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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, yesterday on the program we spent some time sharing with you the guts and details of the story by Dan Balz in the pathetic, increasingly inconsequential Washington Post about how the Democrat Party’s been hollowed out the past two elections. That the old Jurassic Park dinosaurs kept winning and winning and now they finally lost and all that time no Democrat bench was developing, no youthful replacement Democrats. And Dan Balz is very, very worried here that, with these resounding two defeats in 2010, 2014, that Democrats, for all this talk about their association with the youth vote, don’t have any.

Now, this program is show prep for the rest of the media. And as evidence, all of a sudden, out of the blue, yesterday CNN, it dawns on them that the Democrats are a bunch of dinosaurs. We have a little montage of them talking about this with Gloria Borger and Wolf Blitzer last night on CNN’s The Situation Room.

BORGER: If you want a change candidate, it’s not going to be Joe Biden against Hillary Clinton. She can make the case that she’s change, even though she’s been around for a while, ‘cause she’s a woman.

LIZZA: That’s why people are talking about Elizabeth Warren, who, by the way, is less than two years younger than Hillary Clinton. So, it’s not like she represents a new generation.

BLITZER: See if the independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders…

BORGER: Well, Bernie Sanders…

BLITZER: He’s been spending a lot of time in Iowa.

BORGER: Talk about generational.

LIZZA: He’s even older than Biden, heÂ’s actually 73.

BLITZER: He’s seriously thinking about running.

LIZZA: Absolutely.

BORGER: But all of this raises the question, if it weren’t for Hillary Clinton, whereÂ’s the young blood in the Democratic Party?

RUSH: It just occurred to them! It just occurred to them yesterday, “Oh, no.” See, they’ve been running around, “The Republicans are losing women. The Republicans are losing Hispanics. The Republicans are losing –” while the Republicans are winning elections! And now the Democrats are, “Uh-oh, where’s our future?” Wendy Davis was gonna be, but Wendy Davis never was a real thing anyway! Lost by 20 points. She was never in it. That was another giant pollster scam.

F. Chuck Todd on the Today show today talking to Matt Lauer — wait a minute, why, F. Chuck has a new book! I didn’t know that. Did you know that F. Chuck has a book? Does Jon Stewart have a new book? Jon Stewart does not have a book, that’s who they wanted to hire at Meet the Depressed. Okay, anyway. F. Chuck’s book is “The Stranger: Barack Obama in the White House.” (gasping) No! F. Chuck Todd, Barack Obama, the stranger in the White House? And Matt Lauer said, “Has he been his biggest failure? What’s been Obama’s biggest failure?” I mean, what is it, F. Chuck?

TODD: I think when you look at it, that was the great promise of Barack Obama. The guy in 2004 showed up at the convention, he was the one that was gonna break this polarization when he leaves the White House. We’re gonna have 24 straight years of this red versus blue.

RUSH: He didn’t unite us and that was his promise. Barack Obama was gonna unite everybody. He was gonna bring us all together, that was the great promise. He showed up at the convention and he was the one that was gonna break this polarization. He’s failed. (gasping). F. Chuck is basically saying Obama’s a failure. (gasping) Didn’t live up to his promise. (gasping) Will there be a Twitter campaign against F. Chuck Todd here? He’s saying Obama has failed; I said I wanted him to. Truth is, he didn’t. You know the drill on that.

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