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RUSH: Did you hear what happened with Don Lemon? You saw it? Yeah, and it is. And I’m wondering, you know, we — (interruption) Who is saying “yes” to me? Snerdley?

Don Lemon on CNN, this is the guy who asked a transportation expert if a black hole could have swallowed the missing Malaysian Airlines jet, a Boeing 777. He’s back today, and he was discussing one of the women who was raped by Bill Cosby, allegedly assaulted by Bill Cosby. By the way, is anybody asking what is behind this? Why now, all of a sudden out of the woodwork here comes woman after woman after woman claiming Cosby did this or did that? I mean, why now? What’s the explanation?

Anyway, it has happened. So Don Lemon is asking — see, we’ve got children listening to this program. We’ve got young readers of the Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventure series — (interruption) I know, but children cannot hear this. I do not want to put parents into the position of having their kids say, “Mommy, Mommy, what was that about?” Of course it might be that the kids know more than their moms. But I mean, you talk about intimate details of questions. He’s asking this woman, who was engaged in a Lewinsky with Cosby, why didn’t you attack?

Why didn’t you attack? Why didn’t you attack? A Lewinsky. You all know what was going on. You know what a Lewinsky is. “Mommy, what is a Lewinsky?”

“She’s a young woman who used to work for President Clinton,” and you’ve answered it.

Okay, so a Lewinsky’s going on, and Don Lemon wants to know why this woman did not attack Cosby during the Lewinsky. And she doesn’t know what he means at first. So he has to describe what he means, and he did quite well. And in so doing, Don Lemon actually portrayed his own level of expertise in this particular mode of love making. And the guest was clearly shocked and so forth. I did not know it had happened, and I get an e-mail from Cookie with a transcript of it. “Do you want this? I mean, Rush, this is really beneath the standards and dignity of the EIB Network.”

And I said, “Come on, what do you mean? It’s Don Lemon. It’s our buddy, Don Lemon. We cannot ignore this.”

But then I got to thinking, every day we get calls from children reading the books. And the last thing I want is for them to hear that and start asking Mommy or Daddy what that was about. That would not be cool. That does not happen here on the EIB Network, so it might require an even longer countdown. Normally we give you five seconds to turn down the volume. But this might require a 10-second countdown, if I decide to do it.

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