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“Nobody thinks I was saying “no” to advance a conservative agenda. I’m the guy who thinks one should have been advanced the past six months. What I was saying is don’t compromise with these losers, and don’t treat them like winners.”

“There’s been a document dump. Reuters says the number of troops in Iraq is going to skyrocket up. Of course, this news was not released before the election, obviously. And I thought Wendy Davis lost because of Ebola. I thought that’s what she said.”

“I love it when it’s demonstrated how far outside the mainstream leftists really are, when they think they are the mainstream. I love it when it is demonstrated how kooky and fringe they really are. And this election did that.”

“I’ll bet you I have brought more people together than Obama. I know that’s been the case, ’cause Obama’s divisive.”

“Making yourself understood is a very, very important thing to do. I am a professional communicator and I take it very seriously, saying what I mean and being understood when I say it.”

“The left simply cannot afford for people in this country to believe the Democrats lost because the people wanted liberalism stopped and thrown out, Obama stopped, Democrat Party stopped and thrown out. They simply can’t allow that to set in. So they will continue to oppose it with their buddies in the media.”

“My analysis of the election results is all over the place, and it’s predictably being shot down in a number of places, and others are agreeing with it somewhat but it doesn’t go far enough. Understandable in all cases. The left, their opposition to it, is fascinating.”

“Obama doesn’t confound me and he doesn’t stun me, and the fact that he wants friction and chaos is documented. Why would that change now? These next two years are gonna be potentially worse than anybody is contemplating. You don’t personally insult a narcissist like the country just did in this election and get away with it.”

“I do not watch cable TV at night, and this is not a criticism. I just don’t. It’s partly my way of getting away and having balance in life.”

“It takes six weeks of listening to this program to fully understand. It takes six weeks, minimum, to get the context of this program so that you can tune in any day of the week and understand why what is being said is being said and what’s going on.”

“There is a radical liberal element in the Democrat Party which doesn’t need to win elections in order to implement what they believe throughout the strata of this country. That’s the purpose of community organizations like ACORN.”

“We’ve won this election, and it’s not time to get fatalistic yet. Just hang on. Hang in there and be tough. We’re just getting started.”

“Do you know that the Weather Channel — the Weather Channel — has more viewers in the morning than MSNBC’s Morning Joe and CNN? The Weather Channel has higher ratings than MSNBC and CNN.”

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