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RUSH: You know, I’ve got my cynic hat on today, you know, some days I just can’t help it. But, folks, I’m still in a good mood, don’t misunderstand, and we’re gonna have some yuks today. But it still is surreal.

Anyway, you know the NFL PSA that we have spoken about on previous occasions on this program? You may have seen it by now. During NFL game telecasts, I think it’s a 30-second PSA which features NFL players not in uniform. Some of them recognizable, some of them not. They’re standing in front of a white background, and they each utter a word or two. One will say, “We must,” the next will say “No more,” the next will say, “Stop now,” and on and on for 30 seconds, and at the end of it, you find out what they’re talking about: stop domestic violence now.

And, as I say, it’s always been kind of funny to me because I’m not engaging in it. The guys telling me to stop it are the ones in the group where it’s happening. It’s kind of reverse order. And there are now these kinds of things in St. Louis, Ferguson, Missouri. A bunch of PSAs: “No more. Don’t do it. We gotta stick together, hang together. No violence, peace,” whatever. And I sit here in amazement. Do the people that conceive these things really think they’re gonna work or is it just an exercise in showing how much somebody claims to care?

They can’t wait for this grand jury not to indict. They so want to relive the sixties civil rights unrest all over again that if the grand jury indicts the cops, there’s gonna be a huge, “What? Oh, my God, what? What do we do now?” And they’re gonna have to invent a new reason to protest. And they will. They’ll find one. ‘Cause they’re gonna protest. They’re gonna try to raise hell no matter what. It’s not even about the specifics of this indictment, or lack of, coming down.

The reason I’m interested is because Eric Holder is now out. He just issued a plea for everybody in St. Louis to keep calm and to not riot and to maintain calm and peace and all. Look, I don’t have a problem with it. My problem is that people actually think it’s going to have an impact. It’s just so much surface public relations and spin that isn’t really designed to do what it claims to do. It’s designed to make the organizers look good. It’s designed to make the creators of the plan look like they’re brilliant and compassionate and so forth. And like so much in our culture and society, nothing’s real.

Everything’s public relations, everything’s buzz, everything’s spin, and it’s just comical to me. You’ve got Adrian Peterson. Adrian Peterson’s (imitating Peterson), “You know what, I’m never gonna use a switch again in spanking my kids. I’m gonna do different kinds of discipline. I’m gonna sit down. I’m gonna talk to ’em. I’m gonna make sure they have time-outs. I’ll send ’em to the corner, to face the corner of the room, but I’m never gonna use a switch again. Don’t confuse me with Ray Rice.” Nobody did.

Everybody sees these things, “Oh, man, don’t people care” and the things people get credit for in our society, undeservedly so, just continue to mount up. Meanwhile, the people mostly invisible who really do things for the common good and really achieve are never noted, never noticed, and of course never credited. Sometimes it’s even worse than that.


RUSH: Okay, folks, I finally have some audio here of this NFL PSA that I have been talking about. I’m gonna give you the names of the players here. It starts out with Eli Manning, and then Prince Amukamara, and then Alfred Morris of the Redskins, and then Ben Watson, Charles Way, Mark Herzlich, LaVar Arrington, Jason Witten, Curtis Martin, Jon Dorenbos, Merton Hanks, Aeneas Williams, Cris Carter, John Lynch, William Gay, and Eli Manning closes it out as well as opens it.

MANNING: No more, “Boys will be boys.”

AMUKAMARA: No more, “What’s the big deal?”

MORRIS: No more, “Just the way he is.”

WATSON: No more, “He just has a temper.”

WAY: No more, “But he’s such a nice guy.”

HERZLICH: No more, “She seems fine to me.”

ARRINGTON: No more, “What was she wearing?”

WITTEN: No more, “She was drunk.”

MARTIN: No more, “He was drunk.”

DORENBOS: No more, “She was asking for it.”

HANKS: No more, “She never said ‘no.'”

WILLIAMS: No more, “We don’t talk about that.”

CARTER: No more by-standing.

LYNCH: No more ignorance.

GAY: No more excuses.

MANNING: No more.

RUSH: And then a graphic, “Stop Domestic Violence Now.” Ah, just it seems like we should be recording the PSA and playing it to locker rooms at halftime.

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