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RUSH: Here’s Lee in New York City. I’m glad you called. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. If the voters are too stupid, and the media is not too far behind, why do you think the brilliant and independent Supreme Court drank the Kool-Aid?

RUSH: Why do I think the Supreme Court drank the Kool-Aid?

CALLER: Yes. Why do you think they bought it? They’re not that stupid. I don’t think they’re that stupid.

RUSH: Well, you’ve got the four libs that mix the Kool-Aid. You’ve got the four conservatives, then you’ve got John Roberts. Look, I don’t know. I can only guess, educated based on things — I’ve heard that there were all kinds of attempts, that he was originally with the five conservatives then changed. I don’t know. The thing I’ve heard that made the most sense to me — and it could be dead wrong — was that the chief justice just didn’t have the stomach to declare something passed by Congress unconstitutional. Just didn’t want to go there. And so rewrote the parts it that were problematic to make it okay. I don’t know.


RUSH: Here’s Harry in Sebastian, Florida. Hi, Harry. I’m glad you called. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, Rush. Thank you so much for taking my call. I really appreciate it, and if you don’t mind me taking the liberty, I’d like to give a shout out to James Marshall Timberlake, he’s my first grandson born November 2nd. But I thank you. The reason I called is that I believe there’s an American who has been vilified who really is a hero concerning Obamacare, and that is Chief Justice John Roberts. Had he done what all of us expected him to do to find it unconstitutional, you would not have had the Republican landslide in 2010; you would not have had the Republican landslide in 2014; you would not be talking about Jonathan Gruber today.

Who would get these videos? We see now how the progressive Democrats, how they are condescending and what they think of us. I think Justice Roberts, by doing what he did, taking the vilification at that time, is now, over time, being shown that he did the correct thing to actually begin to change the direction of this country from a country that believed in Big Government, progressive liberalism —

RUSH: I want to know where it started that the way we win is to have liberalism implemented so that everybody can learn how rotten it is. When did that start? “John Roberts did a great thing by letting this thing be proclaimed constitutional. That way we’ve exposed these people for who they really are.” We didn’t need this! If Roberts had found this thing unconstitutional the 2010 elections would have been the same because Obama would have stayed the same. He would have found a way to get this done some other way. He wouldn’t have just taken his chips and gone home and cried about it.

But, look, I’m not trying to be disrespectful to the caller. I try never to do that. I just don’t get this. It’s a derivative of 1992. I had people call here, “Rush, go ahead and let Clinton win. Let him win. And people will find out. That’s the only way. The media’s not gonna tell the truth. We have to have people actually live this crap. It’s the only way they’re gonna figure it out.”

Well, Clinton is a rock star in the Democrat Party. Barack Obama got elected. I don’t see this working. We have Obamacare that’s the law of the land with a Republican Party that doesn’t appear to be all that energized to do that much about it, and we’re the on verge here of having the immigration laws on the books count for nothing. We had an election based on the fact that people are opposed to all this, and it isn’t stopping any of this stuff from happening, which is the bottom line to me.

This stuff has got to stop. And federal elections are not, by any way, shape, manner, or form, enough. And certainly one of them isn’t. There are gonna have to be many, many more of these. I’m not even talking about John Roberts here. ‘Cause his point, the caller’s point really is, Roberts, by not calling this thing unconstitutional gave us this great gift, Obamacare, and now people see what it really is.

You see, my frustration stems from the fact that you didn’t need John Roberts not doing his duty. All you had to do was listen to me. All you had to do, January of 2009. (interruption) No, and I’m not making it about me. But it was not anything special or unique to be able to know what we were in store for. It was out there to know. It was out there to learn.

It was rejected. I just… (interruption) Well, Fournier doesn’t see anything wrong with liberalism. I do. Fournier doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it, because liberalism is great to him. Compassion and fairness, it’s the uninsured getting covered, and it’s the cost curve being bent down, and it’s the hungry being fed, and it’s the thirsty being quenched, and it’s conservatives getting beaten, and it’s all kinds of cool things. (interruption) I know. Everything I said was going to happen is happening, including the death panels. Everything I said.

You think it’s not frustrating? Because it didn’t take anything special. All it requires is a knowledge of liberalism and a willingness to admit what it is and who they are and what they do. You don’t even have to believe it when somebody tells you. The world is replete with examples of it, including our own country. Anyway, we’re pounding previous ground here ’cause that gets us into the media’s role in it, and I don’t want to rehash old territory.

But this idea that we somehow are really gaining ground here as our enemies implement their ideas escapes me. I don’t see them pulling that trick on us. “Let’s let the conservatives win a little bit, then the people will find out just how extreme it is! Let’s let the conservatives win. Let’s have women find out how much they hate ’em and let’s let the conservatives win, and let’s find out how much, whatever. The pro-lifers, how much they hate people.”

I never see them using this trick. I never hear them campaigning on it. I never once hear anybody on the left say, “You know what? Let these Republicans win. Ha-ha. Let the country see what a bunch of wackos they are. Yeah, let the Republicans win and let them implement all this prosperity, and let’s see how much the American people hate it.” I never see that happening. I don’t know where it got started. Probably Clinton, but I think it probably predates that. Well, some of it may be trying to be optimistic, trying to see hopeful signs in absolutely disastrous events and trying to turn chicken whatever into chicken salad. I understand that.

Anyway, look, I gotta take a break, and I do have this Stack of Stuff, little things going on out there that while we’re talking about all this big stuff, nobody sees. You thought that I had forgotten and wasn’t gonna get to it, and you are wrong.

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