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RUSH: Do you know that I have been dragged into this Cosby thing? You want to hear that? Grab sound bite 24. This is on NPR yesterday. “Here & Now” is the name of the program, and the guest was the New York Times media correspondent, Bill Carter. They’re talking about sexual allegations against Bill Cosby and this guy inserts me in this story. We haven’t said a word about it.

The only thing I’ve said about the Cosby story is to comment on how CNN is licking its chops over this. Don Lemon is licking more than his chops over this, and asking guests to lick even more than his chops over this. But that’s about it. I haven’t commented one way or the other on Cosby, and yet this is what Bill Carter said. The host here is Jeremy Hobson, and he asks Bill Carter, the TV guy at New York Times, “So what are we hearing from Cosby’s fans?”

CARTER: It’s a very odd thing that’s going on between conservatives and liberals (snickers) in this thing. Cosby all of a sudden became something of a darling of some conservatives because he was speaking out against, uhhh, some black culture that they felt was, you know, uhhhh, bad for families —

HOBSON: Right.

CARTER: — and things like that. And — and — and, uhhhh, he got support from, like, Rush Limbaugh over that. So he’s been getting some weird support in the conservative community, but I have not really seen much else.

RUSH: Stop the tape! I don’t know of any support Bill Cosby is getting in these latest allegations of rape from anybody, much less in the conservative community. Do you? Now, I don’t watch enough cable TV. There may be some kook-pots out there, but I do not know one person… (interruption) Exactly! Everybody’s running as fast as they can from this story ’cause they don’t know anything about it, and they’re probably think: “My God, if they can go after Cosby, who’s next?”

But we haven’t said a word about this! Now, they lump me in here as somebody supporting him? I remember maybe 10 years ago when Cosby was in Indianapolis or something and he did make a speech in which he suggested that black families might want to think about staying together. Of course we did comment on it and approve of it, but that’s years ago. And, by the way, when Cosby was told of that, he wasn’t happy!

Cosby is not a fan of mine, for whatever reason, even now. But this is incredible. This is how these people do this. NPR. You know, the brain-dead people listen to that stuff, they think they’re the smartest people in the country, and they’re basically just a bunch of sponges running around, and they soak all this stuff up. Now they’re out there thinking that I’m on the radio here supporting Cosby in these allegations! Why?

Because of the Republican War on Women, and that would make total sense to them.

That’s how this perverted filth gets spread by these irresponsible… in the media.

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