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RUSH: No, this was not a defeat for incumbents. It was not a rejection of incumbents. This was a rejection of liberalism. Whether the voters know that or not, liberalism is what this country has been in the shackles of for six years. Liberalism is what is ruining this country. The people who voted yesterday said, “No more! No mas! Stop it!” The people of this country yesterday went to vote, and they rejected liberal Democrat policies.

There can be no other analysis of this, not honest. You can lie to yourself if you’re a Democrat, and even if you’re Republican you can lie to yourself and say, “The voters want us to fix a broken system. The voters want us to work together.” B! S! The voters want whatever they see happening, stopped. You and I know it as liberalism. They may not know what it is, although I think a majority do.

But regardless, they want it stopped! This is not the America that everybody has come to know and expect. The idea that America’s best days are behind us? Who says? That’s hogwash, and nobody wants to believe that. We don’t want to be told, “This is the new reality and that we’d better accept an America in decline because an American super-status nation, an American superpower nation? Oh, no, that doesn’t work anymore. We’re all together now in a global community.”

BS. That is not what the American people want. The American people don’t want a vacuum around the world where terrorist groups like ISIS rise up, Boko Haram rise up, Al-Qaeda rise up. The American people do not want infectious diseases all over the world brought into this country. The American people want America to remain what it always has been: The greatest country on earth.

I finally heard a candidate say that last night! I actually, in an acceptance speech, heard a candidate call the United States of America “the greatest nation on earth,” and I had to stop and think. I haven’t heard a candidate of either party say that about this country in I don’t know when, in I don’t know how long. It was Joni Ernst. It was Joni Ernst, in her acceptance speech, when she described what she’s gonna do.

She is going to go to Washington and “make them squeal,” and she’s talking about the Democrat Party and the Washington establishment. She is going to make them squeal. She said, “We are gonna make them squeal,” and she described America as the greatest nation on earth, the greatest nation in history — and it is, and the American people know it, and they want it to continue.

They want to live and be part of the greatest nation on earth, and they want to be among those who make it work, and they don’t want to hear how the best days are behind us. They don’t want to hear how, “Well, the past, trickle-down? It was living on borrowed time and wasn’t real. It really wasn’t real. This is the real America, where we have to redistribute limited resources.” That’s not what this country is.

It’s not what the people of this country want this country to be, and they went to the polls yesterday and they knocked that premise out of the park. They don’t want Democrat Party Lite. They don’t want compromise. They don’t want the Republicans to go there and do a little bit of what Obama does just so everybody’s smiling. They want this stopped! There can be no other analysis. There can be no alternative take on this.

Now, I realize some of you in the New Castrati, the metrosexuals among you might be yelling at your radio (impression), “Mr. Limbaugh, you simply are wrong! I know for a fact that many of my friends want Washington to work together, and that’s what the election meant.” Really? Where do you get that?

Honestly, if you happen to hold that view, that the election yesterday means voters want the Democrats and the Republicans to work together, how in the world do you get that? There isn’t one candidate who said that’s what he was gonna do that won. The candidates that won promised to stop Obamacare, but other things, too. Even if they hadn’t, how do you get that?

Don’t you understand that is a Democrat myth, just like, “The independents don’t like Democrats being criticized. If Republicans criticize Democrats, the independents are not gonna put up with that and they’ll go running right back to the Democrat Party!” Really? Yeah? That’s a myth. That’s a lie. Another Democrat myth is, “The Republicans are never, ever gonna win another election unless they get on board and support amnesty.”

Really? How do you explain last night. Name for me one Republican who won promising to work with Obama on amnesty. You can’t produce such candidate, ’cause he doesn’t exist. So where do you get this idea that the election means the voters want the parties to compromise and to work together and to govern with no acrimony? Where do you get that? You can’t find that message.

That’s not what elections are about, anyway. Elections are about winners and losers, and last night the Democrats lost. It means the Republicans won. It means the Republicans’ job is to dominate, to stop the Democrats, pure and simple. It doesn’t mean work with ’em. It doesn’t mean compromise. It doesn’t mean share the majority leadership position with Harry Reid. It means get rid of Harry Reid!

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