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RUSH: Nico in Thousand Oaks, California. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, my favorite patriot.

RUSH: (laughing) It’s great to have you here, Nico.

CALLER: Oh, my goodness, I’ve been listening to you since I came to this country from South Africa, and I cannot help but listen to you all the time.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: But the highlight of what your doctrine is, is the Limbaugh Theorem, and I’ll tell you why that was so special to me. It struck home for me explaining why Obama is acting like a titular head of state, you know, one where there’s a parliament and they have the real judicial sovereignty instead of like an executive president that the United States has.

Our president rolls up his sleeves and he gets things done, but a titular head of state just sits there and he blames other people and he makes policy and sounds good. It allowed me to correctly connect the dots of what I discovered is absolutely mind-blowing. Now, South Africa was given over to communists without a shot being fired. You know the underlying ethical and reasonable, that apartheid had to go, notwithstanding, they managed to do that without firing a shot.

RUSH: You’re talking about the ANC?

CALLER: ANC, absolutely, yeah, they’re all card-carrying members of the communist party.

RUSH: He’s talking about Nelson Mandela’s party, folks, the African National Congress, right.

CALLER: Yeah. Now, when we came to the United States, I recognized the same language. Hey, these guys are talking about handing over, but very subtly. And I compiled what I call The Immensa Hypothesis. Now, immensa you may know is Latin for unlimited and power. The Immensa Hypothesis — and you can Google that — I fill up the whole front page, by the way. The basic essence of this hypothesis is that back in 2002, Vladimir Putin recruited Obama as an operative for the sole purpose of removing the United States as the only obstacle to world dominance.

Now, first when I tell people, they say, “Come on, give me a break.” But just a few points that made me stop and rethink this, of which the Limbaugh Theorem made this thing click in place. People like George Soros, they do not invest in frivolous ventures. And he invested a lot of time, money, and prestige in Obama, when he was a nobody. Why would he have done that?

John Podesta, why would he have cared whether he was a rising star in the activist genre? And Putin, of course, I understand that Saul Alinsky’s dad was a police officer in Moscow during the Soviet era. And of course that’s an arm of the KGB. So Putin must have known about Saul Alinsky, and he asked John Podesta, “Hey, who is this rising star up there in Illinois?” They said, “Oh, you gotta see this guy.” So —

RUSH: Well, he was untouchable. Obama was untouchable precisely because he was new. He had no record. He had no college transcripts. But he was black and therefore immune to any criticism whatsoever. Carried with him the hope and dream that we can end racism in America. George Soros, you mentioned him, I don’t know about his alliance with Putin, but it’s obvious George Soros is very unhappy with this country as founded. He’s part of that crowd and has been actively working to undermine people that want to preserve the country as founded.

He has invested in support of people that want to transform the country, as does Obama. I don’t know about the Putin link or any of that. I don’t think it’s needed in order to make the case here. But if you understood the Limbaugh Theorem, I appreciate that. The Limbaugh Theorem, folks, like everybody else, I struggled to understand in 2012, how in the world did Obama get reelected? The economy was a disaster. And we just saw it in this election. The exit polls said that the economy was the number one issue. People wanted what’s happening stopped. And it always is.

Well, why didn’t it matter in 2012? It was just as bad then as it is now, it was on the beginning edges of it but, my God, unemployment was skyrocketing. People were getting fired, losing income. I devised the Limbaugh Theorem to explain how it is that Obama is not held accountable for his policies. The Limbaugh Theorem explains how Obama is not seen as responsible for his policies. It’s because of the way he conducts himself. He’s always on the campaign trail.

He’s always speaking out against what’s happening in Washington, even the stuff he’s causing, and he’s always complaining with everybody else how it needs to be fixed and he’s blaming faceless, powerful forces for undermining him, he’s working hard, the stimulus and so forth. And it worked. It was a psychological ploy as well as visual because even though he’s a powerful president with his fingerprints on everything, he’s seen as not having anything to do with anything.

He was never seen as governing. He was always seen as campaigning and opposing. It was a brilliant structure. It is a time-honored tactic of parliamentarian presidents and leaders who are always granted the luxury of unaccountability. It’s always some underling or some other powerful force that’s actually making what happens happen, and the president — in this case Obama — was struggling along with everybody trying to stop it. It was a brilliant construct. Anyway, I appreciate the call, Nico, very much, and your very, very timely compliments. I profoundly appreciate that.

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