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RUSH: To Houston. This is Joseph. I’m glad to have you on the EIB Network, Joseph. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, thank you. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: I’m sorry I missed yesterday’s program. I may be asking a question on something you’ve covered, but how does this election help Hillary now? It seems to me this has to be putting a nail in her coffin, because all the people she campaigned for, didn’t they all lose?

RUSH: That would be the logical conclusion. In fact, I’m glad that you asked me this because I meant to mention this earlier, and right here it is. I have a story here, Joseph, in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. It’s in Yahoo News, which is a perfect place for it. “How Hillary Clinton Won the 2014 Midterms.” It is a 30-paragraph article, and it illustrates with irrefutable logic that the Republican control of Congress and governorships and statehouses assures that Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

“So who won the 2014 midterm elections? The easy answer is the Republican Party. … But here’s the thing: In politics, the easy answer isn’t always the only answer, and the winner of an election isn’t always the one who benefits most. Take a closer look at demography, geography and the road ahead for the parties, and it’s clear that the long-term winner of the 2014 midterms wasn’t the GOP at all. The long-term winner, in fact, wasn’t even on the ballot this year.

“Her name is Hillary Clinton. … Almost everything about last night’s midterm results — and the map, the math and the legislative morass that lies ahead in the run-up to 2016 — suggests that the former first lady and secretary of state could have a better next two years than the party currently guzzling champagne.”

That’s his reasoning. The Republicans are gonna be so hated in two years. They’re gonna be so despised. They’re gonna make such a mess of things that Hillary is once again gonna be seen as the savior, because the Republicans are guaranteed to screw everything up, Joseph.

CALLER: Oh, sad.

RUSH: By the way, it’s not just Yahoo. There’s a Reuters story: “Election Results Could Boost Republican Governors, Clinton Campaign for 2016.” It’s just dreaming. Joseph, these people, they’re caught in cliches and dreams. Mrs. Clinton is the anointed Democrat nominee, and she has been ever since Obama was inaugurated in 2009. 2016 has been hers. It’s been in the Democrat book. 2008 was supposed to be hers until he came along. And there’s gonna somebody else come along, you watch, that will edge her out again. The Democrats are gonna find somebody more attractive, somebody younger.

Look, it’s like Pascal said, if it happened once, it can happen again. And I’m telling you, this is gonna be the second coronation for Mrs. Clinton for which she doesn’t show up. But they have got it in their heads, the media and everybody, that she has deserved this, Joseph. She has been owed this since Gennifer Flowers, since Paula Jones, since Juanita Broaddrick, since Monica Lewinsky, since the vast right-wing conspiracy, since she left Wellesley and moved to Arkansas, she has been owed this.

It was gonna happen in 2008, but we all know what happened. They went for the younger looking black guy. Now it’s 2016, and it’s hers again, and it’s amazing, there is no logical explanation for it, Joseph. This is a total emotional play. Everybody you hear saying this sets her up brilliantly, “Oh, this guarantees Hillary,” pure emotion. There’s no rational thinking attached to this. So don’t try to figure it out that way. You’ve not lost your sanity by not trying to figure this out. You will lose your sanity trying to figure it out.

CALLER: Well, Rush, I thank you for your wisdom.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate it, Joseph. The night of the election is when I first saw this Yahoo story, I said, “Oh, man.” That was my first indication of how bad it was gonna be for the Democrats, when I saw this Yahoo story.

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