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RUSH: “One of the psychologists who developed the tactics used in the Bush-era…” This is The Politico, by the way. It’s “the Bush-era interrogation program,” as though they’ve never been used before. Oh, no. Oh-ho-ho no! All this stuff that went on at Club Gitmo? Yeah, that’s Bush-era only. Anyway, “One of the psychologists who developed the tactics is disputing the Senate staffer…” It’s really not a Senate Intelligence Committee report. It’s a Senate staff report.

The staff wrote it. They didn’t interview anybody at the Senate, didn’t talk to any of the interrogators. It’s a purely political document. It’s just low-rent rump, is what this is. One of the psychologists who developed the tactics says it’s not true. “‘Some of the things are just plain not true. It’s a bunch of hooey,’ James Mitchell told Reuters in an interview published Wednesday. ‘Some of the things are just plain not true,’ he said, adding that the report ‘took things out of context.’ …

“Mitchell said he believed it was intended to ‘smear’ those involved with the interrogation program, although he wouldn’t not specifically say which parts were inaccurate, citing a non-disclosure agreement with the government.” Do you remember, ladies and gentlemen, back in 2005 on the Senate floor when Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois compared interrogators at Guantanamo Bay to interrogators working for Pol Pot in Cambodia, the Soviets in their gulags and the Nazis?

Well, Anderson Cooper did remember that, and last night on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” he spoke with legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin about the Senate Intelligence Committee staff “torture” report, and this is how that sounded…

COOPER: When you read this, if you envision Nazis doing this — I even hate to say this — and if you envision the Khmer Rouge doing this, it all… You can imagine that? I mean, it’s not that far removed from stuff they were doing. I mean, rectally, you know, feeding somebody to the point that violently beyond any medical necessity. You know, waterboarding?

TOOBIN: It does sound like stuff that people saw in movies and thought they would try out. It is not something that the government has ever sanctioned.

RUSH: That’s just not true! The point is that the Democrats on this committee had all been told. That’s what Jose Rodriguez has been trying to get people to understand. The Democrats — from Dianne Feinstein to you name it — were all told, and they all signed off on it in closed-door sessions and public sessions. They were told, and they signed off. They had no problem with it. They just decided to politicize it.

This is like the second or third time.

But does this not ring familiar? I mean, here’s Anderson Cooper, “Why, if you read this, you can envision the Nazis doing this! I mean, I even hate to say that.” No, he LOVES saying it is the truth. Comparing waterboarding to regimes that killed millions of people like Pol Pot? Waterboarding compared to Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge? Well, where did he get this? Anderson Cooper didn’t just drag this stuff out of thin air. Let’s go back to June 14, 2005 on the Senate floor and Senator Dick Durbin.

DURBIN: If I read this to you and didn’t tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control, you would most certainly believe this must have happened by Nazis; Soviets in their gulags; or some mad regime, Pol Pot or others; that had no concern for human beings. Sadly, that’s not the case. This was the action of Americans in the treatment of our — their own prisoners.

RUSH: “This was the action of Americans.” Isn’t it amazing how similar this sounds? Back in 2005, nine years ago, ladies and gentlemen — almost 9-1/2 years ago now — Dick Durbin says, “If I read this to you and didn’t tell you that it was an FBI agent…” Tuesday night on CNN Anderson Cooper says is, “When you read this, you envision Nazis, the Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot. I mean, it’s not that far removed from stuff they were doing! Rectally feeding somebody.”

These people were on a hunger strike.

That’s what they leave out.

They were on a hunger strike, and we are acting humanely to try to keep them alive. Rectally feeding is one of the ways you can do that. I mean, you could have done it other ways, but after all, who are these people? What the hell did they do? They killed 3,000 Americans, for crying out loud! Do these people forget this? Remember what I said yesterday about what real torture is?

It’s putting your head on the pillow every night trying to go to sleep with the mental image of family members leaping to their deaths from the top floors of the World Trade Center to avoid burning to death. That’s torture. And then waking up to the same thought. That’s torture, and it never ends. So Dick Cheney was on Special Report with Bret Baier on Fox News Channel last night. Bret Baier said, “What’s your overall impression, Mr. Vice President, of this report, what’s in it, and its release?”

