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RUSH: Yesterday on this program, ladies and gentlemen, we had a caller. We had a caller who offered a theory. I, if you’ll recall if you were here, pooh-poohed the theory. The caller’s theory was that, if there is a big Republican victory today and, if indeed, the Republicans take the Senate — and even add, say, 10 to 13 seats in the House — that the media response fairly soon will be to ask, “What are the Republicans gonna do now to meet Obama in the middle?

“Now that the Republicans have won, what are they going to do to compromise?” The caller’s theory was this is the way it always is. Republicans in a clean sweep, in a landslide election are always faced with the question, “Okay, you won. What are you gonna do to pretend that you lost? What are you gonna do to not utilize the power you now have after having won the election by compromising with Obama?”

I pooh-poohed the theory on the basis that we’re way past that, and I suggested that the media reaction to a sweeping Republican victory would be, “So what will Obama do to simply ignore Congress? He must save America from these Republicans that somehow won. The Republicans pose threats to every group, everybody, and it’s up to the president to stop them,” and I believed that’s what the media would do.

However, Tom Brokaw yesterday afternoon on MSNBC was asked what Americans are thinking heading into Tuesday’s midterm election, and Brokaw said, “Well, they’re thinking that they’d like to have Washington get something done.” Brokaw said, “The question is not just which party can get it done, but how can they change the tone of Washington so they can work together.”

“The question is,” Brokaw said, “What are the Republicans prepared to give the Democrats to meet them in the middle ground? What are they going to do about immigration? What are they gonna do about the minimum wage?” Brokaw continued. Brokaw here is essentially repeating the theory of the caller, which I… I politely pooh-poohed it. I mean, don’t anybody misunderstand.

I’m never rude to callers and I wasn’t rude to this guy. I thought we were beyond this. But Brokaw is an old lion, Brokaw’s from Jurassic Park, and, in his day, this is what would be done. The Republicans would be met with questions, “Okay, you won. So what are you gonna do to compromise with Obama? What are you gonna do to help Obama? What are you gonna do to put this country back on track? What are you gonna do for compromise? What are you gonna do to end gridlock?

“What are you gonna do about bipartisanship?” It’d all be on them, and the incumbent responsibility to let Obama do what he wants to do is what the Republican victory would be portrayed as meaning. Therefore, you see, “meeting in the middle” means Republicans have to sacrifice and jettison their core beliefs. The Republicans have to abandon everything the victory means for them and let Obama do what he wants to do because that’s what a Republican victory meant.

That’s what the voters want.

The voters elected Republicans so that they could compromise, sacrifice, and cave in to Barack Obama. It’s predictable. I’ll add something to it. Because they will say, “This election really wasn’t about Obama. There is no Republican mandate. This was an anti-incumbent election.” Look for that tomorrow, too. Maybe even tonight, if you’re watching election returns, you will hear, I predict to you, that this is not an anti-Obama vote at all.

“Don’t believe that! That’s talk radio talk. This is an anti-incumbent vote,” and that will explain why the Republicans won everything. In fact, the Republicans may even go along with that. Do you know why? Because they are gonna have a mandate. As I said yesterday (this might be worth repeating), whether they know it or not, the Republicans are gonna have one of the biggest and most important mandates, if they win, that a victorious party has had in recent years.

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