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RUSH: Baltimore. This is Tim. Thank you for waiting, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: I recently bought my daughter, Audrey, your latest book for her seventh birthday. And as I was talking about some of the things — because we’re reading the book together — as I’m talking about our country, I started to realize what we really need is a leader to stand up and put country before party and actually say, “If you vote us out, then vote us out, but we’re gonna stand up for the fundamentals and the principles that make this country, and have made this country, the best country on earth.”

RUSH: See, I agree a hundred percent with that, and I think it would be rewarded. I don’t think it would be rejected. I’m gonna get into this in more detail in a few minutes here. I don’t want to take away from your time on the phone here, but I think it would be rewarded. I don’t think it would cause people to get thrown out, rejected, but even if it did, I get your point.

CALLER: I completely agree. As a by-product the people will respect and follow somebody who does that. And get back to the principles that you go to government to serve the people and not be there to be served. And that’s kind of the fundamentals I’ve been teaching Audrey as we’re reading the book together. It’s just get back to the basics and the fundamentals. Take out the politics and make America what it was when we founded it.

RUSH: You know, I’ve been writing those books and revisiting American history myself, it all seems so quaint now. Everything now seems like it is a 180, like we’re here to serve government. We’re here to please them. We’re here to make sure we don’t make them mad. We’re here to make sure we don’t go afoul of their regulations. We seem to be living our lives in hopes they leave us alone. It’s stood everything upside down on top of its head.

CALLER: You’re exactly right. You have another listener for life with me teaching my daughter, and she always hears me listening to Uncle Rush.

RUSH: Well, that’s great. I appreciate that. Thank you very much. Of course, I love hearing this, naturally I would, but, you know, one of the reasons for these books, there’s no way a seven-year-old, seventh graders, eighth graders are gonna listen to this program, even if their parents have it on. And yet, I’m very proud of what we do here. I wish everybody would listen and the theme, the mission, the message of this program reached everybody. That’s what these books are about, is to get it to the younger demographic and counter, obviously, what they’re also being taught in the public schools. So I appreciate that very much.

In the meantime, folks, here’s a brief time-out, and we just keep churning it out here, barely scratched surface even now, so don’t go away.

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