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RUSH: This is Dawn in Jacksonville, Florida. Glad you waited. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s wonderful to talk to you. Thank you for all you do.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’m so glad that you talked about strategy a little bit ago, because that’s the one thing that I struggle with, with the Republican Party, is they just don’t seem to be able to get the strategy and act upon that. Like yesterday morning when I was listening to Face the Nation, they’re all talking about how Obama is mighty stubborn or defiant. I don’t think that what people get is that that’s strategy, because he can put forth his executive order on immigration, then the Republicans won’t have anything yet, and then he’ll say, “I’m being bullied. They don’t have anything together. I’m trying to do this for the benefit of the people.” And I just don’t think that the Republicans get that what they need to do is, this week, they need to put something on the desk for Obama to try to veto or do something like that.

RUSH: Well, they can’t do it this week because they don’t run the Senate.

CALLER: Well, I guess you’re right.

RUSH: They’re not gonna run the Senate ’til January. Up first is gonna be a lame duck. That’s fraught with its own potential disasters. For example, if there is a surviving — let me try it this way. I gotta be very careful here, folks. I’m trying to be confrontational here, I’m really not. If the number one takeaway from the election at the Republican establishment level is: “The voters want us to work together,” it could pour to understand disaster in this lame duck. Harry Reid and the outgoing Democrats are gonna try to ram everything they can into the new budget bill, continuing resolution, whatever, that they’re gonna get done here before the end of the year. They’re gonna throw everything in it.

It’s their swan song. And if the Republicans think that the meaning of the election was that the voters want to see Republicans and Democrats work together and meet them halfway and give Dingy Harry and the Democrats some or all of what they want going out to show, as Senator McCain says, “that we can cross the aisle,” I don’t even want to think about that.

This is why, in case you wonder why do I keep pounding my interpretation of the meaning of the election, stop Obama, because there was nothing in this result. There is no way that you can analyze this result and come away with the belief that the reason the Republicans won was to work with Harry Reid and Pelosi and Obama on their agenda. No way. There’s no way you can interpret this big a landslide defeat as the voters saying, “Come on, Republicans, work with these guys.” That’s insane, in fact. That’s patently ridiculous.

But, see, her point, folks, is exactly what I’m talking about. She’s already scared to death the Democrats are gonna skunk the Republicans. She’s already scared to death. Obama’s got this brilliant strategy, and he’s gonna get this amnesty done, and by the time he gets it done, he’s gonna see to it that the Republicans get blamed for it. That may happen in the media, folks, that may well be what you hear in the media. I don’t know what’s gonna happen here, but let’s say Obama does his amnesty and he does it toward the end of the year. And rather than call it amnesty he’ll say he’s going to just eliminate deportation for five million people, it’s the same thing as amnesty.

You tell ’em you’re not gonna deport ’em, that means they’re staying, they’re here. Next thing you know they’re on the Democrat voter registration rolls, which is all this is about for them anyway. Okay, so let’s say he does that. And then after he does it, he says (imitating Obama), “I didn’t want to do it this way, but the Republicans simply will not work with me. I’ve told ’em that if they want to have a way to work with me on immigration, give me a bill.” Now, what he means by that is, “Give me a bill that I write that you just put your name on and we’ll call it my bill and then you can say you worked with me and we’ll do an immigration bill.”

So the media will probably portray Obama as a courageous, valiant, victim of the election, just working against the odds, so unfortunate what happened in the election. But he’s not caving. Obama’s staying true. Obama’s doing exactly what he knows the American people want done, and he’s gonna be doing the exact opposite. I don’t deny the media’s gonna keep lying to you. What I’m trying to tell you, the Democrats just got skunked. They were just totally rejected, even in the governorships of Maryland and Illinois, they were told to go away. Massachusetts, they were sent packing.

Sure, they won some places, they won two House seats. They won back Pennsylvania. That’s the one thing they won, Pennsylvania governor. And that had nothing to do with politics. The Pennsylvania governor was held accountable for apparently not doing the right thing with the Sandusky pedophile case, Penn State. It had nothing to do with his policies. Tom Corbett’s policies were not rejected more than likely. But this is my point, folks. Yeah, Obama’s gonna do something. He’s gonna do a lot these next two years. Be on alert. I think it’s gonna be more dangerous than anybody’s thinking, in fact, on that score, because we’ve told him we’re not gonna stop him. And the media’s gonna support him when he does, and in the media it’s not gonna look at all like the Republicans won, by design.

