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RUSH: Obama’s out there at his press conference yesterday, and it was dripping with condescension. We got some sound bites coming up. F. Chuck Todd says the Democrats are outraged privately that Obama didn’t take any responsibility for this yesterday. Yes. F. Chuck Todd on the nightly news last night with Brian Williams, and the question, “I did hear from Democrats today, F. Chuck, and they think the president needs some new people around him.”

TODD: I heard from Democrats today that thought the president made a mistake not accepting more responsibility today at that press conference. The president’s not talking about changing either his style or the White House staff.

RUSH: Of course not.

TODD: There is some concern among Democrats that there’s no accepting of responsibility and this, by the way, we’re gonna quickly pivot to 2016 very quickly and the Democrats, I think you’re gonna see some outside of Washington beg the Clintons to sort of retake over the party.

RUSH: Isn’t it amazing the consequences elections have? Isn’t it amazing? Don’t want the Clintons to take over the party. Some guy writing at Yahoo News, which is the perfect place for this story, Yahoo News claims the big winner yesterday was Hillary. Isn’t it fascinating how in the Drive-By Media Democrats win when they get shellacked, and this was a big shellacking. This was a bigger defeat than 2010. This was massive. They’re talking about a hundred-year loss for the Democrats in the House of Representatives. Meaning it may be quite a while before they ever get back to being the majority in the House. Do you know how huge that is? It is huge. This whole election was huge.


RUSH: I heard from Democrats today that they thought the president made a mistake not accepting more responsibility at that press conference.

“The president’s not talking about changing either his style or his staff.” Why would he? Do you people still not know who this guy is? It’s not his fault. In his mind, in his head, this isn’t his fault. Have you ever heard of the Limbaugh Theorem? Given the right day of the week, he’s not even the president. All this stuff is happening, somebody else is making it happen, and he’s out there trying to stop it just like everybody else is.

I’m amazed at the people like F. Chuck, who are as close to Obama as the bedroom can allow you to get, still do not know who the guy is. Of course he’s not gonna take responsibility. This isn’t his fault. When’s the last time he took responsibility for anything that went wrong? Always somebody else’s fault. He was raised as a spoiled kid and he never grew out of it.

But the piece, the piece de resistance — and this, by the way, “Democrats I think, you’re going to see some outside of Washington beg the Clintons to sort of retake over the party”? Well, how’s that gonna work out for ’em? ‘Cause everywhere they went they were rejected, too. Everywhere Hillary went to endorse somebody, (Raspberry!) And everywhere Slick Willie went to endorse somebody, (Raspberry!).

In fact, Arkansas where Slick Willie went, every member of the Arkansas House delegation is a Republican for the first time since Mars was discovered! I mean, folks, this defeat, just a party-line vote defeat. It was a spanking. It was loud. It was deep. It’s broad. It is wide. It is everywhere, and I knew it when I saw that Henry “Nostrilitis” Waxman announced his retirement back in February.

They knew.


RUSH: Jacob Tapper, talking to David “Rodham” Gergen, said, “David, you worked for presidents of both parties,” which makes you Mr. Moderate. “What was your big-picture take on Obama’s press conference earlier today?” This is last night. “What do you think, David?”

GERGEN: There was an air of unreality about it. This is a president who has just taken a shellacking. His party has suffered terribly. Over the six years since he’s been elected, they’ve lost more seats in the House and Senate than any other modern president has done over that time. And I assumed he’d walk in and take personal responsibility, or some measure of responsibility.

RUSH: Why?

GERGEN: And what I found was he was a little bit dismissive. I mean, it was like, “Not many people voted — and, by the way, all the other elections have had the same message. They don’t like the people in charge, people are not satisfied, and we’ll just wake up every day and try to do better.” I think what people were looking for was more of a course correction.

RUSH: (snorts) He doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong! It’s everybody else’s fault. It’s the voters’ fault for being stupid, voting the way they’re voting. It’s the media’s fault for not convincing the voters the way they should vote. It’s you analysts’ fault for not realizing Obama’s true brilliance and what he’s really doing. Why should he change? It doesn’t matter what the voters say with Obama.

Otherwise we wouldn’t have Obamacare.

Otherwise we wouldn’t have the debt.

Otherwise we wouldn’t have the IRS targeting the Tea Party.

If Obama cared what voters think, Mr. Gergen, he wouldn’t have done 90% of his agenda. Everything Obama’s done has been against the will of the people! Look at the polling data. Nobody wants amnesty. What’s he gonna do? Executive order it. Essentially, he’s gonna drop a nuclear bomb on this country. When he does it, do you think he cares? He doesn’t care. He doesn’t need a course correction.

