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RUSH: We’ll start in Prescott, Arizona. This is Charlene. Charlene, great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Glad to be here.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Okay, I am plugged in, and I gotcha. I know exactly what you’re saying. If you don’t respect the Constitution you swore to uphold, and if you don’t care a fig about the welfare of the people you were supposed to represent, and if you don’t care how the people vote and what they want, and if you already have our future planned out as a Third World nation, then you are Obama. Hello?

RUSH: O-what?

CALLER: Obama. Barack Hussein —

RUSH: Oh, Obama. I thought you said Obomo.

CALLER: No, no. I didn’t say that. This is what Obama is doing to us. I share your indignation. I share your anger. He’s running a three-ring circus and he’s gonna do exactly what he wants unless we somehow find a way to stop him.

RUSH: Yeah, okay, I know exactly what you mean. When you said, “Third World” and then I thought you pronounced, I thought you were giving it a Congolese pronunciation, and so I got confused here. Like you’re doing a version of Idi Amin Dada. Idi Amin Obama. I don’t know. My mind got sidetracked there. But I’m glad that you get it, because folks, all of this is surreal to me. We’re counting down the hours and minutes to where, in front of our very eyes, the Constitution’s gonna be blown full of holes. And on TV there’s excitement about it, and it’s like a carnival atmosphere.

We’re gonna do it with a ceremony. We’re not just gonna blow holes in the Constitution. We’re gonna have a ceremony about it. We’re gonna have watch parties. We’re gonna do a celebration.


RUSH: Now, I understand there are people that don’t like this country, and I understand there are people that don’t like the Constitution, and I understand them celebrating. I mean, intellectually I understand it. But I don’t get why there doesn’t seem to be anything other than intellectual reasoned opposition to this, rather than real roll-up-the-sleeves “stop this” kind of opposition. We got all the intellect on our side we need. We have all the eggheads we need. We got all the brains. We got all the people that can tell us what’s happening here is illegal.

Where are the people on our side that stand up? Where’s the John Wayne? Where’s somebody that stands up and says, “No more, not happening here”? Where are the people saying, “We’re gonna do something about this?” I can name a couple. But then they get shot down. Like Ted Cruz, you name it, they get shot down, blamed for shutting down the government or what have you.


RUSH: This is Ron in Mercer, Pennsylvania. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Just because the president has decided to break the law doesn’t mean we have to. Are there any Republican governors out there with the cojones to say, “We’re not going to join you in breaking the law,” and just plain refuse to break the law with him? I mean, send some Federales down here to lock up governors and mayors and school boards, whoever would be involved in implementing this. Then he really would be faced with system prosecutorial discretion. You know, who are they gonna put in jail?

RUSH: Well, except the governors don’t control the Border Patrol and the governors don’t control ICE.

CALLER: Yeah, I guess they’d have to break the law then, too, wouldn’t they?

RUSH: Who?

CALLER: The governors.

RUSH: No. How are the governors breaking the law here? You’re losing me.

CALLER: Well, no, no, no, no. Look, if you have enough who are not going to help the president to break the law… Somebody has to implement what he’s talking about. I mean, children have to go to school. Parents need work. They’re given these supposed work permits that are illegal. Why do we have to follow something that is not legal? He’s basically telling us, “Go break the law.” Can’t we just refuse to?

RUSH: Okay, so Obama… I need to walk you through this. Obama is going tonight claim that five million illegals are now here legally because he’s choosing not to call them illegal. So now they’re legal, and he’s gonna give them work permits. Okay, so what does a governor do from that point?

CALLER: I’m not sure exactly what the governor can do except resist whatever role he has in implementing people who are working in his state who are illegal and doing it illegally. I don’t know. Somebody has to not only issue cards, but to abide by whatever permits or cards that they’re presenting to work or to go to a hospital or anything like that. And if it’s illegal, why would you be breaking the law more than the president?

RUSH: Well, but, see, that’s not the case of the hospital, the emergency room. Federal law is they’ve gotta treat whoever walks in there. In that example. Schools? The school lunch program gives the Feds control over what happens in schools. If they refuse to honor kids from illegal families, then they get money pulled and so forth. The Feds have got control. Their tentacles are everywhere.

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