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RUSH: Yeah, really, when you stop — and I’m sure most of you have — when you stop and think about what’s gonna happen tonight and the way it’s being promoted, and the way it’s playing out, I don’t know, it’s kind of surreal. Everybody involved knows that what’s gonna happen tonight’s unconstitutional. Everybody knows it. And there’s nothing that can stop it. And stop and think of that. Everybody knows. I don’t care if they’re in the Drive-By Media. I don’t care if they’re in the White House. I don’t care if they’re in the Senate. I don’t care where they are.

Everybody knows that what is going to happen tonight is unconstitutional. It is like we’re gonna put the Constitution up on a wall and Obama is gonna start shooting a BB gun at it and we’re all gonna tune in at eight o’clock and watch it. And then we’re gonna talk about what we saw later on tonight and tomorrow. Meanwhile, tomorrow the Constitution is still gonna have some BB holes in it. This is amazing. Everybody knows what’s about to happen. Will CNN do a countdown on this? I don’t see it yet, but it’s seven hours and 53 minutes and 44 seconds from now. The Constitution is gonna cease to exist as we know it.

Do you know that the major broadcast networks are not going to cover this tonight? Did you know that? (interruption) The White House is not annoyed. The White House did not formally request it. They don’t want a English-speaking audience tonight in mass numbers. They did not formally request the networks carry the announcement tonight. This is gonna be on Telemundo, on Univision. It’s gonna be streamed in a number of places, but the networks, it’s not that the networks didn’t grant permission; they have not been formally asked.

The White House is out there wringing their hands and making it look like the networks are denying him. Does anybody really believe the networks would deny him? Does anybody believe the networks would say “no” to this? I mean, this is historic. We are gonna shoot the Constitution full of holes tonight, and the networks aren’t interested?

Come on, folks, cut me some slack here. We all know what’s gonna happen tonight, and there’s no stopping it. It’s like there’s gonna be a severe injury to our country tonight, and we all know it’s gonna happen, and everybody knows it’s gonna happen, and, yes –(interruption) I’m saying that he knows this is not popular. I’m not saying he’s suppressing the English language tune-in. I’m saying he doesn’t care if they don’t watch. It’s not for the English-language-speaking people tonight. This thing is not for them. This announcement is not for ’em. This is for a Hispanic, Spanish-language audience tonight. There isn’t any doubt about that.

But, I mean, really, I can’t move past this. We’re just hours away from watching the Constitution shot full of holes. Everybody knows that’s what’s gonna happen and I’m telling you, I don’t care if it’s Dick Durbin, I don’t care if it’s Dingy Harry or Josh Earnest, they all know. Whatever the people on the Obama side are saying to justify this, they know they’re not right. They know the Constitution does not provide for this. They know the president doesn’t have the authority. This is one of the reasons they’re so excited.

This is historic. Their president, their guy is going to, in front of everybody — this isn’t stealth. This isn’t under cover of darkness. This isn’t behind closed doors. This is right out in front of everybody, we are gonna go (raspberry) on the Constitution. This is like everybody witnessing Al Roker soil himself in the White House. You know, Al Roker ran around telling everybody that he excremented his pants at a White House Christmas party. Well, we’re gonna see it tonight.

To me, this is just — I don’t know. It’s surreal. I’m not exaggerating and I’m not trying to make a broad point when I tell you that I think everybody on the Obama side knows this is not permitted. And I think that is part of the thrill, that they’re gonna get away with this. They’re gonna get away with it, and there’s nothing that’s going to happen to them. There’s nothing that can stop them, and they’re just excited as they can be over this. And after tonight’s over, they’re probably gonna say, “Why did we wait so long? Man, this is fun; let’s do it again. This is so much fun, let’s do it again.”

Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell is up there warning there will be action — and they’re quaking in their boots in the White House, I’m sure. (interruption) They are. They’re gonna get away with it from the standpoint that it’s gonna happen. It’s like we’re gonna watch a bank get robbed tonight. Everybody knows it’s gonna get robbed, and nobody’s lifting a finger to stop the bank from getting robbed! Pick your crime. We’re looking at it tonight. We’re watching it. We’re being led into it. It’s being hyped. (interruption)

Nobody can march… (interruption) Duct tape. That’s not the point. “Duct tape on his mouth, stopping him from speaking,” that’s not the point. This is a big deal. And it’s turned into a carnival show. This whole thing is turning into a carnival show, it’s more showbiz. It’s stunning to me what’s really happening. We got a carnival barker tonight that’s gonna go up there and he’s gonna look at us in the eye and say, “Screw you. This is what I think of this Constitution,” and, bammo!

He’s gonna do whatever he’s gonna do. Now, I have been hearing this morning from learned people, some friends of mine in legal circles that there actually is going to be… I don’t know if he’s gonna mention it, Obama. But that they have prepared a legal basis that they claim justifies this. It is call “prosecutorial discretion.” You’ve heard that being bandied about, too. Okay, prosecutorial discretion.

This is going to necessitate an explanation of this. I am uniquely qualified to do this, and I shall, as the program unfolds before your very ears. Because this is a time-honored, noncontroversial legal concept that’s been around for ages — and even it is being polluted by this guy! Even the whole concept of prosecutorial discretion is now being corrupted. The rule of law is already laying injured on the side of the road.

Prosecutorial discretion is gonna be corrupted here tonight, if that is indeed the quasi-legal framework that they use to so-called justify this. But it’s just… (laughs) I’m sorry. It’s like watching a crime. Everybody says, “Gee, I wish we could find out in advance the crime’s gonna happen. Maybe we could stop it.” Well, we know. We know that an illegal act is gonna take place in seven hours and 46 minutes, and there doesn’t appear to be any way or energy or desire — well, not desire; there’s plenty of that — to stop it.

It’s like a comet, a comet heading right for the planet. We got five few weeks. We’re gonna launch the nukes at the comet except we’re gonna miss it on purpose and we’re just gonna sit here and wait for the comet to hit the planet and hope it hits Russia and not us. I mean, I could keep these analogies going all day long if I had to.

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