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RUSH: You remember Operation Chaos as our effort to save Hillary’s candidacy. Boy, she may need it again. Did you see, holy smokes, did you — now there’s a story, Hillary Clinton has “lost the new car smell.” Hillary doesn’t have the new car smell, which Obama says any candidate needs. Who is running around sniffing Hillary to know that she doesn’t have a new car smell, and, if she doesn’t have a new car smell, what does she smell like? And then she goes to Georgetown, I’m telling you, folks, it is the biggest myth in the world that Hillary Clinton is a lock and a shoo-in to be elected president.

Nobody bought her book. They had to arrange, after it had already been a disaster, they had to arrange all these book signings and probably arrange and pay for people to show up and act like paying customers. She does not connect with people. So the publisher gives her this astronomical advance, buying and drinking the Kool-Aid, Hillary Clinton, most popular Democrat, just put the book out there and gazillions are gonna sell, and none did.

She goes to speak at Georgetown yesterday, and the place is over half empty. And it’s not the first time that has happened. So she may need help from this program again, depending on what other circumstances evolve in that campaign

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