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A guy named Ben Edelman is the nephew of Marian Wright Edelman — the far-left founder of the Children’s Defense Fund and a big Hillary Clinton friend. Now clearly, Mr. Edelman is a member of liberal royalty, as you’ll see.

He recently ate at the Sichuan Garden, a Chinese restaurant in Boston. Edelman, is an associate professor at Harvard Business School, thought he was overcharged $4 for his meal. The restaurant, a small business, said it was a mistake — their online menu prices hadn’t been updated. They offered to make up the difference.

Not good enough. At Harvard, Ben Edelman teaches business. He is also known as “The Internet Sheriff” — a fraud expert who consults for Microsoft and the NFL. And he is liberal royalty. So he wasn’t about to take crap from some little Chinese restaurant that overcharged him $4.

In a series of lengthy emails — Edelman accused the restaurant of committing a major violation of Massachusetts’ consumer protection laws. First he demanded a $12 refund — claiming he could recover triple damages by law. Then he demanded a 50% refund on his $60 meal.

He then threatened government action to compel the restaurant to “identify all consumers affected and to provide refunds to all of them.” The restaurant made multiple offers to settle with Mr. Edelman, in vain. Finally, the day after his pompous emails were published — to widespread scorn — Mr. Edelman apologized.

If only arrogant, entitled liberals cared about taxpayer dollars half as much as they do their own dollars, why, we’d have no deficit, folks.

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