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RUSH: Mr. Snerdley just asked me in the break, “So, do you think, El Rushbo, that this is the end of Wendy Davis?” (sigh) Ladies and gentlemen… See, it’s another myth. Wendy Davis was never in it. Wendy Davis was a total creation, a dream of the Democrat Party because of whatever she once did on abortion. That matters so much to them, and so they created this mythical figure. She never had a prayer! She lost by 20.

She was never in it, never viable. She was never a real candidate.

But nobody knew that until the election yesterday. All we had to go on was the media and their polling data telling us, “This is nip and tuck! You know what? She might win, and she should win ’cause she’s a woman, and we’re doing the War on Women, and she’s for abortion, and she’s big on abortion!” It’s not even a factor. (interruption) “Charlie Crist, is he gone?” No, he’ll run next time as a Tea Party candidate, probably.

When that doesn’t work, he may run as a Maoist. I mean, he’s got plenty of options left. There are plenty of other political parties for him to join. But Wendy Davis? (snorts) Scott Brown? Scott Brown could have won that race. He could have won that race. But he lost that race years ago. Scott Brown lost this election last night years ago. He was elected on a premise to stop Obamacare when he got elected in Massachusetts.

What does he do? Gets to Washington, starts talking about compromise. “Well, I represent a bunch of northeastern liberals.” Well, where did it get you? To me this is not complicated. Now, you know politics is a business. This is something that people often forget. Look at McConnell, for example. Alison Lundergan Grimes. Do you realize she was never, ever a threat?

Do you realize Alison Lundergan Grimes was never, ever going to even show up in the final results? The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee knew it when, a week before they pull out of there. They knew. Everybody knew. They had their polling data. But the media myth was that she might unseat Mitch McConnell. Well, politics is a business like any other business, and it has its professionals. It has its superstars, and it has its halfway players. It has its losers. It has pretenders.

But it is a business.

It’s not Civics 101.

Politics is a business. It’s a cutthroat business and the people that win know that business. And it’s not mine, by the way, I will be the first to admit I’m not in that business. Getting votes is a much different proposition than getting an audience. I’m not trying to be falsely humble. I’m just trying to be realistic here. But I’m telling you that the people in-the-know in that business have known all along that Wendy Davis was a placeholder and a pretender. And the same with Alison Lundergan Grimes. They’re simply holding out hope that a miracle would have happened.

They could have done something to make McConnell unacceptable in Kentucky. But that’s all the hope they had. I mean, she was never viable. Come on. Not even admitting she voted for Obama? If she had a chance at any point, that ended it. But, no, we couldn’t say that. We had to hold out hope.

There’s so much deceit and fraud in the day-to-day media, and that fraud is given cover-up by polling data. If you produce a poll that says Alison Lundergan Grimes has a chance to up-seat McConnell, then you’re gonna do a series of news stories pretending and portraying her as viable and powerful and maybe something serious, when it never was true. Snerdley is again trying to get my attention. What? (interruption) Well, no.

He’s asking if I can explain how you go from a Deval Patrick Democrat governor to a Republican governor. The only thing I can tell you, and it’s an anecdotal, and this cracks me up, too. In the last three weeks — and, as always, I can’t mention names because these people, when they speak to me, are assured that it’s all off the record in terms of their identity. But I’ve had, I don’t know, a handful of full-fledged, rock-ribbed Democrats in Massachusetts say, “You know, I hope you and Fox News pull this out.” And I look at ’em and my mouth falls open. “You know, you and Fox News are so crucial here.” And I look at ’em, I say, “What are you saying?”

“You’ve gotta stop ’em.” I’m looking at people who, they’re the ones that made all this that they now oppose possible. And they’re looking at us to stop it, but they’re never gonna say it publicly. So you want to know what happened to Deval Patrick? Well, obviously what happened to Deval Patrick is enough liberal Democrats in Boston are also upset with what’s going on and want a change. But the Republican candidate is just like all the others. He’s the other guy, it’s a way to say, “Stop what’s going on.” It’s a way to send a message that people are ticked off.

Other than Hollywood and Silicon Valley, you would be hard-pressed — and Wall Street, of course — you’d be hard-pressed to find unbridled, never ending prosperity and abundance. Most every place in this country is undergoing economic doldrums, disasters, unemployment’s high everywhere. People’s work is being cut from full time to part time everywhere. Everybody’s health insurance premiums are going up. Everybody’s deductible is going up. Everybody! And everybody’s fed up with it. And this election shows this.

You know what frustrates me more than anything, and it is frustrating, is that we have to go through this so often. And this is gonna be forgotten at some point, and these people are gonna be reelected, maybe in two years, maybe in four, same bunch of liberal Democrats, once voters will feel it’s safe to go back to ’em because the Republicans have never done what they need to do to secure their victories election to election, generation to generation.

I’m gonna reprise something else here. If the Republicans make the mistake again of not, as a party, explaining to voters why yesterday happened, we know you voted for us, we know you voted against Democrats, but here’s why. You’ve got to let them know that you know what they feel, what they’re experiencing. You have to let them know that you understand their plight. You have to teach. You have to establish your brand, teach what you believe in.


RUSH: You know, Martha Coakley lost again. Hillary went and campaigned for her, and that’s when Hillary said, “Everybody knows that jobs are not created by corporations and businesses.” Remember that? Even today, I’m running into all kinds of Republican strategists and consultants and analysts on TV, and they’re all, last night and today, scared to death of Hillary Clinton. Maybe not scared to death, but, I mean, they’re speaking about her as serious, serious, oh, my God, we better be very worried kind of threat. We’ve got a sound bite that should wipe her out as a viable candidate. Small business, corporations, don’t create jobs?

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