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RUSH: Here’s McConnell, by the way. This is his reaction to it on Capitol Hill during a meeting with incoming Republican senators.

MCCONNELL: The president continues to send signals that he has no intention of moving toward the middle

RUSH: What? What?

MCCONNELL: I was particularly distressed about a deal apparently he’s reached with the Chinese on his current trip which, as I read the agreement, requires the Chinese to do nothing at all for 16 years while these carbon emission regulations are creating havoc in my state and other states around the country

RUSH: Okay. “The president continues to send signals that he has no intention of moving to the middle.” Uh, uh… I’m pounding my heart here, folks, making sure it keeps beating. Uh… uh… “The president continues to send signals that he has no intention of moving toward the middle.” Is that what they thought the election meant? Obama not moving to the middle? Whoever thought — oh, man. I don’t know.


RUSH: Here’s Rick in Augusta, Kansas. It’s great that you waited. Thank you, sir, for the call. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, how are you today?

RUSH: I’m… Well, you know, I’m confused.

CALLER: I am, too.

RUSH: I was okay here until about, I don’t know, 10 minutes ago, and now I’m confused. I’m really, really confused. But I don’t want that to distract you.

CALLER: No, it isn’t. I’ve been confused for over a year and a half now because through all the lies and deceptions that Obama has put out over these last six years. Do you think there’s a chance that we’re gonna get this country back to the values, to the work values as they were? Because now, as a late-fifties guy, you know, my company, general aviation…? He’s basically killing general aviation because every time he mentions a word about, “General aviation’s doing this, this, and that,” you can just see that we’re gonna lose the older guys, and they actually come and say, “You’re 55; you need to retire,” you know?

RUSH: Well, wait a minute. I need to know more specifically what you’re talking about. I know what general aviation is, but what is happening to it specifically that Obama is causing, and what does he say now and then that adversely affects it?

CALLER: Well, he says like, “Only certain people need to have this and that aircraft,” you know?

RUSH: You mean when he attacks businesses or others for their charter flights like getting on a plane and going to Vegas like he did back in 2009?

CALLER: Right, and he flies around on the biggest chartered plane there is, you know?

RUSH: Right. Right.

CALLER: Then he attacks people like you and people that pay my wages — and good wages! — and then the companies have to cut. They’ve got a bottom line, so they say, “Okay, you’re 55. You can’t stay.” I’m now older than 55, so they give me a severance package and out the door I go. And then they hire younger people so they can hire ’em for half what they pay me, and they give ’em less benefits because of health care costs.

RUSH: Right. You’re pretty much —

CALLER: My health care costs went up under Obamacare!

RUSH: It’s not just general aviation that has experienced this, but you’re right in that Obama has targeted general aviation, and he has stigmatized it. When that happens, the people that own private jets try to do it very quietly.

CALLER: Boy, I’ll say!

RUSH: They try to stay under the radar, which means they try to incur less and less expense, and that all has a negative impact on people like you who work in that industry. There’s no question that Obama’s stigmatized it, because, “That’s ‘the rich.’ That’s just wasted money. It’s polluting the planet! Not everybody can do it, so it isn’t fair,” blah, blah, blah, blah. As to your first question, do I think we’re gonna restore the nation?

I think you mean is a decent and moral society with virtue and all. Yeah, I do. But I think there’s always gonna be a segment of the population that is that. I think there’s always gonna be a segment of a population that wants that. I think there’s always gonna be a segment of the population that wants to expand it. There’s always gonna be a culture war, and I don’t think that decency and goodness are ever going to be wiped out.

I believe that it’s going to triumph at some point because I think all of this rotgut hits a bottom at some point. Now, I don’t know when that is. I keep waiting for the bottom to be hit, and I find out that low has no end yet. So it’s still got a long way to go. Look at this Eminem concert last night on HBO to coincide with Veterans Day. He says, “Hello all of you M-F-ing veterans,” and it’s being praised for its artistic value.

Bruce Springsteen showed up and reprised some anti-war protest song that was heralded as a great upgrade or some such thing, if I’ve read these stories right, in an event that was supposed to honor veterans. That’s the kind of stuff that just (sigh) depresses or angers people left and right. But here’s the thing, Rick, and everybody. One federal election is not enough. The forces of evil, if you will, have a lot of momentum.

One election is not enough to stop it. It makes a statement, but… (chuckles) This why I still don’t quite know how to characterize my reaction to Senator McConnell saying that what we have here is proof that President Obama has no intention moving toward the middle.

No, he’s going to move further to the left. He was never gonna move to the center! This thinking that, in the old days… It’s really not that long ago. McConnell’s thinking here, I think, is representative of a period long ago. In America way back when, in an election like this, the losers would realize that they have lost touch with the voters, and they would either pretend to or legitimately change their marketing and their policies or whatever and tack more in the direction of voters so that they might win the next election.

In the modern era the Democrats, after they’ve lost elections, have said they’re gonna do that, but it’s just been for show. They don’t. They move further left. The expectation, however, that losers are going to change their ways to be more like the winners? I do not know how in the world you can have been paying attention to Barack Obama the last six years and think that he fits that mold.

Now, the Republicans, when they lose elections, they do think, “Well, maybe the country doesn’t like conservatives. Maybe we need to stand for amnesty, and maybe we do need to cave.” Republicans still behave this way. But Obama has never, ever been going to move to the middle. I mean, if his health care architect is willing to laughingly admit they had to lie to the American people to get what they want done, why in the world do you think they care about public opinion?

Why do they care about the approval of the public?

It’s not necessary! It’s not relevant!

So this idea that Obama continues to send signals he’s not gonna move toward the middle? Are there Republican consultants who believe that…? I — I don’t get it. This totally mystifies me, that there may be some Republicans who think that Democrats lose and so they will move to the center or toward the middle because that’s what you do when you lose elections, and when that doesn’t happen, “Now what do we do?”

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