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RUSH: I want to go to the audio sound bites here just for three things. Dianne Feinstein got a little testy with Wolf Blitzer because Wolf suggested that she might be putting Americans in danger with this report of hers. It was in the Situation Room last night. Wolf Blitzer said, “Was it worth it, DiFi, to release this report today, if in fact American lives, whether diplomats, military personnel, civilians, are gonna be in danger?”

FEINSTEIN: You’ve done a good job, certainly, of hyping the warnings. Is it possible that something would happen? Yes. But it’s possible that something happens even without this.

BLITZER: But if Americans are killed as a result of this report and they tell you that, I assume you would feel guilty about that.

FEINSTEIN: I would feel very badly, of course. I mean, what do you think, Wolf Blitzer? I mean, CNN is doing this these days. You are really hyping it to a point — obviously they’re gonna take 96 hours before the report came out to secure all our facilities.

RUSH: Well, how big of — okay, so we’re knowingly releasing an incendiary, partisan document that is gonna put people’s lives at risk. And so we’re gonna give ’em 96 hours to batten down the hatches before we release it. They’re gonna take 96 hours before the report comes out to secure all of our facilities. The very idea you’re gonna do something that requires this above and beyond whatever measures we’re already taking, it’s outrageous.

This is outrageous! This is outrageous. Say it without screaming. For crime in Italy’s sake. And even Wolf Blitzer here, I don’t know, an out-of-body experience. And DiFi wasn’t used to it. You heard that. (imitating DiFi) “I would feel very badly, of course. I mean, what do you think, Wolf Blitzer?” Well, then, why are you doing it, DiFi Feinstein? Anyway, so they kept going at it here.

BLITZER: You and I are friends, we’ve known each other for a long time. CNN is not releasing those statements. We’re just reporting what the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are telling law enforcement and military personnel around the world. That’s their words, not ours. Right, Senator?

FEINSTEIN: Do you have a question? A question?

BLITZER: I just wanted to point out —

FEINSTEIN: You have pointed it out, Wolf, three times during our discussion.

BLITZER: Let’s go to the question.

RUSH: You know, and here again, okay, so Wolf points out, then he asks for forgiveness, essentially. (imitating Blitzer) “Hey, hey, DiFi, hey, we’re just reporting what the Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are telling law enforcement. It’s their words, not ours. Please don’t hit me again, please! Yeah, yeah, we’re friends, DiFi, my God, I’m just reporting what these other people say. It’s not our word! It’s not our words!”

“Well, you’ve only reported it three times, you little fool, what did you do expect me to say to you?” Well, anyway, all of this, ladies and gentlemen, literally shocked Brit Hume. And the fact that it shocked Brit Hume is a little surprising to me, but it shocked Brit Hume. The Beltway establishment is slow to realize just who the modern Democrat Party really is. This is The Kelly File last night, and Megyn Kelly said to Brit Hume, “Is this some sort of orthodoxy that it’s just too tempting to rejoice in the sins if you view this as a sin, that America has committed by some in this country, any chance to do it will be exploited?”

HUME: Look, Dianne Feinstein is a highly respected member of the Senate and with good reason. She’s been one of the Senate’s grown-ups, respected on both sides of the aisle for many years now. This is unlike her, the Dianne Feinstein we’ve known. This does feed into party orthodoxy about the evils of the CIA and all rest of it. But it is very hard to explain Dianne Feinstein’s behavior here. I find it striking.

RUSH: Ooookay. I gotta be very careful ’cause they’ll ask me back on Fox News Sunday to explain myself. (Laughing) Ah, friends, Romans, countrymen. So it comes as a shock that Dianne Feinstein’s who she is. I know she’s always been a partisan. She has been one of the most. I remember George H. W. Bush telling me that he thought he could work with Tom Foley. He admitted to me that George Mitchell, most partisan guy in town, but Foley we can work with. Foley is a good guy.

I’m sitting there in disbelief listening to it. It was shortly after that, “read my lips: no new taxes” went by the wayside. But Dianne Feinstein, do you remember her campaign with the guy that used to be the husband of Arianna Huffington? He turned gay because he was married to her. What happened? Michael Huffington. Remember, he ran for the Senate, and she’s out there calling him anti-Semite and all kinds of stuff. And he’s tracking her all over town, going to parties trying to get her to stop and stop lying about him, and she wouldn’t do so. She’s always been a partisan Democrat.

Anyway, so there are people inside the Beltway that are literally shocked DiFi’s doing what she’s doing. And you and I aren’t. Why is that? And no, I’m busy Sunday. I’m not gonna be anywhere near where they can put a camera.

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