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RUSH: President Obama has cut his own Facebook promo. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this before. Here is the audio. It runs 24 seconds.

OBAMA: Hi, everybody. Tomorrow night I’m going to be announcing here from the White House some steps that I can take to start fixing our broken immigration system. And then on Friday, I’m going to be traveling to Del Sol High School in Las Vegas where two years ago I laid out the principles for comprehensive immigration reform. So tune in tomorrow night at 8:00 oÂ’clock here from the White House.

RUSH: The president is promoting his own appearance on his own Facebook page. I’ve never seen this. I’ve never seen this happen. And parsing the words, you know, fix, to start fixing our broken immigration. You know what’s broken about the immigration system is that we’re not enforcing it. There’s nothing broken about the law. The law is perfectly fine. We’re just not enforcing it and that is being used as an excuse for the president to say (imitating Obama), “I patiently waited six years for the Republicans to join me, but they don’t care about Hispanic people. So I have to do this on my own. Watch me do it tomorrow night at eight right here on the White House channel on your favorite streaming device.” He-he-he-he.

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