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RUSH: Back to the phones to Artesia, New Mexico. This is Korie. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: How’s it going, Rush?

RUSH: I’m fine. Thank you.

CALLER: Yeah, I was about to say first off that I just started listening to your show earlier this year, actually two months ago.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’m happy to say, “I have no idea what the hell I was listening to before.”

RUSH: (laughing) Well, it’s great to have you here now.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm. Back to the reason why I’m here. Yesterday I tuned into that little fellow from, I believe, Colorado. He’s a self-proclaimed libertarian.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. Marijuana. He wanted to legalize it.

CALLER: Yeah, he was pro-marijuana. I gotta say that I kind of came to the conclusion that a libertarian is about a hair away from a complete, full-fledged Democrat —

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: — mostly because it seems that their intentions are what matters, not the means or the results. They’re almost oblivious to the reality of things, wouldn’t you say?

RUSH: Well, that’s the first time I’ve heard libertarians characterized as “just a hair away from being a complete, full-fledged Democrat.” I understand what you’re saying. Your point is that he was being misleading and disingenuous, that you believe — I think, probably — that he and a lot of proponents of medical marijuana are just a bunch of stoners and they want it legalized for recreational purposes.

But they get to hide behind this “medical use” business, which legitimizes their pursuit, and that way they don’t have to be portrayed as Jeff Spicoli stoners and stuff. I think a lot of people think that about medical marijuana. It was on the ballot here in Florida. I went there and at the ballot box said, “Hmm, medical marijuana? Hmm, hmm. How should I vote on this?”

It didn’t matter. My vote didn’t matter because it went down to defeat. It needs 60% for ballot initiatives to pass in Florida. It got 57%. It was close. So I know that here in Florida there were a bunch of just distressed stoners last night. (interruption) Washington, DC, passed recreational marijuana. Yeah. That’s on the rise. That’s coming. That’s going to happen. You can see the trend line. It’s occurring. It’s gonna in more and more states. Just mark my words.

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