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RUSH: Ben in Wyandotte, Michigan, you’re next. Great to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, it’s an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: You know, as to the two-thirds that you were talking about, when Mr. Obama jumped up last Wednesday, I think that that’s a total misconception of what’s actually happening out there. You know, if you really take a look at the map after the election, maybe the Democrats in the Heartland are starting to regret putting Mr. Obama in place. They’re afraid of his Chicago communism.

RUSH: Are you talking about that giant red-and-blue map?

CALLER: That is correct, sir.

RUSH: That went district by district?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: You know, I don’t want to throw cold water on that map, but I’ve gotta be honest with you about that map. There aren’t any Democrats in the Heartland, to speak of. When you look at the blue areas of that map, where are they? They are New York, they are Boston, they are Chicago and Minneapolis — well, the whole West Coast. Not just LA, but the whole West Coast except for San Diego. It’s the whole West Coast all the way up to Humboldt County, into Oregon, into the state of Washington.

It’s so blue in San Francisco and Seattle that it may as well be navy blue and almost black. That’s how blue it is. The fact of the matter is that over half the population is in that blue area. That’s what’s not told to you people looking at that map. I’ve had so many people send me that map. I used to misunderstand that map. That map is actually… That characterization of the map, I first saw it, I don’t know, 10 years ago, or 15, and it was, “Look at this, Rush!

“I mean look where this country really is,” and it is huge. I mean, in terms of landmass and the continental 48, easily 80, 85% of it is red. But then when you find out that over half the population is in the blue area, that’s where the unions are, that’s where the Democrats, where Hollywood is. It’s where progressive liberalism is, those little blue states, and it happens to be urban populated areas. St. Louis and Kansas City. Missouri is as bright red as, you know…

Well, no. “An Alar apple,” I was gonna say. Michelle Streep, whatever. What is her name, Streep? Red as a Meryl Streep apple. I’m not trying to throw water on it. I think it’s indicative, by the way. I think that map — in addition to taking away from it the strong points you do, Ben, that map — portrays big trouble for the Democrat Party because those blue areas are so high tax and so dense. Those are the areas people are leaving and relocating to other states.

Now, in some cases they’re liberals taking their liberalism with them, which is what’s happened to North Carolina, for example. It’s what’s happened to Palm Beach County and to Dade County to a certain extent. It’s a bunch of Northeastern liberals who’ve retired or whatever and moved there. But they’re a dwindling number.

They’re aging, and a lot of them take mass transit. They don’t even drive cars. It’s a strange distinction and difference. But again, I’m not trying to throw cold water on you with this. Don’t misunderstand. It’s just something that’s not told you about that map, and that is the population of the red and blue areas, and I wanted you to know that.

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