CHENEY: It’s a terrible piece of work, basically. It seems to me it’s deeply flawed. They didn’t bother to interview key people involved in the program. And I think that it’s sort of a classic example which you see too often in Washington where a group of politicians get together and sort of throw the professionals under the bus. We’ve seen it happen before. I can remember Iran-Contra. What happened here was that we asked the agency to go take steps and put in place programs that were designed to catch the bastards who killed 3,000 of us on 9/11.

RUSH: Right. But, see, “the bastards who killed 3,000 of us on 9/11,” we gotta be empathetic to them. We can’t mistreat them. We gotta understand their rage. We gotta do seminars like State Department did to try to understand why they hate us, why their grievance is legitimate. Because, you see, everybody that has a grievance with the United States is legitimate. It could be an Hispanic, could be an African-American.

It could be somebody from the Muslim community.

It could be anybody from anywhere!

If they’ve got a grievance, then it must be warranted. Anybody with a grievance, it must be justified. That’s the attitude of the American left, because we are the problem in the world, we are never the solution, and we are always guilty. But yet Cheney says we gotta gotta catch “the bastards who killed 3,000 of us on 9/11.” We’re gonna find out as much as we can about who did it, why, who planned it, and who’s planning to do it again if we’re gonna stop it.

That’s considered extreme by people like Dick Durbin and Anderson Cooper.

That’s considered a little bit too much.

That attitude’s dangerous. That attitude is too risky. It’s too extreme. It’s fraught with danger! It’s beneath our values to speak of them as bastards who killed us. Nah, that’s not who we are. That’s sacrificing our values. So next Bret Baier said, “Well, the New York Times writes it this way about the report: ‘When told about one detainee being chained to the ceiling of his cell, clothed in a diaper, and forced to urinate and defecate on himself, even a president known for his dead-or-alive swagger expressed discomfort.’ Is that true?”

CHENEY: I don’t have any idea. I’ve never heard of such a thing. What really bugs me as I watch all this process unfold, is the men and women of the CIA did exactly what we wanted to have them do in terms of taking on this program. We’ve got Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who’s the mastermind of 9/11, who has killed 3,000 Americans, taken down the World Trade Center, hit the Pentagon. He is in our possession, we know he’s the architect, and what are we supposed to do? Kiss him on both cheeks and say, “Please, please, tell us what you know”? Of course not. We did exactly that needed to be done in order to catch those who were guilty on 9/11 and to prevent a further attack, and we were successful on both parts.

BAIER: This report says it was not successful.

CHENEY: The report’s full of crap.

RUSH: This report says it wasn’t successful, and Dianne Feinstein read from it on the Senate floor, and she said, “We didn’t learn anything. Nothing that we did in terms of interrogating these prisoners helped us do anything. We didn’t find anymore about where bin Laden was. It didn’t help us get bin Laden, didn’t help us kill bin Laden.” I guess Obama knew all that on his own. Yeah.

Not one worthwhile bit of information was gleaned from any of these interrogations? Cheney says appropriately, “The report’s full of crap.” About this business of a detainee being chained to the ceiling of his cell, clothed in a diaper, and forced to urinate and defecate on himself? Hmm. Cheney says, “No such thing. I’ve never heard of it.” But if you picture that against the two planes hitting the World Trade Center…

“But that’s not who we are, Mr. Limbaugh! That’s so, so beneath us. You just make a mockery of our values.” Okay, then we could have just put him up there nude so that he would have pooped on the floor, right, not on himself? Is that way to solve this? Is it the diaper that’s the offensive thing here? The chaining to the ceiling? By the way, this doesn’t jibe with reports. We had a call yesterday from a father.

I don’t know if his son was an interrogator, but he was a security person down there. They’ve got the Koran, they’ve got flat-screen TVs in their cells, and they’re not allowed to be referred to as “prisoners.” They have to be called “detainees.” They get exercise time. Why do you think…? If you go to the RushLimbaugh.com, we have a thriving licensed merchandise business there with all of our Club Gitmo gear. Club Gitmo hats, Club Gitmo T-shirts, Club Gitmo everything. Bright orange.

It’s good stuff.

