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RUSH: Now, I didn’t know that Gruber, ladies and gentlemen, apparently wrote a comic book. Did you know that Gruber wrote a comic book? Well, somebody found the comic book. Charles Payne on the Fox Business Network, Varney & Co. They were talking about Gruber and… Well, here. Listen to the bite. I don’t know how to explain this.

PAYNE: What’s interesting, though, is that no one ever picked up that comic that Gruber wrote. Have you seen this thing?

VARNEY: (chuckling)

PAYNE: He wrote it and he starred in it. Have you seen some of the chapters? First of all, a 150-page comic book? How about this one: “Selling Fear Instead of Facts.” I mean, imagine that! And, of course, the evil villain was the Rush Limbaugh-type character. It’s just arrogance.

RUSH: So Gruber wrote a comic book, a 150-page comic book, and it has to with how to get things done in Washington, I guess. And the evil villain is me in his comic book. I’m honored!


RUSH: Okay, I found this comic book, folks. I’m gonna be holding it up here on the Dittocam in just a second. In this comic book, health care reform, Jonathan Gruber, what it is, why it’s necessary, how it works, 150-page comic book, and in it he brags about working closely with Obama on Obamacare. And of course it really isn’t bragging since Gruber visited the White House more than a dozen times since they began writing Obamacare back in 2009.

Here is the comic book. This is what it looks like. Health Care Reform, Jonathan Gruber. This guy was totally into it. He was much more than an advisor. He’s out there selling it. He’s bragging about being close with Obama. He’s telling them how to sell it. He is intimately involved with every aspect of this. There’s Obama yesterday or over the weekend in Brisbane, Australia, employing the Limbaugh Theorem, saying (imitating Obama), “What? I just found out about this today. Some advisor I never heard of running around saying things I don’t even agree with.” Talk about blatant lying to people.

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