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RUSH: Okay, for those of you who are… A little project here, another go at this. For those of you who are unsure for whom to vote, I want you to do something. I really want you to do something. For those of you who think that Republicans winning is not gonna help because the guys are worthless, I want you to do something. If you purchase your own health insurance, I want you to call your insurance company today, and I want you to ask them what your premium will be next year.

The reason I want you to do this is because the Obama administration has ordered insurance companies not to announce this until after the election. (interruption) Yes, I’m telling the truth. Of course I’m not lying about that or making that up. I don’t lie anyway. The administration has asked/ordered insurance companies to keep their price structures for next year quiet until after the election.

That’s why I want you to call and find out what your premium is gonna be next year. You will discover that the government hasn’t told insurance companies what the rates are as of yet. The government’s in charge of what these rates are gonna be, and the government hasn’t told the insurance companies what the rates are gonna be because they don’t want you knowing the answer to that question before the election, which is today.

So what you’re gonna hear if you call your insurance company, they might say, “We’re not allowed to tell you on orders of the government.” If they don’t say that, they’ll probably tell you to expect a 10 to 15% increase over whatever your premium is now. If you were gonna save money, if your premium was gonna come down $2,500 like Obama promised, do you think you’d know that today?

Do you think if your health insurance costs were going to be less next year because of Obamacare, do you think you would have known that before today, before the election? Do you think the Regime or the Democrat Party and the media would have told you that? They haven’t told you that, have they? Why? Because health insurance premiums are going to skyrocket next year precisely because of Obamacare, and that information is being purposely kept from you.

Now, I am not carrying water for the Republican Party, but I’m here to tell you, they have nothing to do with that, other than they haven’t repealed it. But the Republican Party, there’s not one Republican vote you can find for Obamacare. Not the vote that made it pass and sent it up to the White House for Obama’s signature. There’s not one Republican vote on Obamacare. They are not responsible for it.

The only thing you can say is they’ve been half-assed about repealing it, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But they didn’t make it happen. They did a lot to try to stop it, in fact, but they were powerless. They didn’t have the numbers in the first two years. They didn’t have the numbers anywhere to stop anything. That’s why everything that’s happened in this country is directly relatable, traceable to one place: The Oval Office.

And maybe to Harry Reid’s office and maybe Pelosi’s office.

We are living in the world the Democrat Party wants for us, and it is worsening. We are living the circumstances of the Democrat Party and their policy preferences, and it is worsening. None of this was brought about by the Republicans. What they didn’t do was work hard enough to stop it, but the first two years they didn’t have the numbers to stop it anyway no matter what they did.

And in the first two years everybody was still thinking Obama was a messiah and still living the lie and believing the lie that all he intended for us was utopia. So you call your insurance company and you ask ’em what your premium’s gonna be. If you buy your own health insurance, ask ’em what the premium’s gonna be next year. Call for yourself. Ask questions; get answers. Think about paying your bills!

Think about what was promised.

Think about all of the lies told to you about your health care. You can keep your doctor, keep your plan if you like it? Gone! That $2500 premium reduction, promised how many times, 23 times? Not gonna happen. Your premium’s gonna skyrocket. Everybody’s are, except for the schlubs who are gonna be subsidized by all the rest of us. But you’re gonna have to make that call to find out because the Regime hasn’t told the insurance companies what their premiums next year can be yet.

They are in charge of that now. But remember: If your premiums, if your health care costs, if your out-of-pocket, if your deductible, if any of it was gonna be less, you would know. They would have been promoting that, touting that, so that it would affect your vote today. The fact that you haven’t had a word told to you by the Democrats on Obamacare ought to scare the hell out of you, because that means what’s coming is something you don’t want.

I’ve been looking at polling data every day, direction-of-the-country polls. It’s been like this as recently as October 21st. October 21st: 63.7% oppose the direction of it country, think we’re headed the wrong way. October 23rd: 64.6% think the country’s headed in the wrong way. October 24th: 65% — actually, 66%, 65.8% — think we’re headed in the wrong direction, and that number held today.

Two-thirds of the people of this country, two-thirds of Americans think this country is going the wrong way — and in case you don’t know, the Democrats are responsible for the direction this country is headed. The Democrat Party is in charge of the policies that are passed and implemented and put into place that affect lives in this country. The Democrat Party alone is singularly responsible for the direction the country is headed.

Now, you might say, “Well, the Republicans helped out, all the spending during the Bush years,” and I wouldn’t disagree with you. But nothing that happened in the Bush years even compares with what is happening the six years of Obama in terms of the loss of individual liberty and freedom and the threat to lose even more. No comparison. And I’m not carrying anybody’s water here.

I’m just trying to answer questions I know you got on the phone.

You’ve been peppering me with them for the past three days, so I think I know what’s on your mind. Right direction/wrong track: 27.8% think we’re headed in the right direction; 66% think we’re headed in the wrong direction. You are not alone in thinking things have gone to hell, and there’s one political party that is responsible for it, and everybody knows which party it is.

Whether they like it or not, whether they like the direction we’re going or not, everybody knows. Barack Obama is running this country. The vote today is going to be a message from voters to stop the direction the country is headed. That is going to be a responsibility the Republicans need to recognize they have by being the recipients of winning votes in this election. I’m like you: I don’t know if they’re up to it. I don’t know if they want it.

I just hope and pray than that will happen; that they’ll accept the responsibility and do something about it and that they, too, will realize it. One of the things that’s been most frustrating to me, folks… You want to talk about frustrations? One of the most frustrating things to me is how, in the world the political class — the elites, the establishment, whatever you want to call ’em — in Washington do not think the country’s in crisis.

That’s probably one of the dividing lines or big dividing points. Whether you’re Tea Party or not, 68% — two-thirds of the people of this country — think we’re headed in the wrong direction and we are in a crisis when it comes to financial, economic, and personal freedom. In Washington, they don’t think so. But you see, in Washington, their pie is not the United States economy. Their pie is the federal government and the US Treasury.

You and I, our pie is the economy. Where we go to get our piece of that pie is the United States economy. Where everybody in Washington goes to get their piece of the pie is the US Treasury, and the Treasury’s not in crisis. They’ve got money pouring in like they’ve never seen before. The government’s getting bigger and bigger and getting more powerful. What is there to think is wrong, if you believe and live off government?

That’s what really frustrates me.

We’ve got a country in crisis careening out of control, with great negative consequences to the people who make this country work. The people who make this country work are not in Washington. The people who make this country work are you and everybody like you out there. They don’t see a crisis for you, ’cause they don’t see a crisis for themselves — other than maybe losing an election, but that’s it.

They think people that think the country’s in crisis a little crazy, a little kooky, conspiracy nuts or what have you.

To you, it’s real, and you’ve got the life experience to prove it.

Your kids have college debt to prove it. Your college graduate kid’s living with you with no job prospects, no career prospects. Yeah, that’s real. But after our esteemed elected officials do their duty in Washington, there are fat jobs for them elsewhere among those who’ve donated money to them when they leave — as long as they do the right thing while they’re there. No question that’s what we’re all up against.

Anyway, I intended to get to phone calls in this segment. I didn’t intend for this monologue to go that long. It got so good, I said, “Why stop?”

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