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RUSH: We have another PC, politically correct controversy, in the National Football League. And we go to the audio sound bites. This is Monday in Cincinnati. The coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, Marvin Lewis, answering a question from an unidentified sports Drive-By. Question: “Coach, does the Browns quarterback uncertainty impact your preparation in any way this week?”

LEWIS: That doesn’t impact you at all. You gotta go defend the offense. You don’t defend a player, particularly a midget.

RUSH: Did you catch that? Did you hear what he said? Do you need me to read that back? You heard right. The coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, Marvin Lewis, was asked essentially, “Okay, look, you can play the Browns, either gonna have Brian Hoyer be quarterback or Johnny Manziel, Johnny Football.” And the reporter, the sports Drive-By wanted to know if that changed this indecision on the Browns part who the QB is going to be, changed the way the Bengals are gonna prepare.

And Marvin Lewis said, “That doesn’t impact you at all. You gotta defend the offense. You don’t defend the player, particularly a midget.” Meaning Johnny Football. Johnny Football is white, so he’s a white midget. Marvin Lewis, the coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, African-American. So there’s not a race component here. (interruption) No, it’s not. It doesn’t go in that direction.

So this controversy ended up being discussed on the NBC Sports network. And we have a montage, Mike Florio, who runs the NBC Sports talk website, John Clayton of ESPN, Bomani Jones of ESPN, Michael Smith of ESPN, Stephen A. Smith of ESPN, Skip Bayless of ESPN all talking about Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis calling Johnny Football a midget.

FLORIO: “Midget,” a term offensive to little people of the world.

CLAYTON: The very horrible statement of using the word, well, when you’re dealing with a midget. That’s horrible.

JONES: Little people, they’re the ones that you kind of disrespected.

M. SMITH: This is politically incorrect, what they consider to be an offensive term.

S. SMITH: It was incendiary. It was insensitive. You don’t sit there and, you know, call folks midgets. You don’t do that. It’s wrong for him to do it. It was wrong, and it can’t be defended.

BAYLESS: Marvin Lewis’ flip, dismissive, arrogant comment was wrong on so many levels. That term is offensive to many little people. I hope it’s offensive to all little people.

RUSH: So, you see, if you had any doubt, by the way, about how far political correctness has gone and how permeated our sports culture, especially sports media is, that sound bite’s all you have to hear. (interruption) No, no. No, no. Little people is perfectly fine. Hey, little guy, hey, little man, hey, little dude, fine and dandy. Hey, midget, not acceptable.

Now, if Marvin Lewis had said “even if the QB’s a dwarf,” that would have been offensive, too, because obviously dwarfs don’t play in the NFL. They only act on Boston Legal. But they don’t play in the NFL. So the sports Drive-Bys have just pretzeled themselves into all kinds of different shapes of outrage here. I don’t know if the little people are protesting. Marvin Lewis apologized, and apparently doubled down on it. He tried to apologize and made it worse, from what I understand. I haven’t heard the apology.

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