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RUSH: This is classic. And again, not a criticism. It’s an illustration here of communication. Peggy Noonan’s piece in the Wall Street Journal is very revealing, and this one sentence — you know, Peggy, she’s such a nice woman. She really hates all the fighting, and she doesn’t like all the disagreeing, and she really wishes that people would get along. She’s writing here about Obama.

“It is confounding — not surprising but stunning, unhelpful and ill-judged — that the president is instead going for antagonism, combat and fruitless friction.” What she is reacting to here is Obama not understanding that he got skunked in this election. She doesn’t understand why Obama is going to continue to antagonize, why he wants to stay combative, and why he wants to cause this fruitless friction. She’s wondering why can’t Obama understand that he lost, take the meaning that he lost and start working with the Republicans to make a wonderful, beautiful Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood country.

Now, I think Peggy would be one of those who probably disagreed profoundly when I said “I hope he fails,” and to this day she may not even know why I said it. Barack Obama was raised by a toxic blend of Marxists like Frank Marshall Davis, communists like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and anti-Americans, and among his friends were anti-Israeli militants, anti-Semites, racists and other assorted bigots. These are the people he was influenced by. This is how he was raised. He was raised with a chip on his shoulder about this country.

He’s an angry man. He’s not cool. He’s not calm. He’s not collected. He’s a narcissist. He’s a community organizer, and what do they do? They agitate. By definition, that’s all they do. He’s not gonna slink away. He’s not gonna admit defeat. Did you hear what he said in the press conference? “I’m gonna listen to the two-thirds that didn’t vote.” Hey, Mr. President, the two-thirds that didn’t vote are the ones that walked out on you in all of your campaign appearances the last two weeks before the election. (imitating Obama) “I don’t care. I’m gonna focus on the two-thirds that didn’t vote. Those people are so disenfranchised, so upset, that’s what I’m gonna do.”

So you can sit around and hope that Obama would realize he lost and work to come up with a nice country. That’s not who he is. The point of my frustration is how, six years in, can people not know who Obama is now? But if you’re one who doesn’t know who he is, you’re not gonna understand when somebody says, “The mandate of this election is to stop Obama.”

“That’s needlessly harsh. That’s unnecessarily frictious. Why, we need to compromise, to work together and make the system work.” He’s not interested in that. He is the problem here. We’ve tried working with the guy. The Republicans have bent over backwards trying to show they can cooperate and be bipartisan. It’s one of the reasons they’ve gotten themselves into such trouble over the years.

So just to be clear, the mandate of the election, the American people, the exit poll data now proves it: stop Obama, stop Obamaism, stop the implementation of policies, for example, that are doing great harm to the free enterprise economy. Stop Obamacare and repeal it. Stop this unnecessary wild spending. Stop illegal immigration. It’s all there. Just enforce the law. Stop Obama. That does not mean do nothing. It can’t mean do nothing, nor did I ever say it means do nothing, nor did I ever say ignore Obama. I’m simply translating for people inside the Beltway what the election results meant. I’m translating for the left so that they know what it meant. They can’t afford for this to take hold again.

Stop Obama and then pepper him with bill after bill after bill that we know he’s gonna veto, but portray hip as the obstructionist, portray him as the guy saying “no.” Portray him as the guy governing against the will of the people because every bill you send up there is accompanied by a poll showing it’s majority support for the American people. Now, I don’t know how you get to “ignore Obama” from that. I don’t know how you get to “that means do nothing,” none of which I said.

But in spite of all this, we still have progress because now we have people on record saying, “Yep, that’s right, we’ve got to stop Obama,” instead of we’ve gotta compromise with him. Remember, that was the context in which I first offered my take on what the election meant. We had Republicans out saying we gotta compromise. The consultants, the media, we gotta work together, we gotta get along, we gotta fix the system.

No, no, no, no. The Republicans were not sent there to compromise. They were not sent there to govern with Obama. They were not sent there to fix anything. They were sent there to stop the things that are transforming and, in some cases, destroying the country.


RUSH: Now, by the way, let me say I realize in my recent illustration of a sentence Peggy Noonan used in her latest column… I said Obama’s raised by “a toxic blend,” I called it, of Marxists, communists, and various anti-Americans to one degree or another. It’s undeniable. Reverend Wright, Frank Marshall Davis, Muala Kahir, whatever the guy the LA Times has the tape they won’t release of some.

It’s one of Obama’s buddies bashing Israel at some fundraiser in LA. Bill Ayers? We know how Obama was raised. We know that he wants to transform the country. None of this is a mystery. But the fact that people don’t accept it, that’s what fascinates me. The fact that after six years there are people that don’t want to admit it or don’t see it, it just fascinates me.

But I don’t want anybody to tell me that I’m insulting Obama, because I’m not. These are not insults. These are descriptors. I’m describing him to you. And. And I don’t think it’s confounding. Obama doesn’t confound me and he doesn’t stun me, and the fact that he wants friction and chaos is documented. Why would that change now? These next two years are gonna be potentially worse than anybody is contemplating.

You don’t personally insult a narcissist like the country just did in this election and get away with it. I mean, there’s gonna be, “Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah? You think you’ve shown me? Well, let me show you. You don’t like amnesty? Try 20 million!” I mean, who knows what can happen here? But I’m not making this up stuff up and I’m not being incendiary. I’m being descriptive. It’s who the guy is.

It’s why the country voted the way they did on Tuesday!

The sooner people figure it out… I can’t fathom not understanding it six years in, but clearly people still don’t get it or don’t want to admit it. But it’s time to get with the program and understand exactly what we’re dealing with here, and it’s unique. It’s not the standard, “He’s just the latest Democrat president. The Republicans are in opposition.” This is far more involved than just that.

We’ve got the Democrat Party has become radicalized. They’re not just the usual bunch of corrupt thieves and thugs that they’ve always been. There is a radical, radical, liberal element in the Democrat Party which doesn’t need to win elections in order to implement what they believe throughout the strata of this country. That’s the purpose of community organizations like ACORN.

They don’t need to win elections in order to corrupt the institutions they don’t like. Obama, he doesn’t need to win. Okay, so he lost the election. Big whoop! That isn’t gonna stop him from doing what he wants; it’s not gonna stop his fellow community organizers or his fellow liberals. I mean, they’ll take election victories, yeah, hubba hubba, but they do not get stymied when they lose them.

The traditional old hat — the typical union, corrupt-thug, Harry Reid/Pelosi wing of the Democrats– yeah. Now, they get upset when they lose, and there’s hell to pay when they lose. ‘Cause they do everything they do legislatively. Now, they work with the new liberal wing, the community organizer wing like Obama. They work with ’em. Occupy Wall Street.

But Occupy Wall Street and the militant environmentalist wacko movement and the pro-choice wackos, they are gonna continue to be organizing and causing friction and doing whatever the hell they can do to upset things, whether they win or lose. This is what I don’t think is understood, widely understood by a lot of otherwise really smart Republicans.

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