You’re never gonna get that satisfaction. The media is never gonna portray you or the Republicans as winners, as courageous or as great citizens or any of that. You’re always gonna be, we’re always gonna be mocked, attacked, ridiculed, made fun of, what have you. I’m asking you to pay attention to what really happened and don’t succumb to asking the Republicans to do things to simply get favorable media treatment, ’cause it isn’t going to happen. And if it did, it wouldn’t be anything you’d be proud of the Republicans for doing.

In the media, Obama’s always gonna be God. In the media, the Republicans are always gonna be a bunch of bumbling boobs, racists, sexists, bigots, whatever. That’s not gonna change. But the American people didn’t fall for it. The American people didn’t buy it. That was summarily rejected because the policies that had been put in place by the Democrat Party are destroying things that people in this country don’t want destroyed. It’s not hard to understand what happened here. But it is hard to change an attitude from loser to winner.

To give you an analogy, those of you who have never been really overweight and have lost a lot of weight either once or a bunch of times may not know this, but let me tell you something: I have. I’ve lost track of how much weight I’ve lost over how many different diets. You know the one thing that never happens? You never think of yourself as thin. If you lose, let’s say 50 pounds or more, I don’t care what you do, it takes a lot of effort to think of yourself as looking good all of a sudden. You have the lifetime memory of being overweight, so you stop and look at every reflection of yourself when the diet is so-called over to see if you gained a half-inch somewhere. It becomes obsessive.

And it’s the same thing with winners and losers. Perpetual losers, when they win, sometimes just can’t accept it. It’s so strange, it’s so weird, that they have a tough time adapting to a winning attitude. I think that was part of what happened to the Republicans in 1995, if you want to know the truth. I mean, here they were out of power for 40 years — and then, one day, they won. That’s why in my orientation speech I try to tell ’em, “You’re not winners here.

“The media is not gonna like you. They’re not gonna respect you. They’re not gonna think you’re the new power base here. They’re not gonna kowtow and suck up to you like they do the Democrats. You’re the enemy. ‘What business did you have winning?’ They’re gonna try to do everything they can to make sure their buddies, the Democrats, get back in power as soon as possible. Don’t fall for any ideas that the media has newfound love and respect for you.”

I think the Republicans didn’t know how to transform from a loser, permanent minority attitude to an attitude that is commensurate with a governing majority. It is hard, if you’ve had an attitude or a self-image for a long time, to change it overnight and on a dime — and it’s the same thing with voters. If you have believed for a long time that Obama, the Democrat Party and the media are invincible — even in the face of a shellacking, two of them, defeats — sometimes it’s hard to change your attitude about the Democrats and Republicans in terms of winners and losers.

That’s why I’m spending a little time on this because it’s crucial that you do so. Attitude is everything. Attitude leads to confidence. Confidence begets attitude and vice-versa, and confidence is what everybody needs right now. In some cases… You’re not gonna have it provided for you by the media. You’re not gonna get any validation. You’re gonna have to provide that yourself, and your friends are gonna have to provide it for you, and maybe Fox News or talk radio, wherever you go.

I mean, you’re gonna find some somewhere, but you’re not going to find it on a college campus. You’re not gonna find validation in the media. You’re gonna find the same old disgust and hatred and lies and distortions and all — and more than ever now, because they’re gonna be hell-bent to get their power back. The media’s gonna be hell-bent to put their buddies and Democrats back in power, somehow, some way, someday. I’m not trying to be negative, just realistic here, because attitude is crucial.

Attitude is crucial in devising an agenda.

Attitude’s crucial in taking on a professor in a classroom.

Attitude and confidence are crucial in persuading others and eventually being able to walk around with an attitude that you’re on the majority side of things. You’re on the side of right. We all are, as evidenced by the election. We haven’t lost the country, and we’re not even close yet. Now, you might say two-thirds didn’t vote. That’s okay with me. Let Obama represent the two-thirds that didn’t vote. Let him go out and pretend he knows what they’re thinking. That’s not who he has to deal with.


RUSH: Remember the old William F. Buckley joke? He ran for mayor of New York City one time, and they asked him, “What are you gonna do if you win?” He said, “Demand a recount.”

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