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RUSH: I don’t often specifically urge you to do something, but I really want you to go visit a website of mine. It’s the Rush Revere Facebook page, because what’s happening there is, to me, beyond our wildest imaginations.

You know, we’ve got this children’s book series, Rush Revere and the Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans. We’re up to book three now, Rush Revere and the American Revolution, with a current tie-in to modern day military life vis-a-vis family members, mom and dad deployed to battle zones and the kids, young children having a tough time with it, not understanding. We’ve incorporated that reality into this book. It’s the third in an ongoing series trying to teach the truth about American history to young people who are not being taught the truth in schools.

But more than that, more than what they’re not being taught, it’s just an effort to reach a young demographic that of course a radio show like this will never reach, seven to 10-year-olds. Seven to 10-year-olds are not gonna listen unless they’re with their parents.

I happen to love the country, I want everybody to, and I want everybody to have the greatest appreciation for just how special the United States is, especially during times like these. It is just crucial. So, anyway, we’re writing the books and they’re selling well, and we’re getting all kinds of feedback. That’s what we’re putting on the Rush Revere Facebook page. We started an exclusive Facebook page just for readers, and they are sending some of the most incredible reaction to the books.

I don’t want to take time to read all of them here on the radio. It would sound very self-serving. This may even sound a little bit self-serving, but it’s an uplifting thing for us. The impact is far more than we ever dreamed, at least based on the reaction we’re getting from people reading the books, from adults, from their kids and so forth. We’re posting some of the photos, the pictures, the videos that the kids are sending, and also some of the feedback e-mail that we’re getting. It’s really uplifting stuff, and not uplifting for me personally, don’t misunderstand. I mean, it is, but that’s not why I want you to see it.

I want you to see it because I want you to be able to see what’s out there, the kind of love for this country, the kind of appreciation for an effort being made to spread the truthful story of this country. It’s so mind boggling to us. You know, you write books and you hope they sell well, and you hope that people like them and so forth, but this has gone beyond that with some people. There’s a deep connection that’s taking place. I just couldn’t be more gratified, and I really couldn’t be more grateful for this.

I think we’re up to 26,000 likes, or 27,000, which, in a children’s book target, is just phenomenal. We’re getting reaction from parents, and we’ve had a couple calls from people reading, adults. A 40-year-old medical doctor, a woman, who said she grew up being taught what a rotten place America is. These children’s books are actually, she said, one of the first times she’s been exposed to the kind of America we write about in these books, the Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans series.

And that is totally unexpected. The last thing in the world that I thought would happen would be 40-year-old professionals reading a book aimed at children and claiming they’re learning things they haven’t been taught before. But it just illustrates what we’re really up against, and it helps illustrate the mission here.

So I just wanted to take a brief moment and let you know the Rush Revere Facebook page is there, and it’s not the Rush Limbaugh Facebook page. This is a separate total entity, just like RushRevere.com is its own exclusive website. We’re keeping the two separate because they really are. We’re not comingling, as they say. Well, there is some synergy, but for the most part we’re keeping the Revere aspect of this a separate entity because of the target audience that it has.

And look, I just wanted to, again, thank everybody for making these things what they are, these books and supporting them to the degree you are and have. The literary community in New York is shocked. You know, this is too inside baseball, but I’m gonna try to make this understandable. Because the Harry Potter books were so successful, they stopped listing individual books on the New York Times best-seller list. After you have written three, then they consider you to be in a series. Well, what they do then is they lump the sales of all of the books and then rank you according to series so that there’s no way a consumer can find out how well an individual children’s book is doing by looking at a list, particularly the New York Times.

So we opened at number one on that list, and the literary crowd in New York is stunned, as you would expect them to be. And that’s all because of you making it happen. You know, the first two books, the first one’s been out over a year, and if there were still individual lists, it would still be in the top 10. So you all are just doing a very gratifying thing, and it’s an uplifting thing for me in these times. If you don’t watch yourself, you get depressed with all this stuff going on. It takes an active effort not to get depressed. I understand.

And I’m so lucky because I’m getting all of this feedback from all of you. I can’t possibly get depressed with the feedback that Kathryn and I are getting on these books. It’s very selfish of me to take this amount of time to talk about it, but it is Open Line Friday and I wanted to alert you to it so that you could share in it and see some of it, and at the same time I wanted to take the time to once again thank you. My gratitude, our gratitude for this is endless, ’cause it really is a labor of love.

These books have a very purposeful, singular mission to them, and that is to take young skulls full of mush and fill those skulls with the love and the truth that is the United States of America and the miracle that it is, that we are, the miracle this country is within the whole scope of the human existence. A once in a forever country. There’s never been an America before us and there probably will not be an America after this. It’s not once in a lifetime as much it’s once in forever. That’s how miraculous it is. And the people who made it happen, people should know them. They’re not being taught properly, so that’s what we’re trying to do here, as well as create some fun adventures for the kids to participate in as they read these things. So I appreciate your indulgence as I mention this. I thank you again for everything involved that you all are doing to help us spread this word.

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