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RUSH: A lot of these underage migrants were also kids whose parents were already here and were sent for by their illegal parents already here, because look, I’m convinced that word has gone out about the hopes, dreams, and intentions of the Regime. Because, remember what this is all about. This is all about Democrat voter registration drive. That’s what this is about.

Here’s Jeff Sessions again last night on The Kelly File on Fox News. Megyn Kelly said, “The 10-part plan, according to our Washington bureau, will suspend deportations for millions, in fact, over four million illegal immigrants, which, by our count, puts it as perhaps the most sweeping executive action on immigration ever. What are your thoughts, Senator?”

SESSIONS: Let’s be clear. Immigration officers have told us if this goes through, it will be almost impossible to enforce the law in the future. Expert economists have told us if we bring in more and more people lawfully into our country, giving them the right to take jobs, and every one of these individuals are going to be given a photo ID, a Social Security number, and the right to take a job in America, jobs that too few exist and too many Americans are looking for. It’s just the wrong policy, and it will incentivize more illegality in the future.

RUSH: Next question: “These are not kids anymore. In many cases they’re now grown. Why is that controversial in particular? The White House is going to turn around and say that we keep families together,” by bringing these kids in. “Let’s be realistic, they’re not going to leave so let’s deal with reality.” We can’t get rid of ’em. They’re not gonna leave on their own. So we just have to make ’em legal.

SESSIONS: There’s no way to prove who are parents and who has been here for how long. They may have just come in the country last week. Maybe they’re coming into the country because they have children in America, and they come across the border to be with them and claim that they’ve been here for a longer period of time. Nobody’s going to do investigations on this. Nobody is going to check it. We’re going to be adding five million older adults to our population. They’ll be entitled to all kinds of rights and privileges, all kinds of rights and citizens, and as they get older and become ill, the United States government is not going to turn their health care away. They’re going to be treated and taken care of.

RUSH: Megyn Kelly says, “The Center for American Progress is already coming out saying, look, deferred action, basically, just declining to prosecute these folks, has been used by 11 presidents 39 times in the last 60 years. They see nothing remarkable about the president doing it again.” Nothing new, it’s happened a lot, Senator, so why are you so upset about it?

SESSIONS: This goes much further. This says that we’re gonna be given, as the other individuals have previously, an ID card, a Social Security number, and the card says “work permits” on it. And so this is an action unilaterally by one person, the president of the United States, to legalize millions that Congress has explicitly refused to do. And under current law, they are illegally here and unable to work.

RUSH: That’s the bottom line. I mean, even some people asking questions here are already accepting the premise. “Hey, what’s the big deal? Done it before. Come on. It’s just 4.5 million people, big whoop.” And you accept the premise that we can’t do anything about it, you accept the premise that people are free to break the law, you accept the premise we can’t enforce the law, and you accept the premise that this is a compassionate thing to do. In the meantime, the Constitution is being shredded, the will of the people, as expressed in this last election, is being shredded, make no mistake about that.

Because these Republicans, whether they want to admit this or not, they were elected to make sure this does not happen. They were elected to make sure this does not happen. They were elected to do everything they can to repeal Obamacare. They were elected to stop the implementation of the Obama agenda. And if they don’t try, then there’s no guarantees for 2016. If they don’t try, if they don’t even try, there will be a price to pay.


RUSH: Look, folks, they can talk all they want about, “Hey, this has been done 39th times, 11 presidents, big whoop.” Let me tell you something. No prior president has ever done away with all of our immigration laws with the stroke of his pen, as is the case in this situation, there’s a lot that is happening that’s unprecedented. We’ve never had a president with the stroke of his pen just eliminate the enforcement of all immigration law. That is what Obama is going to do.

I don’t care what the Center for American Progress says. They’re a bunch of leftists anyway out there making excuses for this. As far as I’m concerned, they’re not a valid source. I don’t think Senator Sessions ought to have to answer to what these clowns say. But I will. Well, he can answer, he can take care of himself, don’t misunderstand. They’re just frauds. They’re frauds like Gruber is a fraud, like Obama is a fraud. And they’re out there trying to paint these scenarios that don’t exist. We’ve never had a president with the stroke of his pen wipe out immigration law. I don’t care what they want you to believe.

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