It’s been selling well ever since we opened it! Why would we open something called Club Gitmo? Because we originally heard that the people there certainly were not being treated the way they are described in this report. It was quite the opposite from the get-go, we’ve been told. Remember the hell that broke loose when Michael Isikoff ran this BS story that a Koran was flushed down the toilet? We found out that wasn’t true.

Obama has always said that the existence of Club Gitmo is nothing more than a recruitment tool for more terrorists. So what are we supposed to do? Shut down prisons because it just makes the family members mad, and shut down prisons because that just infuriates our enemies even more and causes more to sign up? Well, if that’s the case, why do we have anybody in jail?

These people are lunatics.

Bret Baier said to Dick Cheney, “You had one detainee, Rahman, who died in captivity, November 2002?”

CHENEY: Three thousand Americans died on 9/11 because of what these guys did, and I have no sympathy for them. I don’t know the specific details. I’m sure there were instances cited in the report. I haven’t read the report, but I know for a fact —

BAIER: Now, wait. You haven’t read it?

CHENEY: Six thousand pages? I’ve seen parts of it. I read summaries of it. I keep coming back to the basic fundamental proposition: “How nice do you want to be the murderers of 3,000 Americans.” I think that what needed to be done was done, I think we were perfectly justified in doing it, and I’d do it again in a minute.

RUSH: We’ve got more from Cheney, but I have to take an obscene profit break.


RUSH: Well, isn’t this interesting. John Brennan, who is the CIA director, used to be over at the White House in Obama’s national security apparatus, he is appearing at CIA headquarters right now. He’s been doing a press conference for the past half hour or so, and he just threw Dianne Feinstein under the bus, and he just threw the Senate committee staffers under the bus. He just said that all of these techniques were used, and they produced results.

John Brennan, Obama’s CIA guy, is validating the use of these dire techniques. He’s admitting that they were used, and he was admitting that they were useful. He was admitting that they’re productive. And he says that we did glean information. Now, what does that tell you?

The very same people — these are Obama’s people — the very same people that have been running around trying to destroy George W. Bush and Cheney and everybody in that Regime, Rumsfeld, you name it, they’ve been running around saying this doesn’t work, torture doesn’t work, waterboarding doesn’t work. Even McCain’s been running around, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t produce any information, it doesn’t do this. Obama’s been running around six years promising to close Club Gitmo, and it’s still open, isn’t it?

Now when this report comes out, which attempts to tie the Americans’ hands, tie our hands in dealing with these people, the Obama administration stands right up and says, “Hold on, these techniques work.” The Obama administration stands up, “Wait just a second. This information and these techniques led to the tracking down and killing of Osama Bin Laden.” He just said this. He just called Dianne Feinstein a liar, in so many words, and threw her under the bus and everybody having to do with this report.

She pointedly said that that no information was gathered that led to us getting bin Laden or anybody else. And Obama’s CIA director, one of Obama’s guys, has now gone public to defend these dire techniques. What does that tell you, folks? To me, it speaks volumes about how really serious this threat is, if even these people have now been forced into disagreeing with the Democrat narrative of the day, if Obama’s CIA — now, one thing, no, no, I’m not fooled. I know that Obama loves using these techniques as much as anybody else ever has. Don’t misunderstand. I know full well. I know full well Obama loves drone killing. I know full well.

He wants people to think that he’s every bit the softy that his lunatic base is. But in the real world Obama loves having this power. I’ll tell you one other thing, too. Mr. Snerdley’s made a valid point. Anderson Cooper obviously cannot possibly know the kinds of things the Khmer Rouge did or the Nazis, because if he did, he wouldn’t even think about comparing what happened at Guantanamo Bay to what the Khmer Rouge did. I’m not surprised, either, that a journalist doesn’t know something. It’s perfectly obvious that Anderson Cooper doesn’t have any idea what the Khmer Rouge did if he thinks we engaged in similar stuff.


RUSH: A story from The Daily Caller: “On Monday night the Politico magazine national editor, a guy by the name of Michael Hirsch, referred to Dick Cheney, the former vice president, as a war criminal.” This is a mainstream media editor, national editor of Politico.

Monday night Politco magazine national editor Michael Hirsch had something quite pointed to say about Dick Cheney. He tweeted, quote, “Another item in the already long bill of particulars on Dick Cheney, war criminal.” I’m telling you, this is who these people are.

