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RUSH: To the phones, starting in Rockville, Connecticut, Gene, welcome, sir. Great to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: I want to stand up and sing, “O, What a Thrill” to be the first caller on the Rush Limbaugh program.

RUSH: Well, it carries with it a heavy responsibility, so set the tone.

CALLER: What a great song by the Mavericks. Rush, I don’t know if you know the Mavericks but, “O, What a Thrill” has become my favorite song.

RUSH: I remember that tune from way, way back. You talk about the Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites.

CALLER: Well, maybe, but I always get nervous in the presence of greatness so I’m gonna need your help through this one.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: And greatness not only with the individuals involved, but the greatness of your program today. Today’s program is by far — and I’ve listened to a few — the most compelling program you’ve ever put out there.

RUSH: Come on, that’s saying something, 27 years?

CALLER: Yes. This is number one.

RUSH: Ho-ho-ho. Must be striking a serious chord with you.

CALLER: Well, you’ve swerved into so much of the truth here, and especially it’s national fertile fallacy day. Fertile fallacies are something that have been identified by George Soros as the way to destroy an economy and to destroy a country, and he’s done it with ours. But you’re bringing up, of all the tangents involved with this conversation, even the professorette at Penn State University. And you’ve identified the destruction of the NFL, beginning with the October is pink controversy. And you realize and you’re pointing out to your listeners, and they may talk to other listeners and so on and so forth, and you know how it works in truth radio. But American exceptionalism is disturbing to these fascists and communists.

RUSH: They hate it. They’re afraid of it. Even on my tech blogs, this is where I read about freaking iPhones. I’m getting people applauding the torture report. I’m getting people happy that the Senate staffer report, which was filled with lies about how we torture, I got people on my tech blogs, can’t escape this, applauding the fact that the United States has been exposed as a torture nation. They’re happy about it.

CALLER: Well, you understand these leftists every bit as well as I do, and by picking out the Penn State case, you swerve into an amazing coincidence, if it is that, or maybe it’s serendipitous. American exceptionalism is best demonstrated by the Pennsylvania State University, and that’s why this same group of leftists, the same group that removed Benedict XVI from office as pope such as no pope has been removed in 600 years, went to that university when they saw an opportunity to destroy a good and great family name, Joseph Vincent Paterno, Brooklyn, New York.

RUSH: All right, yeah.

CALLER: And a great and good university. This is the same group that comes after the NFL. It is the same group that came after the Boy Scouts of America. And I spoke about this group on your show the day the new pope was selected in Vatican City, Italy.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And this group is commonly known as the lesbofascists and the lesbocommunists. And they have buried this nation. This is the topic that is not suitable for conversation on the airwaves —

RUSH: No, it clearly isn’t, because these people who, lesbofascists, did you say, and lesbocommunists, whoever they are, they don’t like to be exposed. You know, exposing them is its own crime. They’re the ones that are supposed to do the exposing on their terms with their own camouflage and everything. Anyway, Gene, appreciate the call.

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