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“‘Okay, Rush, so what should the Republicans do?’ The right thing to do is to do the right thing, and save the country, and you know full well you have a majority of voters behind you. That’s what they elected you to do! To hell with what the media says about you. To hell what the Democrats do. It’s nutcracker time, in more ways than one.”

“I really think Hillary Clinton is mostly hype. It doesn’t mitigate the fact that she’s there and she’s been in positions of power, but it does provide some confidence. There’s no reason to be afraid of her.”

“Liberals are basically a bunch of braggarts who have high expectations of themselves but assume that people unlike them just can’t do anything.”

“When an increase in budget spending is not as much as Democrats had hoped for, they call it a ‘cut.’ You could spend 5% more next year than this, and if they expected it would increase 8%, they’d call it a 3% budget cut, when in reality it was a 5% increase.”

“I know a little bit about drawing a crowd. I know a little bit about connecting with an audience, and I know that Hillary doesn’t have an audience connection. Maybe with a few Democrats, but in terms of the kind of connection, a deep connection with an audience, voters, whatever you want to call it, she just doesn’t have it. I don’t think she ever has had, to tell you the truth.”

“Had the vote on the rule failed, do you think the House Democrats would have been accused of shutting down the government? Do you think they would have been accused of endangering the economy or hurting the nation’s poor or whatever other disaster happens with a government shutdown?”

“Elizabeth Warren could succeed in shutting down the government and the Republicans are gonna get blamed for it. It’s written in the commandments of media, and it doesn’t matter what the truth is.”

“By the way, folks, I was not gonna be here tomorrow, but things have turned around. I have decided I’m gonna be here tomorrow because it’s just too important not to be. I am going to be here tomorrow for you.”

“During a town hall meeting in Nashville President Obama blamed conservative talk shows for Americans’ anger over executive amnesty. He didn’t mention any names, but he doesn’t have to.”

“I’m telling you, the roots of all of this discord that we are experiencing in our culture today — the lion’s share of it, I think — is coming from the classroom. Journalism school, political science school, whatever it is. Some of the most radical, leftist thought is safely ensconced on campus with tenure.”

“The nature of being an American is not to be filled with hatred and resentment and anger. This has to be taught to people. It has to be inculcated. It is not the natural state of mind for an American to be angry, distrustful, hateful, bigoted toward his own country. That has to be taught. And it is being taught, and, sadly, it’s being learned. And it’s been inculcated at some of the highest levels of journalism and politics and the media.”

“It’s obvious that Anderson Cooper doesn’t have any idea what the Khmer Rouge did if he thinks we engaged in similar stuff.”

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