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RUSH: Greetings, my friends, and welcome. Great to have you here. Broadcast excellence hosted by me, your guiding light, your America’s Anchorman, Real Anchorman, Doctor of Democracy, truther, general all-round good guy, children’s book author.

Oh. Speaking of that, you know.We are now considered by the New York Times, under the best seller list, a series. And the reason they created the series category is ’cause of Harry Potter. The books dominated the list. You know, the top five, top six books were Harry Potter. So the New York Times said, “We can’t have that,” ’cause there’s a lot of other good books out there not making the list. So they created the series and they stop tabulating the results of individual books and then just report the series.

So we, with our third adventure, Rush Revere and the American Revolution, we’re now a series because we’re three, and we open at number one. All three books open at number one! It will be, I think, this coming Sunday. But you get the news 10 days early on a Wednesday in the New York Times. Man, it’s such an upper. On the aftermath of the election and everything, it was such an upper.


RUSH: I have to tell you, I have to share this with you, because you all are making it all happen. Once again, you’re bringing so much joy to me and my family and our little team here that produces the Adventures of Rush Revere Series. Back when the Harry Potter books were out, there were a lot of them out at the same time, and they were dominating the best seller lists.

So the New York Times decided that, to give other books a chance to appear on the list, they would consolidate books like Harry Potter into series. So that any time a new Harry Potter book came out, it was lumped in with all the other books, and it appeared on the list as part of the Harry Potter series. But the individual sales of each new book were not… Well, the list doesn’t tabulate the sales anyway, but they didn’t list each book.

You become a series on all of these best seller lists if there are three, minimum three books in the series. That makes you a series. Well, the first two Rush Revere books have been on the best seller list from the first day they hit. The Brave Pilgrims has been out there over a year. And the second book, Rush Revere and the First Patriots, is right behind it by six months.

So the third book that just came out on October 28th, Rush Revere and the American Revolution, has made us a series, and we just found out yesterday that we are going to appear number one in the series and all three books on the New York Times list a week from Sunday. They always publish the… They don’t publish. They inform you 10 days prior to whatever the date of publication of the list is in the paper.

So we found this out yesterday, and when we heard that we were gonna be lumped into a series, we were kind of disappointed because, well, that’s gonna be the end of this individual book. The new book is never gonna show up. It’ll be there, but it’s never gonna show up. Well, our disappointment was short-lived because the Rush Revere series is going to be number one on the list.

It’s number one for a reason, and that’s because you all are making it number one. And I have to tell you, the feedback from this book is huge. We have posted a lot of pictures. People, kids are sending us pictures and their own reviews and reactions, putting a lot of it on the Rush Revere Facebook page. And we’re doing this specifically.

We’ve got the RushRevere.com website now separated from Two If By Tea, and we started the Rush Revere Facebook page to promote this interactivity between the Rush Revere characters and readers, and it’s just going gangbusters. The feedback that we’re getting and the pictures people are taking with kids reading the books and dressed up as various characters from the book on Halloween is just priceless.

It’s just great, and I guarantee you that if you would have told me 15 years ago that I would be involved in writing children’s books, I would have told you, “You’re crazy,” and here we are. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is, folks, because the whole point here is to reach an audience this program wouldn’t reach.

It’s to take the values and the beliefs, the love of country that is part of this show each and every day to children who (it’s quite natural) wouldn’t listen to talk radio. They’re too young. And yet their parents are exposing it to them, and they’re finding out what makes this program in terms of values and positions and so forth, and so this series — the Rush Revere series, Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans — has become a mission to teach kids about American history.

But there are a zillion books on American history — they’re all over the place — and there will continue to be, and they’re all pretty good. So what we wanted to do was come up with a new way of not just teaching history, but actually taking students to it — or, looked at the other way, bringing history to them. So we created the time-traveling horse, Liberty, that can go anywhere in American history.

Rush Revere, a substitute teacher, rides Liberty and takes students actually back to crucial, important moments in American history. Our goal is to make history — and the amazing people that founded this country, the heroes — come alive. We want kids to see some of these early patriots as true role models. We want young readers to find out just how hard it was and what it was all about, which was liberty and freedom. Determination. Stick-to-itiveness. Passion. Love.

