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RUSH: Ft. Lauderdale, Tim. Glad you called, sir. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thank you very much, Rush. Mega dittos. I’ve been listening my whole adult life. I wanted to send my sincerest thank you to you. You have saved my marriage.

RUSH: Oh, really?

CALLER: Indeed. I was married to a screaming, bloody liberal Democrat that I was not sure that she was Democrat ’til about two years in. After that, the first eight years was absolute misery. It was a fight every day. I’m a fairly right-wing conservative, and it was just a battle every day. I tried to educate her as much as I possibly could, but I am nowhere near the communicator that you are. When we finally separated, I asked her, “Please, if this is ever gonna work out, just listen to Rush Limbaugh for a little while, please.” Because all of the information that I was getting and giving to her made me look like a prophet, and then she would say, “Well, how did you know that?”

I’m like, “From Rush. Listen. The guy knows what he’s talking about. Please, just listen.” We separated for two years. She listened for two years. She now is actually more right-wing than I could ever imagine her to be, and we get along great now. We have stuff to talk about. We talk about your show when I get home from work. Things have never, ever been better in the whole time that we have been together, and I have you to thank for this.

RUSH: That is an incredible story. I’ve heard versions of this that have not ended the way yours did. What’ll happen is a guy will call here and say, “You know, my wife, she’s just totally opposite. And when I tell you her I listen to you, she just gets mad and thinks I’m crazy. And I asked her to listen to you, and she refuses, or if she did one day she gets even madder.” But in your case it worked like a charm.

CALLER: It has worked so well, it’s unbelievable. I mean, I can’t tell you how many times she called me a madman for listening, but now —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — I’m not so much of a madman as, “Oh, my God, you’re pretty smart, and that Rush guy, he’s pretty smart, too.” “I take no credit for this whatsoever. It’s all him.”

RUSH: Well, I’m glad, ’cause I can’t imagine being in a relationship with somebody that is diametrically opposite from me. ‘Cause these are things of your core belief system, and to be in a relationship with somebody with whom is profoundly disagreeing, that’s gotta be stressful and filled with tension that you don’t need.

CALLER: No. Like I said, I made the mistake of jumping in before I realized.

RUSH: Well, love is blind. Love is blind.

CALLER: Exactly. Yes. But now we’ve never been happier. We laugh. We joke. We’ve been back together now like six to eight months, and it’s never been better. It’s better now than it was in the very beginning when the whole honeymoon process and everybody’s all —

RUSH: Now, that is saying something, because the beginning is where — that’s lust and bliss, and euphoria, and if it’s better now than even that, that is major. You know what, folks? I think this is probably happening and has happened for 25 years all over this country and in ways and instances that we probably — well, I know we haven’t heard about it. I’ll bet you I have brought more people together than Obama. I know that’s been the case, ’cause Obama’s divisive. Well, congratulations. Tim, I appreciate that. Congratulations. I’m glad it worked out for you that way, and I’m happy to have been involved in a revival of your relationship, ’cause that matters. That’s so important.

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