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RUSH: Even in the media today, you can find fact-checked articles at the Washington Post, you can find them at AP. All the lies Obama told are being chronicled in the Drive-By Media today. Some of them are celebrating that he got away with them, like they always did for Bill Clinton.

Others are very concerned that he lied so much. Like, for example, he has lost David Brooks. The crease in Obama’s slacks is simply not enough to hold the alliance. He’s lost David Brooks. I mean, this is a seminal moment. Let me see if I can find it. What’s the sound bite number? I hadn’t intended to get to it first, but this is what happens. If anybody has a copy of this list, it’s number 10.

Here we go. David Brooks. This was on PBS, Special Coverage of Obama’s speech on immigration. This is after the speech. The co-anchor Judy Woodruff said to Brooks, “David, going into the speech, you said the president was making a mistake. After listening to the arguments that he made, did he persuade you? Do you think that he’ll persuade the doubters, the critics?” It doesn’t matter if he persuades anybody. He did it!

It doesn’t matter.

I’m hearing a lot of people saying, “Oh, man, this is gonna really imperil the Democrat Party! The Democrat Party is gonna be in such trouble.” There are some Democrats really worried about that, too. It’s something we addressed yesterday. Fine, the Democrat Party is in trouble today. Okay, and the Republicans are thinking, “Man, okay, we could be sitting pretty.” Oh, speaking of that.

Another Washington Post article from Costa today, and I think it’s a Wall Street Journal or some other paper. (summarized) “Republicans better be careful! They better not overreact! They better not get mad! They better hold their lunatic caucus in check, the Tea Party, otherwise Hispanics are gonna get mad!” Anyway, here’s Brooks reacting to Judy Woodruff’s question: “Do you think that he’ll persuade the doubters, the critics?”

BROOKS: The substance was not the issue. Most people agree with him on the substance. The issue is why he’s doing it and how he’s doing it, the unilateral way he’s doing it — and, I think, probably the unconstitutional way he’s doing it. He’s ratcheting up the use of executive authority with this unilateral action. The one line in this speech about process is, “If you don’t like this, pass a bill.” Well, suppose a future Republican president says, “If you don’t like my decision not to enforce Obamacare or the Civil Rights Act, pass a bill that I like.” That is not how the system works. We have compromise; we have alternate voices; we have a legislative process. We do not have unilateral action by the White House.

RUSH: Mr. Brooks, you gave us this guy. You and a cadre of like-minded brilliant eggheads gave us this guy. You could have said this six years ago. I contend, Mr. Brooks, that you could have known all of this six years ago if you would have just had the courage to admit to yourself who he is. Now what good is it, after the fact? It’s all done, yeah, and I can give you all kinds of examples. Imagine Sarah Palin’s president one day and says, “You know what? I’ve asked Congress to do something about abortion, but they won’t. So I’m just gonna make it illegal.”

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