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RUSH: Folks, Dianne Feinstein today absolved one Republican from any blame. One Republican had nothing to do with torture. Only one Republican would have stood up and demanded it stopped if he had known. Only one Republican out there would have had the honor and the guts to stop it, and therefore only one Republican is worthy of being exempted and absolved of any blame for all of this torture and all of the assault on our good values and so forth.

Who do you think that one Republican who is blameless is? I ran this by Snerdley, he said, “Ah, that’s easy. It’s McCain.” I said, “Nope, it is not McCain.” The one Republican above criticism, the one Republican that would have never put up with this had he known, the one Republican absolved of any blame or involvement is none other than…

FEINSTEIN: There are CIA records stating that Colin Powell wasn’t told about the program at first because there were concerns that, and I quote, “Powell would blow his stack if he were briefed.” Source: E-mail from John Rizzo dated July 31, 2003.

RUSH: 2003? 2003? We hadn’t captured anybody. We had barely — well, maybe we had, but 2003 was when the Iraq war began. In 2003, Colin Powell, good, loyal trooper went up there to the UN and showed the world all of the weapons of mass destruction installations in Iraq, and, boy, was he fit to be tied when we didn’t find any and he felt he had been used. He felt his impeccable character had been utilized to grant Bush and Cheney the same standard when they didn’t deserve it. He felt really used. So he got his deputy up there, actually a couple of guys, Richard Armitage and his spokesman, I forget Colonel Colin Powell’s spokesman, but there was a third guy and that’s when they launched into Scooter Libby and the entire Bush White House trying to frog march any of them out of the White House over the leak of Valerie Plame name.

Now, look what the Democrats are doing. The Democrats have this massive report about all of this torture. I don’t know if they’ve released any names or not. Remember how upset they were that Valerie Plame’s name was made public as a CIA agent? Oh, yeah, that was really an assault on our values. But yet today they do this.

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