Defining what it is that is important to you and giving everything you’ve got to achieve it. Individual responsibility. Everybody has an opportunity here to change their circumstances, to better their lives, to overcome obstacles in one way or another. What better way to teach that than to take young kids back to the founding of this country where all of that happened and put them in the middle of the action?

That’s what makes these books different, is that the readers experience the story. They’re right in it. They are part of the action. They actually talk to people like George Washington and Paul Revere. These students at the Manchester Middle School, they have these conversations. It is our way of making history come alive in adventure after adventure after adventure with drama, with comedy, humor, good cheer.

All of these things that this program is known for, are encapsulated in these books, and for this to be working the way it is far exceeds expectations. You might think that I believe, “If my name’s on a book, people are gonna buy it,” and I don’t. I never expect things like that, ever. The day comes that these books are released, and it’s like it’s the first one for me, and it’s something I have to prove to myself.

There’s no expectation here whatsoever, and the fact that you’re validating what we’re doing with these books, I can’t thank you enough for it. Let me read to you from a letter. This latest book, Rush Revere and the American Revolution, the dedication is a tribute to the US military, because the book’s release coincides with Veterans Day. And one of the kids in the book is a student named Cam whose father is deployed to Afghanistan, and he doesn’t understand it.

Well, he understands it, but he has a tough time coming to grips with his father’s long absence. We did this because we know that this happens in many military families. The kids understand but it still doesn’t make it easier when mom and dad are gone for so long. So we incorporated a modern day reality with the exact circumstance in American history.

The young kid, Cam, learns. He comes to have so much love and respect for his dad by learning about George Washington, by learning about Dr. Warren, by meeting the people who made this country possible. I’ll just read to you a short little e-mail we got from Sergeant First Class Sisson, S-i-s-s-o-n. “To Cam and all the little Cams around the USA. Son. I call you ‘Son’ because you are part of the US Military family and will carry your memories with you forever.

“My father and his father before him served in the military, and I understand all too well the burden children bear due to the absence of a beloved parent. I remember a time when I was 10 years old and my father had to leave the family for close to two years. I was left to take care of my three sisters and my mother. I was afraid and full of grief. But when times got hard, I tried to think about how my dad would handle things and then try my best to deliver as he would.

“I didn’t understand why my dad chose to serve and leave family until I found myself enlisting in the US Army years later. I have two sons now and have had to leave for duty several times. Each departure brings fresh tears, but my own father’s example enables me to dry away the tears and press forward. Thanks for reminding me of the value of selfless service. Hooah!” This man is writing a letter to one of the characters in the book, Cam.

This kind of thing is happening every day, and all of you that are great. We try to respond to as much of it as we can, too, on the Facebook page and our RushRevere.com website. I didn’t know something. Somebody made me aware. This is just last night. There’s a review of this book at Amazon, one of the readers at Amazon by James R. Holland, and… Well, I’ll just read it.

Here’s what it says: “For those readers who enjoyed the first two volumes of the Rush Revere Series this third book in the series is going to be a real treat. The quality of writing, drama and humor is infinitely better than the first two books that introduced the American history series to the public. In ten chapters and 244 pages Rush Limbaugh actually writes with a newfound zeal and power.

“Climbing the darkened interior of the Old North Church Steeple with Robert Newman, the church’s caretaker, in order to hang two lanterns to signal Paul Revere that the British Redcoats were coming by sea to Charlestown is beautifully written. The reader can actually feel the danger of the steep staircase steps while having to remain quiet and not attract British Patrols to the totally dark church.”

This thing goes on saying this is the best yet; it’s much better than the first two. That doesn’t hurt my feelings at all because the objective is to get better as you go. This is a great affirmation. I haven’t talked much about the book this week or even last because of so much attention on the election.

But I wanted to share this, ’cause you know I love sharing my passions. You all are making this one possible again, and on behalf of our little team here that crafts these books and puts them together, I just wanted to give you another heartfelt thanks and kind of share the good news with you since you are the ones that make it happen.

I just appreciate it.

We all do, from the bottom of our hearts.

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