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RUSH: The Republican Party was not elected last night because it’s loved and adored. The Republican Party was not elected last night because it’s conservative, because it didn’t run as conservative. The Republican Party was not elected for an affirmative reason. The Republican Party strategy was to shut up. The Republican Party national strategy was to stand mute.

“When your opponent’s committing suicide, shut up, get out of the way, let ’em do it.” Now, in the local races — in all the Senate races and the House races — if you listened and paid attention, there was an issue on the table. It was Obamacare, and it was gonna be stopped. If the Republican Party does not admit why they were elected, this is all gonna end up being for naught. Go to Colorado.

You go anywhere — I don’t care, anywhere you want to go — where the Republicans won, and a key element of every victorious Republican campaign was a pledge to do something to stop Obamacare. To stop Obamacare. To stop Obama. The Republican Party has not become popular overnight. The Republican Party has become loved overnight. The Republican Party’s the other guys.

The Republican Party is the only way, only place the voters can turn to stop what has happened and is happening to their country. The Republicans have an opportunity here to rebrand. They have an opportunity to become loved. They have an opportunity to become respected. They have an opportunity to actually listen to what voters have said and do it and become a majority party again. They have that opportunity.

But the American people have had enough.

They’re fed up.

They don’t want any more of this.

They want it stopped.


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