focused attention on sexual assault.

I think there is an outgrowth, by the way, to all of this caring. I’m gonna admittedly have to be very careful here, ’cause this just hit me last night. We all know the NFL’s in a lot of trouble for a whole host of reasons. The NFL, what year was it they began October is pink, the month every season that they devote to consciousness raising for breast cancer. Ever since that began, the NFL has been plagued by one bad story after another. Despite all the consciousness raising, despite all of the attempts at doing good, look at instead what has happened. That month of October hadn’t bought ’em any credibility or good vibes or anything.

Then there’s another result of all of this that — hell, I don’t know. Let me just ask this question. This is the first formulation of the question, so give me some time to work on this. But is it good for the country at large for people to be running around all day, every day thinking that they might have a deadly disease or that they might get one later today or tomorrow? All of this consciousness raising about things, how many hypochondriacs is it creating? How many people are doing nothing but thinking about disaster befalling them with all of this?

How many people go through every day now with just a minor malady, “Oh, my God, oh, my God, did I drink too much coffee today? Am I gonna have a heart attack? Oh, my God, oh, my God.” I know I’m treading on dangerous water here, but a lot of this has turned everybody inward and self-conscious and the things that are just ups and downs and hills and valleys of life are now daily potential tragic disasters.

Dawn, are you rolling your eyes ’cause you think I’m on thin ice or do you think I’m being brilliant here? See, they all think I’m on thin ice, and I probably am. I’m not being critical of anybody. I’m just — (interruption) No. No, I don’t want to go back to the day when people got sick and didn’t know about it. (interruption) Didn’t have health care? Health care is worse today than it was before Obama got hold of it. That’s my point. We now need consciousness raising about assault on campus, and for what purpose do we want to raise consciousness? We’ll do a lie.

We’ll have a major story totally untrue to raise consciousness. For what end? Who does it target? Who is guilty but not guilty? Who’s doing the assaulting that didn’t happen? And who’s paying the price for that? Who’s paying a price for doing something that they didn’t do because a story says they might do it because of who they are? All of this is made up. All of this is fabricated. We’re creating circumstances that don’t exist, mind-sets prepared to accept disaster where it doesn’t happen.

Meanwhile, where it is happening, the people guilty of it are recording PSAs telling us not to do it. The people doing all this disaster oriented stuff, the actual reprobates are doing PSAs and going on television and guesting on TV shows telling us that our consciousness needs to be raised and we need to stop doing this, when we’re not doing it, whatever it is, spousal abuse, you name it.


RUSH: Look, I’m finished. I asked everybody what year did that start. If you track forward, it was 2008. Now you’re on your own, flying blind. I’ve said what I have to say about it. I’ve said it unequivocally clear. It will be misquoted, taken out of context, turned against me and used to make me a hateful devil probably before 6pm Eastern time tonight. And then that will last for a couple of days until some other story comes up superseded on the cable network discussion shows. I’ll probably be asked back on Fox News Sunday to explain myself. You know how it goes.

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