One more Cheney sound bite, and it’s from Bret Baier, last night Special Report on Fox News Channel. “So, Mr. Vice President, did the ends justify the means?”

CHENEY: Absolutely.

BAIER: No doubt in your mind?

CHENEY: No doubt in my mind. I’m totally comfortable with it. We had reporting that Al-Qaeda was trying to get their hands on nuclear weapons, that they’ve been dealing with Pakistanis, who, after all, had nuclear weapons. We had the anthrax attacks that went on here at home. There was every reason to expect there was gonna be a follow-up attack, and from our perspective, if you were sitting in my chair, the president’s chair, our job is to keep the country safe and secure and go get those guys who hit us on 9/11, and that’s exactly what we did. We did what we felt was necessary. The professionals in the intelligence community, especially at the CIA, did one hell of a job.

RUSH: They did, and even Obama’s CIA director was forced to come out publicly just moments ago and say the same thing. Now, Brennan just finished, and he said what every other director and deputy director of the CIA has said about this report. Now, there are more than seven of those people. More than seven former directors and deputy directors. More than seven people have all said the same thing about this report, that it’s crazy, it’s full of crap, and none of it is true.

Now, either these seven are liars, or the Democrat staffers are liars. My money is on the Senate Democrat staffers. And I just wonder what Obama’s lunatic base — they don’t know yet. I mean, here DiFi puts out a report, the MSNBC crowd, the Democrat Party base applaud and cheer. Cheney’s a war criminal, we mistreated, we tortured, we sacrificed our values, we were hated, we engaged in reprehensible behavior, and Obama’s guy stands up, “No. No. I have to defend these dire techniques. I have to defend them because they worked. They produced valuable intel. If it weren’t for these interrogations and these techniques, we would have never found bin Laden.”

What do you think Obama’s lunatic base is going to do with this? The very last person they thought would stand up and defend this would be Obama’s former NSA guy and now CIA director, Brennan. This is gonna be interesting to follow. Now, they may stand mute; I don’t know. But this is fascinating to me, because I am sure they expected every Democrat to fall in line with this report, cause this report creamed America, this report creamed the CIA, this report destroys the American military. It destroys the entire effort in the War on Terror. And here comes Obama’s CIA director contradicting it, throwing it under the bus, throwing Feinstein under the bus.


RUSH: Here’s John Brennan, the CIA director — it’s an interesting question, why are they doing this? There’s gotta be a reason why, in less than two days, Obama’s CIA director is going on TV and basically calling Dianne Feinstein, Senate staffers, liars. Why is this happening? Why? (interruption) No, no, no, no, no, no. And he’s not the only. There’s a bunch of other Democrats who are starting to speak up against this report. Why? As you ponder that, here is the CIA director Brennan. This is during a Q&A. Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, said, “Do you think the bin Laden case can be attributed in some part to enhanced interrogation techniques,” or torture?

BRENNAN: It is our considered view that the detainees who were subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques provided information that was useful and was used in the ultimate operation to go against bin Laden.

RUSH: Wow.

BRENNAN: Intelligence information from the individuals —

RUSH: Wow.

BRENNAN: — who were subjected to EITs —

RUSH: Yes.

BRENNAN: — provided information that was used in that.

RUSH: Wow.

BRENNAN: I am not going to attribute that to the use of EITs, just going to state as a matter of fact, that the information that they provided was used.

RUSH: Okay. What’s going on here, folks? You want to take a stab at it, Mr. Snerdley? What do you think’s going on here? I’ll tell you what’s going on. They are trying to put the genie back in the bottle. They are trying to wipe out every vestige of evidence in this report, and I’ll tell you why. Because they know the CIA knows where the bodies are buried. If they want a war with the CIA — I can read between lines what Jose Rodriguez and these people are saying, and Dick Cheney.

If these people are telling the CIA this and that, if the CIA wants to go to war with these people, they know a whole lot of things about these Democrats. I’m telling you, they’re trying to put the genie back in the bottle here, because the CIA knows where Democrat bodies are buried, and there are some, call ’em adult Democrats, who are trying to keep the CIA quiet, individuals in the CIA. I guarantee you this is about making peace with the CIA, mark my words.

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