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RUSH: Sometimes we strike gold, and sometimes we find out just how petty the people we think are profoundly serious and important and statesmanlike can be. Of all the things that are going on out there that could have Barack Obama upset and angry, it would seem the last would be somebody commenting on his golf game. I mean, after all, he’s the president of the United States.

And, as anybody can tell by looking, he’s not an athlete. So nobody expects him to be good at golf. You can just tell. Folks, don’t doubt me on this. Clint Eastwood once said, as he was mowing down some bad guy in Dirty Harry — he’s just pulled the trigger on the .357 Magnum and he’s blowing the smoke off the barrel — “A man’s got to know his limitations.” That is something is as strange and foreign to Barack Obama as to a bad guy on a Dirty Harry movie.

So Michael, Michael Jordan is being interviewed by his good buddy Ahmad Rashad on the Ahmad Rashad Show, on the Back9Network. This is back on October 28th. (interruption) The Back9Network. I don’t know where it is. I guess it’s on the Golf Channel. Maybe it’s… No, because that would be the Golf Channel.

It’s the Back9Network, whatever. I don’t know what it is, but it’s Ahmad Rashad Show. Michael Jordan went on the show, and they’re talking about a foursome. Every famous golfer is asked, “Pick your favorite foursome. Of any three guys you could play golf with, who would it be?”

JORDAN: I never played with Obama, but I would. But nah, that’s okay. I’d take it out. He’s a hack. I’d be all day playing with him.

RASHAD: You really wanna say that?


RASHAD: The president of the United States is a hack?

JORDAN: Don’t worry about it. I never said he wasn’t a great politician. I just said he’s a sh(bleep)y golfer.

RUSH: The word that was bleeped out there is the common street word for excrement that begins with an S-H. So Michael Jordan called the president of the United States an excrement-y golfer. Okay, so if you’re Obama, yuk it up. Laugh at it. Don’t even react to this. But in Milwaukee on Monday he was on the radio, and they asked him about it.

And instead of a lighthearted, “Hey, you know, that’s just MJ. MJ and I are inseparable, good buds. MJ, he’s just ragging me. He’s just ragging me. He wishes he could do what I do.” No. No. Obama got his back up. He was offended. He was mad. How dare…? How dare anybody say things like that about me!

OBAMA: There is no doubt that Michael’s a better golfer than I am. Of course, if I was playin’ twice a day for the last, uh, 15 years —

REPORTER: (snickering)

OBAMA — then that meant be the case, and, you know, he — he — he — he —

REPORTER: (snickering)

OBAMA: He might want to spend more time thinkin’ about the Bobcats —

REPORTER: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

OBAMA — or maybe the Hornets. That’s a whole ‘nother issue.

RUSH: Wow. He’s really bothered by this. He had to go dirty. (interruption) Well, Jordan kind of went there first, but that’s it: The president’s supposed to be above this kind of stuff. It’s exactly right. He the president of the United States. He’s supposed to be. You know, Bill Clinton couldn’t pull this off, either.

He’s on Air Force One, heading into St. Louis to dedicate some new train station or something, and he’s talking to our buddies doing the morning show on KMOX in St. Louis, and out of the blue — out of the blue! They didn’t even ask him about me. Out of the blue Clinton says (impression), “I tell you what’s gonna happen here. You know what? I’m this interview with you, and then Rush Limbaugh’s gonna come on after this.

“He’s got three hours say whatever he wants to say, and there’s no truth detector! This guy… I mean, this guy can say whatever he wants!” The guys at KMOX were thinking, “Where does this come from?” They said, “Well, you want to say something to him? I mean, he’s coming up right on the station after us.”

(Clinton impression) “I’m just saying. I’m just saying, the guy’s got three hours right on the radio. He can lie and say whatever he wants, and there’s no truth detector.” We’re all sitting here when this happens, and we’re stunned. He’s supposed to be above this kind of stuff. But you can tell Obama was really, really ticked. He was really bugged by this.


RUSH: I still can’t get over Obama’s petty, childish reaction to Michael Jordan telling the truth about Obama’s golf game. You know, what you do if you’re president? Okay, so you’re sitting in the Oval Office and you just got this big shellacking.

You’re trying to figure out what to do next, and you find out that Michael Jordan’s on television calling you a bad golfer. So what do you do? You don’t say anything, and you treat him like he just joined the Tea Party. You call the IRS and you demands that they audit the guy, and then you find out about everything you can and so forth. You harass him that way.

That’s what Nixon would do. I’m sorry, that’s what Obama would do. Obama did that. What am I saying? He’s got people in play who can already do that. He’s probably got that phone number on speed dial for the IRS to harass somebody. What am I thinking? Nixon? (Snort!) Sorry, folks. It was a faux pas. Nixon only thought about doing it. This guy did it.

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