The only thing in his way is the Constitution. Not you, and not F. Chuck Todd, and not the voters — and once he figures out a way to get past the Constitution without any punishment, then it’s, “Katie, bar the door.” The Republicans have basically said they’re not gonna punish him ’cause they’ve taken impeachment off the table. He doesn’t care. He never has cared. If he cared, he would fix Obamacare so that people could afford medical care.

He doesn’t care, Mr. Gergen!

You know, and I can understand. You know, I can imagine these guys sitting here listening to me say this, and because my voice is raised, “Oh, there goes Limbaugh again. You know, this guy, he just gets off on these tangents. He just sounds like he’s really extreme.” I’m not being extreme at all. This is mainstream. This is intelligence guided by experience. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong.

Take a look at the way he’s being raised. Take a look at his character-personality type. It’s never his fault. He’s the smartest guy in the room. We can’t keep up with him. It’s not his problem if we can’t follow what he’s doing if he’s 15, 20 steps ahead of us. I mean, he’s the guy that got the Nobel Peace Prize without having done a thing for it. What else do you need to know about him?

I would have turned it away. I would have turned it away. I’d have said, “I don’t want to accept this until I’ve actually done something to deserve it.” (interruption) Well, that’s another. Well, see this is good point. Snerdley says, “What difference would it make if he claimed responsibility?” It’s an excellent point. Okay, so Obama goes out his press conference.

(impression) “I’m sorry, you know what? Everything that happened yesterday was my fault. I blew it. As such, I got two years left, and I’m gonna fire everybody. I’m gonna put in a new chief of staff, Supreme Court, do everything.” Applaud? What happens if he accepts responsibility? This is another one of these touchy-feely, wring-your-hands-in-anxiety, liberal outbursts. What would it have meant if he had claimed responsibility or taken it?

What would it have meant if he had acknowledged he needs to make some changes? What’s the big deal? He isn’t gonna do it anyway. I’ll tell you, that press conference? Did you see it, Snerdley? (interruption) It was dripping with condescension here. You know, he said that he heard the two-thirds of voters who didn’t even vote. (interruption) “What should I take anything away from this?

“You know what? Two-thirds of the country didn’t vote. Those are the people that love me. They hate Republicans. Why should they vote?” Okay, so he heard that two-thirds of the voters that didn’t vote. He heard them. What did they say? Did those voters complain about losing their careers and being relegated to part-time work? Did they complain about unaffordable health care? What did these two-thirds of the voters that you heard who didn’t vote, say?

Did they complain about losing their doctors?

Did they object to weaponizing the IRS?

Did they object to open borders, letting in virus-carrying illegals? Did they object to amnesty? What are these two-thirds of voters telling you that you say you heard, Mr. President? Did you hear them whisper in your ear something that you can’t repeat to us? Or are these two-thirds saying, “Mr. President, you’re the greatest man who’s ever lived and we worship you and we didn’t vote because we knew you didn’t need it”?

What did they say, Mr. President? He said he heard the two-thirds of voters who didn’t vote. He said, “I heard ’em. I hear ’em. I know what they want.” Well, what did they say? What could they have possibly said? He said he heard ’em. I mean, I know it’s an expression. I use it myself sometimes, when somebody’s complaining to me. It doesn’t happen much, but when they do, I say, “I hear you, I hear you, I hear you.”

Well, Obama said I heard ’em. All right, well, what’d they say?

Give me my doctor back?

Screw amnesty?

So President Obama can hear nonvoters. He just can’t hear the ones who do vote. Isn’t it amazing?


RUSH: I checked, folks, the turnout, because Obama’s out there saying two-thirds of the votes didn’t happen, two-thirds of the voters didn’t happen. I heard ’em, I hear ’em, I heard the two-thirds that didn’t vote. And this is always the case after a landslide Republican win, same thing happened in 2010. But I mean this is even bigger, because this is on top of 2010. They lost 700 plus legislative seats all over the country in 2010. This is on top of that.

They won some of those back in 2012. But I looked it up, the turnout in the 2014 midterms is not that much different from the turnout in 2006. Now, you might be saying, “Well, what’s the big deal about 2006?” Well, the big deal about 2006 is when the Democrats took back control of the House for a while. It put Pelosi in charge of the House of Representatives to go along with Dingy Harry. And of course the 2006 midterms, as far as the media was concerned, was huge. Oh, oh, I can’t tell you how important the 2006 midterms were. They were just, oh, like manna from heaven. The 2006 midterms were some of the most important midterms in American history because it got rid of the Republican majority and reinstalled the Democrats in their rightful place running the House.

Okay, so we have 2014, midterm turnout almost the same as 2006, it doesn’t mean anything, see.

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